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  1. Strictly - It Takes Two

    We saw these heels earlier ..... And the skirt worn was this ..... Very attractive! This dancer is quite petite, and would look good in anything, but the 5" Loubies were back again, seen here. With her tiny size 4 feet, they have probably the sharpest rise of any shoe seen on this programme.
  2. Strictly - It Takes Two

    Zoe in her Saint Laurent ankle boots....
  3. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Well, despite hearing about the 'all singing all dancing' Lumix G9 only a few days ago, I've actually placed an order for the G80 (with lens I may sell immediately). John Lewis were offering a trade-in discount, with Panasonic offering some cash-back too. These combined effectively knocked 25% off the cost of the kit. Although Black Friday is only 11 days away, it was still too good an offer to miss. If B/F produces a better discount - which I've been assured by several sellers is very unlikely - I can still return the kit I've ordered for a refund. My worry remains image size, 16mb vs 20/24mb, somewhat solved by the availability of the Lumic G9 with its 20mb base to 80mb image size for stills and landscape photographers. (Sensor shifting composite technology.) Since I don't have a need for larger files as yet, I plumbed for the lower budget option which for what I want, might be perfectly adequate. G80 body (before discounts) £629. G9 body..... £1499. This a serious contender for a pro rated camera, following on the success of the GH5. Only nerds need watch .... Does everything. Competitor to D500 perhaps? The gig yesterday went well. There were at least two others there photographing/videoing the event, each with significantly more expensive kit than myself. While that was a little daunting, me and my little camera were able to move about discreetly and get some pictures without upsetting anyone there by blocking their view or interrupting procedures with loud clicking. I was called this morning at 9.30 by the local paper, to ask if I had any more than those submitted yesterday, so it looks promising to see some images published. More news as it arrives.
  4. Ebay And Shopping.

    Is there a reason you stopped?
  5. Strictly - It Takes Two

    That's a little unkind ....
  6. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Unless I spend £1800 on a Nikon D500 body (I have Nikon lenses) I'm going to get the G80 despite the small sensor size. I can't afford to invest money on a semi-pro/enthusiast camera, just for taking photo's of Ebay sales stuff (as I pretty much did with the G5. ) Panasonic have knocked £100 off the price of the kit, if you commit to taking a camera in for part-ex "at some time in the future". Basically, they are temporarily reducing the price of the kit to 2016 prices to stay competitive over the Christmas period. I think Nikon are knocking £200 off the D500 too, but the body is still twice the price of the Lumix kit. To be honest, it's twice the camera, but I don't need that yet, I have in mind to buy a Sony next year. Compact full frame like the A7S II, but I'll wait for the Mark III that hopefully comes with an even better focusing system than the already improved MKII. The outlet I plan to buy from, provide a 2 year warranty with the Lumix, but I won't be buying before Black Friday since it's only a couple of weeks away and in principle, I'm not in any hurry. That said, I have my first (unpaid) commission this century, coming up next weekend. I've been asked to produce some PR images of a local Remembrance Day parade. As I understand it, the pictures are to be publishes in the local newspaper, and I've been asked because the local paper doesn't want to pay for a photographer on the day especially if it helps promote the good work done by the organisers, who have endured some criticism from the paper. If they are provided images, they will publish one, for the benefit of those who lost family members in two great wars. Taking photo's of me wearing various types of footwear is still proving to be a challenge, but I've produced some results and they will be published soon. I have used fully 'manual' settings, and this is simple for me due to my experience with film cameras. I took a lot more care with exposure levels, and made some progress. Still less than ideal, but some improvement has been achieved. Last Saturday, I used the G5 and took photo's of perhaps 10 styles of boot and clothing combo's. the first hour (or more) had me trying to work out what I had done to screw up the settings and get a 3 shot burst on every photo, no matter what I did. With the clock ticking, and light changing, I gave up and reset everything choosing to work out the problem later. The session went fine after that. The culprit was the HDR setting. On my phone, (the only place I have any previous experience of it), selecting HDR -I thought- allowed a wider dynamic range at the cost of image quality in some areas. This might be the case, but it certainly isn't with the Lumix. Selecting HDR means three images are taken and subsequently merged into a single image matrix. Image detail that would otherwise be missed by the sensor are recorded by both over exposing a frame (to get shadow detail) and under exposing (to try to recover detail, blown out in the highlights). It helped explain why I heard 3 shutter movements, but could only find one image to delete! While I was at it, I remapped the function keys to do the things I need them to, rather than what Panasonic thinks might be useful... I'm finally learning how to use the camera - as I'm about to upgrade it.
  7. Being cynical, it might be true to look at any style during the last 5 years or so, and conclude there was/is always some 'retro' vibe being pushed somewhere. Always it seems to me, the 60's retro has an undertone somewhere, be it length, colour, and often a slight nod in style. It would be true to say I missed most of the 1960's being ever-so-slightly young to realise what ground-breaking changes were happening (I'd nothing to compare it to), so it pretty much passed me by. If ever anyone wanted to point at the greatest time of social mobility, the 1960's would be the era that should be mentioned before any other. The post-war, post austerity period saw expansion and curiosity not seen since the glory days of Prince Albert in the 19th Century. As the song went in the 60's, "the times they are a changing" and indeed they did. If a large group of people were collected together, and they could mention one thing that made them think of the 60's, I would expect a great many would suggest PVC clothing. Yes, haircut would be in there, winkle-picker and or Chelsea boots, but many would proffer PVC. This year, 2017 is THE big year/season for PVC. It maybe that Balmain (amongst others) pushed it first, and it may even have been toward the end of last year, but mainstream designers/manufacturers/retailers have produced low cost, wearable PVC-esque clothing and shoes/boots in a very wearable material - this year. It has all the immediate benefits - shiny + vivid hues - which show off shape, but is much thinner than older similarmaterials, and is very very stretchy. In some ways, it adequately replaces latex, at about a quarter of the cost (or less), with none of the skill needed to produce an outfit, or the level of care needed to look after it long term. While this style of material may not be particularly innovative - (I had womens outfits made for me in it 30 years ago at 'Midnight Lady' - then based in Luton), there are skin tight PVC clothing styles available in just about every high street brand, and certainly every mail order one. I am (pleasantly) surprised at how many stores currently have black shiny/patent/PVC ankle boots in their ranges this season. While there is already a thread regarding shiny (PVC) leggings, this thread is a 'style' reference to anything PVC/latex/shiny related as a fashion or style statement. I don't want to have a thread in the outfit section and a virtual duplicate in the shoes section. If there is any more 'legging' related pictures to be added, I will likely add them here. Unlike any other time when retro is exploited, this season if feels like PVC/shiny truly is. I am trying to buy loads of the stuff. It's hard work when you're on the sort of budget I have (not much) and a body with very slim legs .... But nothing ventured .... Pictures and links to start following soon.
  8. Shiny - PVC - big for AW2017

