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  1. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    London's West End, Thursday evening .... Traffic getting into London, worse than usual, and significantly worse than most evenings - for some time. Felt like a dam had burst! T-shirt weather though. Shopping areas as busy then as most daytime shopping periods. Not so startlingly warm when back in the suburbs, hours later.
  2. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    At last ..... Some warm weather has arrived. Driving through a populated area early this evening, had many out enjoying the warmth. Is Winter finally over?
  3. Something special

    At least she is fully clothed. Something of an anomaly judging by the (PR) images I see of her most days. She is gorgeous.
  4. Something special

    "Emily Ratajkowski was her usual flawless self at the premiere of her new film I Feel Pretty in Westwood, California on Tuesday. The 26-year-old model, who shot to fame appearing in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video in 2013, wore a black sequined gown with long sleeves, a slit up the leg and a large portion cut out of the midsection, revealing her taut abs. Ratajkowski, who has more than 17.3 million Instagram followers, rounded out her glamorous ensemble with diamond earrings and black high heels, wearing her silky brown tresses down and parted in the middle." This video is NOISY! You might want to turn sound off, if you have it "on" usually. http://video.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2018/04/18/1221069207784501869/640x360_MP4_1221069207784501869.mp4 Included only to show what Emily looks like when she moves.
  5. Something special

    I agree, and maybe why that extra coloured block was put on the right of Puffers original. My version, has that removed. Here is a version with the image compressed. Any more compression and the image looked completely unnatural.
  6. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Weeeeeeellll.... My spree hasn't taken the shape I thought it would. Reason being, lack of uniformity in firing off the different types of flashes. I cried off buying the four as they were incompatible with others I'd planned to buy. Instead I bought a higher powered pair that use more modern technology. The first (cheapo) one tuned up, and for the £200 I spent (total) on strobes, I had a fairly well configured set of studio lights. Being the 'collector' I seem to be, I bought a second pair, same make/model at the the first pair .... All four use the same firing technology, so No.5 (cheapo one) might now be surplus. To my surprise, these strobes that claim moderate power levels, seem to carry enough 'zap' for pretty much any portrait challenge, so why do I still want more power? A: "'Cos I'm a bloke?" I just don't know if I have quite enough 'power' for a group photo if asked to produce one. Circa £250 could guarantee I had. (Can't take it with you. )
  7. Something special

    Mistaking smaller (-10%) for less, I thought women had fewer (for pregnancy). Oh well. And men often have ribs removed so they can attain a more feminine torso: Rodrigo Alves. Anyway, if that image was anywhere other than hidden in a dark corner somewhere, Google/Bing/Pinterest would know about it. Rather like the images we post here. All available on a search.
  8. Something special

    Stumbled across these while searching for a lead on our mystery (wo)man ... Curvy (got waist and bum) Asian lady. That said, her backside could well be enhanced.
  9. Something special

    Closer, but still no prize. Brittany has blue/grey eyes .... I'm not (yet) a member of 'tumblr', but I did try to look at the accounts of a few of those that are, who had "liked" this image. While at least one took me to porn, two others took me to fe(male) images .... I'm even more convinced 'we' are looking at someone with a full-set of ribs.
  10. Something special

    I have no idea how "I can't imagine a more "perfect" looking set of legs" could be interpreted to mean I don't like them? They are stunning. I wish! Usually you 'nail' these obtuse enigma's but this time I'm not sure. (If anyone else had made the claim I would have given it no credit at all.) Looking back at Puffer's original, I immediately noticed the boyish tummy. It's not big, but it suggests one more rib than woman usually have. The backside is a nice shape, but the bum/hips are slim, not usually seen on a woman, and certainly not on a Western woman unless she's from Poland. The lips on the original are almost full, but not overly so. Those on H.D. are positively pneumatic, and her nose is very long/straight which is doubtless that way due to the plastic in it. Which leads us on to the photo style of DH which appears to be a "tits and arse" show. (And why not?) And of the 4-500 photographs I browsed, none had 'legs' as a point of interest, but plenty were showing T+A which then also suggested a small waist? Something not seen in the first image. If that initial picture is one of DH, I would expect multiple 'hits' from Google, but nothing found? At the moment (Watson), I remain unconvinced.
  11. Something special

    Nope .... Just thought I'd mention it ... In case anyone was getting 'carried away' .... I can't imagine a more 'perfect' looking set of legs, standing underneath a slim/trim body. Things that look too good to be true, usually are.
  12. Something special

    Stunning, but then many lady-boys are.
  13. Something special

    The 45 year old Jennifer Garner ... Looks to be make-up free, but still an attractive "package" (style, shape, looks).
  14. London Shopping.

    At least two of the people I know who have had the benefit of a Blue Badge for many years, have been subjected to "walking tests" where an untrained (sub-contracted) person assesses the fitness of the applicant. Someone with MS who gets tested on a 'good day, might lose out, where a test on a 'bad' day would reveal the true extent of their disability. The walking test has been applied in these parts on every second application. You are right in that demand can in places outstrip availability. Thing is, what is "demand"? Referring back to Westfield London () where I made a visit recently, of the 10 spaces in the area where I choose to park, at least 6 were taken by owners of exotic vehicles (£40k 4x4's for example) with no Badge displayed. Not only are B/B's considered "family benefits" by some cultural groups, but the facilities themselves aren't often policed by the owners of the space. I know of an ASDA car park, and a Sainsbury car park, where I could almost guarantee visits would find at least one car parked without a Badge. Owners of Mercs and BMW's seem to be the worst offenders. I have a personal dislike of those who park in B/B spaces without the correct means of parking on them. Were I able to agree a fee sharing arrangement with the respective management companies, I would take great joy in issuing tickets for infringements. Handicapped people have it bad enough, without having to fight for their few benefits.
  15. Something special

    No, no no. Might look like an 80's outfit, but no, April 2018. "Elizabeth Olsen flaunts her braless cleavage legs in plunging leather dress at star-studded Avengers: Infinity War fan event" I corrected the headline .....