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  1. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    I just wouldn't do it. Yesterday I changed my T-shirt 3 times. My armpits just can't stop leaking..... This week, we are promised low to mid 30'C heat with humidity to match, I expect it to feel like Spring in the Everglades without the prospect of aircon for respite. I've had enough. Yesterday I had planned to go to the Thames for a refreshing walk along some waterfront, it being closer than any coastal opportunity. I didn't make it. The humidity took its toll, and I returned home early without ever putting on a heel.
  2. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Watched the weather report this morning, and just about all of the UK due to have some sort of rain today, ranging from light shower to enough rain to cause localised flooding. At the time of writing (2 am) I think my county must be one of the few places that managed to dodge it all. Still some signs of cloud cover, but no rain. Yet I live in one of the dampest places I know. If it rains anywhere, it rains here. Worse news on the weather report tonight, we could be seeing temperatures up in the mid 30's C by the middle of next week, and the 2-3 week forecast is more of the same. Great for children on school holidays, not so good for anyone else, nor anything else. We are moving into our third (almost completely) dry month, at least around here. Where months of rain had moved to damp but warm weather, grass was green, lush and producing an almost Amazonian feel to the world. This is long gone, with brown, dried out grass everywhere. With hosepipe bans imminent, even die-hard enthusiastic gardeners will be struggling to keep their gardens and produce "alive". The general look of my immediate environment is much like that of Spain, where apparently, our heat is coming from. They have it even worse, with daily temperatures reaching 40' C. An intolerable temperature for me. It's not all been bad news on the going out front though. I managed to get out for a while last week. With a shower promised (that again never arrived) I went to Westfield. Finding myself unusually thirsty, I went to John Lewis only to discover their coffee shop closes at 8, an hour before the store shuts and two hours before the centre. Then I couldn't find a Costa, (closed/gone) nor the listed Caffe Nero and desperate for a drink, I settled for a Friji milkshake from Waitrose. Not sure why these coffee shops were closed/missing, but I saved myself £1-50 and justified a chocolate flavoured calorie boost that I've forced myself to avoid for around a year. "Needs must" innit. Waitrose couldn't be further away from JL, so I had quite a workout in heels. Having arrived later in the day, there wasn't time for a leisurely stroll to get around, it was more a brisk walk that seemed like proper 'exercise'. It may that, and the temperature that make me unusually thirsty. That milkshake 'hit the spot' but probably contained 600 calories, what should be almost a quarter of my daily intake. (Hence my avoidance during the past year or so.) With children's school holidays with us for the next 6 weeks, I will be avoiding malls during the day. I would say children are 3 to 4 times more observant than adults, which may or may not be influenced by their height and boredom levels. I can't say how much I'd like to walk around in sandals with a high heel, in these temperatures. There are a lot of interesting styles around at the moment, many involving perspex. In the next life .....
  3. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    ALDO Tenno. Originally available in red or black (possibly white) at £80. Only smaller sizes available now (red or black) at £40.
  4. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Here we are nearly 2 weeks since my last 'weather report' and there is little to no change. Still no rain for most of the South and South East. The grass everywhere is dry and brown. I remember what seems like only weeks ago, what looked like "lush green" foliage everywhere. Kinda 'lush Amazonian green' in fact. It's been a good four weeks since I saw rain though, and I believe I read a headline that mentioned 40+ days without it. Scotland and the South West not so dry, but not much regular (periodic) rain about and none local to me. Some will think 25'C heat every day is a joy. Not me. I don't much like warm nights unless I'm sitting near a beach with a beer in my hand. Having to sleep with a fan on isn't easy when you sleep as lightly as I do. Going out in the heat wearing anything but shorts, also difficult. Driving, unpleasant. No adventures for two months. If I thought it would do any good, I'd learn some rain dances. A week of cool weather would help me get some proper sleep, proper rest and perhaps enthuse me to enjoy the warmth again. At the moment, I just feel tired, and often perspire even doing nothing to encourage it. I'm pretty sure the cat is sleeping outside at night too, because it is cooler outside at night and he likes his sleep. I'd do the same, but mozzies like me, and it seems every one of them knows I provide a good snack. We are promised a couple of degrees cooler mid-week, before temperatures ramp back up for the weekend. I might have to buy a child's paddling pool, or excavate a two yard hole in the garden and create a £30 swimming pool. I've had enough.
  5. FastFreddy2


