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  1. Well, the deed is done. Brexit has begun, and there is no turning back now. (Apparently.)
  2. I can assure you, a couple of years ago my interest in TM on a scale of 1 to 10, would had a minus sign in front of it. Her previous record, was not good. Talked much, but delivered little (as is often the case with politicians) even as Home Secretary. However, if she only ever does one thing, it's done and I'm happy for her to be where she is because she got it done. And unlike previous PM's, when Sturgeon came calling looking for further inducements (money) to stop whining on about "independence", Sturgeon was sent away with nothing. Made good reading.
  3. I was unaware TM owned OTK boots. Fair play, though I didn't much like the shape of the heel 'as photographed'. She is still a very plain looking woman with a taste for the avant garde in clothing style. She would seldom be hard to find in a crowd. I'm not really interested in her dress sense, although I would consider it novel. What I'm more concerned about, is her delivering what the general populace want. So far, she seems to be moving toward doing just that. Much to my surprise, I'm glad to say. As with millions of others, I am expecting news today, I never really thought would arrive. Interesting times.
  4. You're obviously a fan ......
  5. I was careful to word my response. I doubt you or anyone could show me paintings depicting men wearing 4 or 5 inch stiletto's. A boot with a heel to show off wealth (owner of horses) is one thing. A high fashion court shoe .... Overall, it's a one way street. When woman's fashion takes up something previously largely masculine, MEN don't go after it again. In that respect, trousers and jeans 'never left the building', but they are unisex, omnisex, or pansexual? [Tick box as appropriate. ]
  6. I had to read up about that to understand it. "Apparently", Murdoch didn't see a need to change the headline even when the full story about the sinking (and loss of life) was known. Says a lot about the man really. As for the DM editorial profile, I think it's stuff of 'legend', and none of it good. I began reading it because of the pictures, my interest being glamorous women wearing high heels. (There is a thread I started here, with me having access to hundreds of images to be included - sometime.) But I have to say, with all the 2015 GE going on, the Referendum, Brexit, I am often motivated to comment. Sometimes on the picture editors ability to show us so many woman with no lower limbs, but 20 near identical photo's if a glimpse of cleavage is seen. I guess he'she used to work for The Sun newspaper? I remember Sarah Vine getting herself into a lot of hot water over the election of a new leader of the Conservative Party, with her husband's rather foolish route to gaining access to that position and the PM's job. Trying to defend the indefensible .... I wouldn't be surprised if that couple has 4 left feet between them.
  7. I obviously missed the early edition, as I read the DM on-line. Even so, I had two thoughts when looking at this picture ..... Firstly, TM has shiny tights on, very luxurious I concluded. Then looking at Sturgeon, I decided no matter how desperate I might feel, that women is never going to seem attractive to me. For that matter, neither is Teresa May, though she have been attractive in her younger days. Sadly, I can't counter 10,000 years worth of DNA heritage that gives us all the 3 second 'flight or fight' urge. I suspect part of that DNA training is the (also) intellectually unconquerable thought about attractiveness. (Men vs women.) I've no defence. That said, I'm not married to a British MP (and sometime Government Minister) and I don't write for a national publication, where intellectual skill and writing ability are judged daily, not least because I'm getting paid to be judged. The more favourably so, the greater my remuneration of course. For a woman in her position to reduce the encounter of two successful women to the shape of their legs, is crass. Not verging on stupidity, but deeply buried in it. What was she thinking? Her husbands career is barely out of the toilet, was she trying to flush it again?
  8. Boots haven't been 'taken over' by women. Some styles are more synonymous with womens fashion, but I would think more mens boots are sold globally than womens. Likewise trousers. Some more synonymous with womens styles ("slacks", capri pants, ski pants) but more sold for men. Even jeans ... Women probably own more pairs (more sold to women) than men, certainly in the Western world. More styles for women (look better on women too), but men still wear them. Men have never 'owned' high heels, not in the sense of 'high heel fashion shoes'. They are -generally- the realm of womens fashion garb, rather like a pencil skirt might be.
  9. Mrs Freddy came up with one, I didn't really understand at first .... Trousers. Used by men, 'borrowed' (still) by women, but worn (still) by men. The reason I didn't get it, is that we don't see them as feminine attire, which is exactly why the answer is a winner. Truly, unisex. Is there a prize?
  10. Scarves? Skin toner. But I would tend to agree. Once an item has been recognised as predominantly "ladies" attire, I can't think of one item that has crossed back, even half-way to become unisex. So much for "equality" of the sexes ....
  11. And flares surely? Especially if you are into Northern Soul. (I've heard.)
  12. Bell-bottomed trousers, aka bootcut aka 'flares'?
  13. Now, that brings back memories.... "Hey, Miguel" I wonder if I have a photo?
  14. Sold some jeans to a nice lady close to Brent Cross, which I delivered tonight, so didn't get as far as Westfield. Maybe next week.
  15. There is a very slim chance I might be close enough to Westfield White City tonight, to go have a look at a pair my size. Reports from reviewers suggest they might fit quite well. There's still the £55 hurdle though....