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  1. I misunderstood the deadline. Finishing at 8am wasn't expected. Ho-hum.
  2. Hopefully I will remember to look later when I have some time.... Should be a busy day today .... If I don't spend all day writing disfavourable comments online about the impending and unnecessary Lockdown II.
  3. Same here. I don't at all mind if someone notices, as long as their realisation goes no further than that..... A long time ago (ten years possibly) I was sat in a carriage on the underground on my way into London, when I was spotted by a big fella on his way to a rugby match. The heels of my wedge boots were on show because I was sitting. The big fella gave his equally big mate a nudge, and looked at my shoes. His mate wasn't interested, so the nudger lost interest too. I've had the same experience a several times. Once in a large department store, by one of the assistants (who I later had to speak to). I did have an uncomfortable experience in House of Fraser Lakeside, as I walked past a cosmetics counter (Clarins). Two young girls who worked there, (late teens or very early 20's*) had a mutual giggle when they spotted my footwear. Not very respectful but they were obviously not very worldly. (A kindly way of saying 'immature'.) I think when you've a little experience of the world behind you, there isn't much to shock, and folk with a slightly different dress sense seldom (if ever) stimulates a visible response. * "Essex girls". A term of derision, normally associated with over use of cosmetics and lack of education. Sometimes justified?
  4. Good news. I avoid climbing stairs if there are people who can watch the stairway for the same reason. Plus, getting up a set of stairs in heels provides little in the way of challenge, but getting down .... I can think of two well known sequences (one film one video) where the woman stepping down the stairway has a man on either side of her, helping her get down the stairway safely.....
  5. I can't remember the name of the film but there's a well-known song that starts: "The heels are alive, with the sound of music...."
  6. Mild? He's done what I expect I will do, buy some to find out what passes as a UK size (8 in my case) when shipped from China. The foot lengths the Chinese use, and their relationship to EU sizes bears no comparison. A CN sized shoe when converted means I need an EU43. Typically I take a 41 or a 42. An EU 43 would be like wearing loose wellies on my feet. I suspect shoe width has a part to play in these sizes and wide feet isn't something I need to worry about. It's maybe why I wear a shoe size lower than the indicated CN specification. What I won't be doing is buying from a UK seller at £70 who is plainly running a business, when I can get an identical item direct for £30. If the £30 version doesn't fit, likely I can move it on for £20-£30. A £70 shoe that doesn't fit, can be moved on for £20-£30 ..... Where in that buying decision does it make any sense at all to buy from Mr Tring? Conversely, if there was a returns policy based on sizing errors and shoes being unused of course, I might already have bought a couple of pairs regardless to the inflated price.
  7. Where to get started? Personally, I think anyone who operates as this fella does, is likely a shyster. "It" has been running for some time, and imports shoes from China and sticks anything from £30-£50 on the price of the imported shoes. Not a problem, he has to make a profit, we assume? Whatever it is, it's not operated as a business. Not declared to Ebay as a business seller. No legally required returns policy, as must be provided by 'registered' retailers. As to the "2 week delivery as shoes are hand made" B/S .... It's two week delivery on his order from China, from companies who dispatch same day to every country around the world - ex-stock. Other than thinking they are buying off a UK retailer, (and the false sense of security they might enjoy from that), this 'outfit' provides no tangible benefit I can see to UK buyers. What "it" does do, is enjoy 'private seller' benefits from Ebay. Possibly avoid import taxes and tax on profits. The customer gets ..... ripped off - compared to buying direct. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001381512862.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.74584f97RPGCPw&algo_pvid=682f5a90-aa45-45e7-a2bc-8d680465be5c&algo_expid=682f5a90-aa45-45e7-a2bc-8d680465be5c-7&btsid=2100bb4c16037645972481034ef07b&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ This is an expensive "branded" version. (Found to make a point on price.) There were similar styles from this 'brand', when bought from a different brand were half the money. Same brand ....... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001146120923.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.74584f97RPGCPw&algo_pvid=48149778-e5dc-4934-be63-9cb0e683535c&algo_expid=48149778-e5dc-4934-be63-9cb0e683535c-25&btsid=2100bdf116037649058298395e0f9a&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Branded still ...... But much cheaper. Images are identical. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32849898503.html?spm=2114.12057483.0.0.83c85381MTaBX8 I'm afraid I don't have the inclination to find the source of Ebay's Tring seller beyond a cursory look, but I hope I've made the case for buying direct. Or not buying at all.
