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  1. This problem is typically caused by your browsers cookie settings, or your computers security software preventing anything being stored on your computer. It might be possible that you are using the same security software on both desktop and laptop, and thus this could be refusing to store any cookies or login info, or your browser is not set to store login credentials, and thus the same browser on multiple computers is doing the same thing, especially as a lot of people have now twigged that they can sync browser stuff across multiple devices. As of today too, the website is now 100% https:// using SSL for everything.
  2. Your emails for are being rejected. Please update to a non-AOL email ASAP.

  3. At the moment folks, upgrades seem to be coming very regularly.. In the last 10 days there have been 3 already and another one due right now...
  4. Dates were corrected a while back, but as for pictures, you will always be able to see whatever people don't set as "private" or "Members only".. There isnt currently any setting that prevents non-members from seeing the gallery, as the shift has now been towards members controlling their own privacy.
  5. Give it a shot now...
  6. Thats because its not needed. You know what you have written, you can see it right in front of you and see how it looks, so the only thing left is to submit it. That "Preview post" thing has always been a waste of time and 100% pointless. Why would anybody need to preview what they can already see and read when you are already viewing it? lol.. The mechanism to see and check what you are posting is to use "Eyeballs v1.0", combined with the plugin "Spelling and grammer v6.9" if not already pre-installed.
  7. Guys Let me ask this just 1 more time..... At the moment, if its showing a date, its working... Not worried about "Nice to have" right now. Please only point ot anything that is actually broken. I'm still also getting to grips with the software myself, so will be making tweaks to the website here and there over the next few weeks to things like those already mentioned.
  8. Already in place... Top right, "Activity stream" and "New content". The prev/next threads are still there at the bottom of the page on the left and right.
  9. Not too worried about "nice to have" just yet, more concerned with "is everything working" as this is the very latest version of the software, its a complete version jump..
  10. Hi folks So I've just upgraded the website to the latest release, let me know if you find any problems here in this thread... Lots and lots of new features that you will come across on your travels around the website, too many to list.
  11. I can be PM'd. Just tested it again using your login and it works fine, it lets you send me a PM...
  12. Sorry about that, this should now be sorted... Membership registrations should now be working. If something is broken, please drop me an email using the email contact on this website, as I cant check in here very often..
  13. Sorted. But, if you look in the bottom right hand side of each link page, there is a "Report" link, so you can let me know, rather than wait for me to spot your forum post.
  14. Puffer, nothing wrong with it, you need to adjust the timezone settings here in your control panel either to auto-detect your timezone or set it manually.
  15. hh4evr, does the same thing happen when using hhplace website? Freddie, it lasts a few days because that's how long it takes to notice it sometimes. I get email alerts from Google now to tell me there is a problem, but their not very quick at letting me know. Has only happened 2 or 3 times in the last few years so far..