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  1. FastFreddy2

    Something special

    Kendall Jenner does Jimmy Choo (and YSL) >> This << article is worth a look, possibly.
  2. FastFreddy2

    Something special

    Taylor Swift ...
  3. FastFreddy2

    Something special

    Carrie Underwood ....
  4. FastFreddy2

    Something special

    Joanna Krupa in PVC skirt and Casadei heels.
  5. FastFreddy2

    Ready for "boot weather".

    Good luck with your first public walk.
  6. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Was in the West End last night, and looking through camera equipment (Christmas shopping for me). Got spotted wearing a heel. Very spotted. When I needed assistance, I contrived to have the 'spotter' help me. Went very well. No negativity, quite the opposite. I suppose I should have asked what they thought, but an opinion either way would not have any influence. So why ask? One of the things I often concern myself with, is falling over while wearing a heel. Falling over is bad enough, but in a heel! This afternoon while crossing a road and face stuck in a text message (so not looking where I was going) .... In flat (work) shoes, I tripped. Felt like I was going over as I crossed the road. Fortunately, I'd wisely waited for an empty road .... With my hands inches from the road and me dreading bloodied palms, I managed to regain my balance. Must have looked like a goose making a bad landing, but I kept off the floor (road). That'll teach me. Read all the time about people with head-stuck-in-phone coming a cropper, and nearly did that very thing. Mental note to self: 'No more walking while looking at phone'.)
  7. FastFreddy2

    Boots from Topshop

    Just so you know, that 'cuban' style heel is immensely popular this Autumn/Winter. I would agree they are good for male street wearing. I was tempted but I already have an earlier version, though I might prefer these .... The ones I own have a wider, more masculine look to them. You are right about the 42/8 being generous, which isn't always the case with Topshop. I find a Topshop 41 is waaay too small, so don't always expect a 42 to fit. In many styles from other brands, I get into a 41??
  8. FastFreddy2

    Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Will do. The up side to "all work and no play" is my bank balance is looking very healthy. I can't tell you how jealous I am you live in Texas. I will PM you why.
  9. Around 3 weeks a ago. a picture I keep on my phone with me in black shiny leggings and high heels, was shown to the youngest member of my family and I informed him the image was a self-portrait. He had seen the picture before and had asked if the screensaver was chosen because of the leggings or heels, I had said both. After the admission, I didn't stop breathing, didn't disappear without trace, didn't get nasty phone calls from anyone. In fact, it would be true to say it was something of a non-event. Oh well....
  10. FastFreddy2

    Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    An unexpected very long hot summer has kept me away from studio type photography. Bad enough we had to endure South European grade heat, without me making it worse by getting people to sit in a room with a camera pointing at their melting faces. Getting a job that required longer hours than I had been used to, hasn't helped. I'm not as fit as I need to be to do the work I have been doing, so I've been arriving home fairly tired of late. The heat hasn't helped. We have had 3 or 4 weeks of more temperate weather, and life is getting back to some sort of normality. Longer nights are fast approaching, and we've had one or two particularly cool nights already. Now September, leaves are showing signs the season is turning. Even though I've had next to no use out of my new camera, the extra income has had me interested in upgrading already. To keep the same style of camera (Micro Four Thirds) and increase pixel count, I have to more than double the budget. That would get me 20mb (up from 16mb), but a change of camera entirely that would get me 24mb, comes in at almost the same money as my current one. I mean the Canon M50. Why more pixels? Better low light capability (usually) and more importantly, more room for cropping. (Using the bit of the image you want, not the whole image.) With an adaptor, Canon's whole range of lenses can be used with the M50. Maybe later in the year...
  11. FastFreddy2

    Hello from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

    Without getting into too much detail, what sort of work do you do? I would think some sort of office based employment given the formal nature of your footwear. Do the 10% negative comments tend to come more from men than women, and what sort of comments are made? Lastly, anything you can tell me about those ankle boots I like so much?
  12. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    We are finally, a bit more than a week into more British weather that passes for our summer. We are promised a blast from the North (Arctic) care of the transatlantic jet stream in the coming days. Yes, our proper weather has returned. Sadly, so have the shorter daylight hours. Was out Sunday for a couple of hours at one of my usual haunts. Thought I'd struggle in a heel since it had been so long, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Had a nice surprise in that I spotted a middle-aged lady who obviously looks after herself, out in some attractive 4" stiletto heels. I saw a younger girl wearing some red high heel ankle boots too. No camera (left at home) so no pictures. Was still warm at the mall, so left before close of business. I'm hoping to be wearing a heel tomorrow night (Thursday). Might be heading to Westfield, although schools are out so might be full of teenagers. Wetter weather is on the way, so it might have to be a mall.
  13. FastFreddy2

    Hello from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

    Of the pictures/style I have seen you post, these are my favourites. High-ish looking heel, laced foot and moderate point on the toe. What's not to like? I like red patent, but I much prefer a high (4½ - 5") heel on my size 8 (US10) feet. That said, I've not had the opportunity to wear a pair for a whole (working) day, so a moderate heel with rounded toe might be more realistic. You wear these (and other) shoes to your place of work?
  14. FastFreddy2

    Hello from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

    Hello and welcome. I'm impressed you are wearing heels in front of your immediate family. Lucky you!
  15. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    I just wouldn't do it. Yesterday I changed my T-shirt 3 times. My armpits just can't stop leaking..... This week, we are promised low to mid 30'C heat with humidity to match, I expect it to feel like Spring in the Everglades without the prospect of aircon for respite. I've had enough. Yesterday I had planned to go to the Thames for a refreshing walk along some waterfront, it being closer than any coastal opportunity. I didn't make it. The humidity took its toll, and I returned home early without ever putting on a heel.