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  1. Welcome HB. What else do you get up to? Any hobbies mate?
  2. Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy yourself but plastic trousers... Nope.... Always looks cheap and tacky..
  3. Its a shame when somebody who clearly has "mental and physical health issues" is made fun of.
  4. Indeed, the natural lifecycle of many communities is that the "olde boys club" do fade away as they realise the new era of members and ways of doing things are more popular.. So yeah, post away, we all look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions...
  5. Personally, I think that is the appeal, and the entire point, that they look "ordinary". Plenty of "whack" styles of people want them but how many normal, ordinary styles are available? Almost none. Totally agree about that heel though, god almighty... Why? Make a mans shoe/boot look like a mans shoe/boot... Check this guys heels, the chunky brown and black ones: https://hhplace.org/gallery/album/525-ankle-boots/?tab=comments#comment-30
  6. lol, take a chill pill guys, fist fight scheduled for next week... Seriously though, dont think of the "Report this post" as some sort of burden. Think of it the other way round, like this... "Does Tech need the burden of having to clean up 20 threads that went off topic and cost and cost him hours of having to patch things up with Google adsense and, more importantly, we do not want to be showing up in search results for CD/TV topics. Like I explain to everybody.. I'd rather a quick note (Report) and a quick fix than to uncover a total shitstorm 6 months down the line. Then i get pissed off at "Why the hell didnt anybody report this" Seriously, if it makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you want to avoid it, tell me, and tell me asap... We're all on the same page here..
  7. I wish you guys would speak up more often and tell me this stuff, rather than me having to stumble upon it long after it has been your observations. Not sure how many of you are aware of it, but the last lot of moderators all had to be kicked out as they were pretty much all into the heavy TV/CD/TG scene, and were backstabbers too, nasty ones at that. So its just me left now, and I really dont want any members feeling like this at all, so if you see something, report it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then chances are it doesnt belong and many others also feel uncomfortable about it and just leave, or as said, women are probably readingt it and thinking that guys + heels = weirdo, when it doesnt. Why are people so reluctant to use that "Report post" button? Heck I have banned many a new member for signing up and putting "dressing" or "Crossdressing" in their profiles and regularly search profile fields in the DB to weed out the innappropriate profiles who think HHPlace is for CD/TV content.
  8. Hi Guys So after receiving several messages from users about the possibility of a legwear forum, a cleanly run one that isnt a bolt on of some marketing company, and is managed properly, I'm just dropping a quick question to see how many others would be interested? Yep or Nope?
  9. It sounded like "I stepped in something sticky" :-)
  10. I think you may be under-estimating what I was referring to. I'm not talking about a bit of bitching and moaning. I couldnt care less about that, heck I'd be surprised if people didnt, given that I'm far from "subtle".. Anyway, enough said.
  11. Indeed, and sadly, I found some of them doing the exact opposite. None of them had the balls to talk to me directly, but would happily run their mouths off behind my back thinking I would never know or see it.
  12. I think its easy to forget that community websites are NOT business, yet people seem to demand a business like service.. Its a hobby, and one that is not at the top of the to-do list in the grand sceme of daily "to-do" items. Combined with the fact that due to the amount of people who prove themselves untrust-worthy, we only have 1 admin on this site and 2 at HHPlace, with zero moderators. Things are bettter now though, am checking in here about once a week, looking over any new signups that need approving or banning etc.
  13. This problem is typically caused by your browsers cookie settings, or your computers security software preventing anything being stored on your computer. It might be possible that you are using the same security software on both desktop and laptop, and thus this could be refusing to store any cookies or login info, or your browser is not set to store login credentials, and thus the same browser on multiple computers is doing the same thing, especially as a lot of people have now twigged that they can sync browser stuff across multiple devices. As of today too, the website is now 100% https:// using SSL for everything.
  14. Your emails for @aol.com are being rejected. Please update to a non-AOL email ASAP.

  15. At the moment folks, upgrades seem to be coming very regularly.. In the last 10 days there have been 3 already and another one due right now...
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