  8. Over time, I have amassed quite a few negative responses (red arrows)..... Nearly 85,000 in fact. The great bulk of those negative arrows from calling DM responders "knuckle-draggers", or "flat-earthers" when they support the notion cyclist should be seen as legitimate targets for motorists. I suppose 85000 negatives sounds a bit bad? Like I might be some sort of cycling troll? I do have some green ones too. Currently almost 573,000, so not all bad.
  9. DM respondents think its okay for motorists to kill cyclists, and since half of cyclists are children, I have my doubts there's many responders there who are dealing with a full deck to start with. There was never - ever a chance, this article was going to meet a favourable response. It was only included as click-bait to get revenue from people reading something and likely 'venting their spleen' which is what the DM is notorious for. IE. Incitement/click-bait and using Instagram/Tik Tok/FB/Twitter to fill the pages to cause incitement.
  10. If the valet finds a store, they might also discover these in the footcare section ... I would be concerned the linked Amazon (spit) offering looks like 10 off of the smaller toe variants, as none were shown on the large toe. This choice allows to to try for less money. As before, I'm happy to put one or a pair in the post for you.
  11. Man in heels ..... and skirt...... Been doing it for 4 years. An American working in Germany. Full article: He certainly knows how to put an outfit together.
  12. Yes, washable. I have several sets (3 or 4) and had them quite some time. Years, so worth the money. I think "Savers" do a similar thing without the material cover for £2 a pair. I have some of those too. They seem just as hardy as the Superdrug ones, but it's only a matter of time before I get careless with my big-toe-nail and slice a pair up. With London and Essex in restricted mode at the moment, this isn't an issue I need to worry about any time soon. I have been very careful for close to 8 full months, but I'm getting a bit fed up with Covid restrictions. We have plenty of PPE, social distancing isn't a secret, and folk understand how to keep safe. If the young want to party, and kill their own family through selfish behaviour, I'm not sure the government should be trying to stop them any longer. I'm not sure synthetic materials give in the way you hope they might, but great if they do. For my part, the gel stops rubbing, so prevents blistering and any other discomfort I could experience wearing a shoe with an inferred tendency toward torture? If Savers still do the £2 toe gels, (not found on their web site - which is useless) you won't be breaking the bank to try a pair. If I have an unused set, I'm happy to post them to you. (Along with my standard begging letter I often send landed gentry like yourself. M'Lord. )
  13. While I seldom experience pain or discomfort in wearing a heel or even poorly fitting shoe (no sense - no feeling), I too have a foot shape more pointed than square. I also have toenails tough enough to cut steel, and they make short work of socks/hose and leather. I have often suspected I walk with my big toe curled upward, with it thinking it is in a high heel and my foot expects to be bent. If I do not keep my big toenail in check, I can ruin a sock everytime I wear one, and soft shoes always 'meet their maker' through my toe wearing a hole in the top of the shoe. I do not want that to happen to any of my precious heels, so my solution is gel toe-covers. Buy here..... https://www.superdrug.com/Health/Foot-Care/Foot-Care-Tools-and-Accessories/Superdrug-Toe-Gel-Protector/p/506060 Not for everyone I'm sure, but they work very well for me.
  14. You possibly know this, but YT videos can be played at different speeds. Some illegally uploaded films with outstanding copyright, sometimes have to be played back at something other than 'normal' speed for them to be watched. Compressing recordings, helps avoid detection and subsequent removal. I discovered this completely by accident.
  15. Or ..... You could confirm your age (over 18) by using a gmail account and watch the videos the trailer showcases? I didn't include links for those because sometimes a log in is required to watch.... (And while you can lead people to water .... )
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