    I did not buy them. This is a photograph of what I assume were heels by Jeffrey Campbell. The photo is at least 2 years old (maybe 3) and the owner looked to be a tourist of Far Eastern descent. I spied the shoes while in a well known London store. The shoe is likely Jeffrey Campbell 'Prickly' in beige silver. Sold at the time for around USD200/UK£200. Formosa has them at €79-60, all sizes at the moment. I have seen similar version on Ebay for a third of that.
  6. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    If you are still looking .... ALDO have something along this line. I would show a picture, and include a link, but ALDO has a shyte search engine and a shyte website. Consequently I can't show you the very elegant looking high heeled closed toe mules I saw 'in-store' last week. I would like to own a pair myself, but at circa £50+ (reduced to) I won't be buying. And since I can't find them on their shyte web site, I won't be talking myself into buying them either. If I go near one of their shyte stores, I'll try to take a picture, just for reference really.
  7. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    We started today with cloud cover, and Mrs F tells me a little rain early on. That would be rain/heavy mist, care of the North Sea (the weatherman said last night). So a bit cooler here, until the Sun broke through around 10.30am. We then back to "scorchio". Fortunately for me, I spent much of my day inside, enjoying cooler temperatures. Will be sleeping on top of the bed tonight - again. Cat doesn't like this because him and his 5kg body can't sleep on my chest unless it's covered by a quilt. I am safe from his murdering attempts while it's warm. A cold day in winter, he will finally do the deed after discovering sleeping on my face, is the warmest part of the bed. 'Death by cat'. The air con in my car barely works, and Mrs F's had emptied itself (again), so twice in 4 years. Neither of us has a vehicle we would want to travel in during such hot weather. I have been planning a trip to Eastbourne for a while, and this looked like the weekend to do it, but not in this heat without air con. Maybe next month? (When x2 top ups have been done.) Was hoping to get out again Sunday, but have some work planned for Saturday, which may mean I'll be too tired to do anything but rest.
  8. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Many saw temperatures today of 30' with heat continuing until after the weekend. It's not very pleasant .... It's oppressive.
  9. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    We Brits are currently in (I think) the second 'heatwave' of 2018. It is very warm (for us) with temperatures in the mid to high 20's (Centigrade). Was out last Sunday in heels, walking around an area just South of the river Thames, by HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge. Tried to eat at a restaurant called ASK ITALIAN, but the service was so poor, we used the toilets and left without ordering. Further along the river, we visited a Strada restaurant, and had a completely different experience. Highly recommended. The views of the river, and people walking along it, quite outstanding. Walking in heels wasn't hard, and some of the pavement along this area is really smooth. While eating, we saw a youngish couple, at least one of whom were into heels. 'She' was wearing them, but he was taking lots of pictures of her in them. Rather wisely, taking pictures of her from behind, as she walked up some steps. Seemed obvious to me, he was into her heels, and she quite liked him being into her wearing them too. (Oh to be young again!) Although brickwork will be warmed up more and more as the days go by, (eventually producing re-heated evenings) Sunday evening brought a cool and refreshing breeze - possibly a little too refreshing.... Last night (Monday) brought a humid night, with worse expected tonight. Since we don't get a great deal of hot weather, few of us have air con units at home, so humid nights make for difficulty in getting a good nights rest. Hopefully resolved by the weekend, with some cooler/wetter weather hoped for by the gardeners here. Although we haven't had a great deal of heat until recently, it's been mostly dry here in the South for some weeks. We have a garden party (birthday do) on Saturday, so we would prefer a dry Saturday, with temperatures in the low 20's. Will be making the most of the good weather while it lasts, and hope to get out again in heels very soon.
  10. FastFreddy2

    Quiet in here isn't it!?

    Due to a mishap with my desktop.ini file, I have lost my instant access to the site, so daily (or more frequent) visits have not happened for some weeks. Also, I started a job that is keeping much busier than expected. I am getting home mid-evening, eating my main meal of the day, and just about passing out. (Falling asleep straight after din-dins.) I am not built for hard work, and I'm not doing a desk job. It's nice to have more regular money and so much of it, but it really is: 'all work and no play'. I'm sure many others will understand that position, but I've managed to avoid it for some 15 or so years. My luck was bound to run out sooner or later. The only real downside, is that the slow work on Fortress Freddy, has almost ground to a halt. Mrs Freddy says it's good to seen me with a 'proper' job (meaning one that might appear to have regular hours), and with the money I'm getting 'shouldn't we pay trades to finish off work?' Well, when I find some that do quality work, then yes. Until then, I'll have to find a balance of work/work and home/work. Another solution would be 30 hours in every day. That would sort it. Was over Milton Keynes recently. (Delivered something I sold on Evilbay.) Popped into the shopping area for a short visit, and saw a fairly glamorous girl wearing some black high heeled ankle boots from Office I had nearly succumbed to several times. (Picture to follow.) P.S. The fella in that video, looks like he could barely walk, much less in heels. I'm guessing too much 'Dutch courage'?
  11. FastFreddy2


    I am liking these. Have I seen them on a German shoe site (name I can't remember, could be Fuss?)
  12. FastFreddy2

    Hi everyone - I´am new here

    Hello New-On-High, and willkommen.
  13. FastFreddy2

    Something special

    Victoria Silvstedt....
  14. FastFreddy2

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Warm yesterday (Saturday), with clear skies all day. Same today with 25'C predicted for my area. That's a 20'C shift in the space of 7 days ..... Monday is predicted to be 27'C and the hottest May Bank holiday on record. And some wonder why Brits spend so much time talking about the weather. Will be walking along the banks of the Great Ouse today. Hopefully, something a bit more heel related tomorrow, though I won't be at all surprised if I have another day/weekend without. 'The world' is conspiring against it.
  15. FastFreddy2

    Eurovision 2018

    Obviously, you are talking about a time when "talent" wasn't computer generated.....