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  1. 31262342562_3478e9c9f6.jpg.fe19c9c374b4627e8c1228fcbb75311f.jpg

    Formal attire with heels

    1. FastFreddy2


      Very smart. Got something of a Cliff Richard look about you. B)

  2. just looking back, seems a while since I last uploaded any pics



    trousers and pumps.jpg


  3. Thanks fast Freddy, when people have been drinking, they like to speak their mind which can be fun and a lot of laughs, i didnt take any of them too seriously, some were genuinely interested asking if it were to make a statement or just for fun, so I replied, just for fun. he shook my hand and off he went.
  4. what are your thoughts to this ensemble? tight skinny jeans and Pleaser Heat 2010 boots. wore them at 3.00 am when the streets were filling with people out of the clubs. a lot of people noticed, a lot of compliments and a few questions. even had a woman get down on the ground to feel the heels and check how high they were. it was a rather exhilarating experience
  5. pic of new boots. what I wore for night out


  6. Just home again from four days out of town. I wore a pair of tight skinny jeans with 5" chrome heel pleaser heat 2010 boots. As it was a long drive and a saturday night, the first town I stopped at there were a lot of people out of the pubs on street. I have often read that 'no one ever notices'. When wearing these boots this is a longway from the truth when the public are young semi intoxicated youths. Some giving me high fives while one gentleman in particular yells "What the fuck'. The next city I got to as the clubs were closing so lots of people on the streets, while one person yelled similar comments, the girls really loved them, some getting on the ground to check out the 5" chrom heel and check it height. Another gentleman cought up with me asking why, was I trying to make a statement or was itfor fun, so I told him it was for fun. Latter I went into a Bar, that wasn't easy as they had a one way door policy as they were near closing, but one woman really liked me and told the bouncer too let me in as I hadn't been drinking. In the bar no comments at all. for the next few day I wore my 5" ankle boots with boot cut jeans, went into service stations, shops and stores etc, being daytime, absolutley no comments at all, occasionaly a second glance and that was all and again on my way home I stopped by a bar for a beer, no comments at all. I was buzzing after such a wonderful experience. when peole are drunk maybe they speak their mind a lot more but at no time was there any aggression.
  7. I havent been on here for a while, but i do like the skinny jean / heel combo. Another option to try is to turn up the cuff of the jeans then try with out socks. How does your top half co pliment what you are wearing?
  8. They all look gorgeous, i like the skinny jeans with ankle boots, thats how i often wear mine too. Heels go well with a light build in these pics, where as a heavier build would not look so great in stiletro heel, rather more a solid or block heel
  9. just uploaded pics of red low rise anle boots these are size 10
  10. The most awesome walk i have ever taken was today in my new stiletto heeled low cut ankle boots, i had just stepped out when i met a young women wearing 5" wedge heels and had legs up to her armpits. She loved to see men wearing heels, so after i offered her a smoke we walked together to her destination which was close to where i was going. It was so awesome walking with someone with so much in common. Both of us walked about the same speed and just chtted along the way. I wasnt even aware of my surroundings as i still tend to be keeping an eye out for anyone taking undue attention, not that that really happens, as i am sure more would have been looking at her rather than at me
  11. Wow freddy, love the pumps in your avatar. Yes there will be pics comming for the red one. Went for a long (day time ). Day time walk in them today, they are soooooo comfy
  12. I have uploaded a couple of pics of my new low cut ankle boots. They are size 9 but fitted, just a tad tight. They didnt have size 10 in black only a dark red. Anyway, the size 9 ns were great around home etc, but when i went to wear them for a walk, being a little tight made them uncomfortable, so i decided to to buy a pair of the dark red in my size. Again they are a beutiful heel and easier to walk in than pumps or courts, as one does not tend to occasionaly step out of the shoe. Inreally would like. A pair of calf length, point toe stiletto boots, but they just arent available in any of the regular shoe shops. The ankle boots on sale. Cost $25. Nz a pair
  13. Thanks freddy, they are so easy to walk in too compared to pumps or courts
  14. I have just set up a new group on Flickr called " men wearing skinny jeans and high heels" love to have loads of pics from lots of new members. The safety level I have set so all members can add pics, but they still need to be clean.
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