    I think 'shiny' materials are much less fetishistic currently, than they were say 30 years ago. Certainly over the last 3-4 years, latex and PVC-esque clothing has become mainstream. I would suggest the recent wave of PVC/shiny clothing, piggy backs on the recent pleather/faux leather surge. Styles over a short period have gone from a leather-look, to an increasingly shiny type, finally arriving at the 'wet look' (aka polished latex - wet ink) style. And why not? A PU dress in 'shiny' comes in at £20. A latex dress comes in at a tad over £100. A leather equivalent, starts at double that. If ever I escape the debate on PVC being associated with the innovations of the 60's, I'll be demonstrating what's out there at the moment.... This is what's known as a "straw man" argument, where one debater is pursuing a line in a completely different direction to the original point. At no time have I claimed the defining moment of the 60's was PVC clothing, which is what you KEEP saying is my point. NOT SO. I have said, PVC is associated with the 60's along with many other things, and that in a conversion (about that era), it almost certainly come up as a topic of conversation. I even provided a link to show there is universal support of that notion. PVC and the 60's, horse and cart, bread and jam, Bill and Ben. WITHOUT DOUBT - following on from that, PVC/PU has become a part of out life in inestimable ways. (As before, bags, clothing, purses etc etc.) To deny the role of plastics in fashion seems a bit disingenuous, even if you don't happen to like it. Absolutely right. The mini skirt for women, and long hair for men were probably the two major style changes of that decade, both of which still rumble on today. I haven't looked, but one of the notable innovations of that time (as shown on Tomorrows World - probably by the great Raymond Baxter) was a metal dress. If I remember, made from titanium from the (then recently) cancelled TSR2. A style that never caught on because of cost and probably comfort (lack thereof). And as a final word on the "debate" (which was never requested or wanted) I maintain the view that when mentioning PVC the 60's are undoubtedly associated with that time. Or indeed when talking about innovations/fashion/styles of the 60's, be that mini skirts and long hair on men, I would be surprised if PVC clothing didn't form part of the recollections of the time. (Very surprised.) I think this thread is so soured by "debate", I'm going to consider it dead. If I start another thread, please readers, either say something positive, or use your energy elsewhere. I thank you.
  9. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Rather frustratingly, I had earlier today decided 95% on the G80 and standard short zoom as the next investment. Saw this, and worked out the 4/3rds sensor is almost literally half the size of full frame. Yes, I was slow to put x2 mag with lens = half size sensor. I think I'm going to have to (gulp) pay to have a photo that was taken on my G5, enlarged so I can see what image detail looks like on paper, rather than on a screen. Sadly, the last time I was impressed with image quality, I'd just done some enlargements off slow B+W 35mm XP1 film I might have rated at 25 ASA and then processed myself. I felt at the time, it came remarkably close to matching medium format, which by that time I owned too. Thankfully, colour (print) film couldn't match that too, so there were gains to be had.
  10. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    I think that's the reduction for APS-C? Focal lengths are doubled; 4/3rds against 35mm equiv's. I tried quite hard to find a better chart - and gave up after 10+ minutes.
  11. Shiny - PVC - big for AW2017

    Of course it's my choice? You've already confirmed you are disinterested in anything other that the clothes you are comfortable wearing, so my interest in any clothing/fashion is going to surpass yours. Me liking 'fetish' materials (leather/latex/PVC) for the suggested naughtiness of them - with their historic ability to enhance the female form, a matter of record. Here, and almost any conversation I've had with girlfriends/friends/family about sex and clothing for well over 40 years, has included references to them too. Even in my early 20's, I had a close friend who would try to scare girlfriends and potential girlfriends of mine, by telling them I was into the 'bondage scene and rubber gear'. While it taken by many as a joke, it opened conversations -and doors- for me. My opening statement said there were many things associated with the 60's. One of which (since this thread isn't about winkle pickers nor haircuts) would be PVC. ANYONE with any interest at all in fashion, (for the purposes of my statement to mean women's clothing) could not ignore the arrival of a new and exciting material in the 60's. Not since the commercial availability of "nylons" in 1940, had so much interest occurred in an innovative material to be used and exploited. 50 years on (from the 60's), I doubt there is a woman in this country who doesn't own PU (the modern incarnation of PVC) or PVC based; clothing, bag, purse or shoes in one variant or the other. Not only clothing, but but possibly furniture coverings, vehicle upholstery, and cutlery. It's hard to estimate the effect of PVC arriving, has had on us all, but "small", it isn't.