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  1. wow! I'm more into stiletto's, but those are nice!
  2. and the heels aren't even sky high. Well...for some ladies 2 inch is high'it's a matter of perception, |I think.
  3. There are a lot of pink ribbon events here too; mostly walk events (24 hour) and a lot of candles around the 'track'. People can buy paper bags, for around 5€. They write a wish for someone they lost through cancer, fill the bag with sand, and put a light on top. So everyone can reed the messages. I have been to a few. Wuite emotional stuff.
  4. You might be right about the ribbon part: 'pink ribbon'. Could have been involved here too, but I'm not sure. Definately not during the first ever race here, which was organised by a womans magazine.
  5. Pitty! It's fun watching those. I was there when the first race was held!
  6. We seem to be quite professional is this, haha. The runs are just a few 100 meters, and men are not allowed.
  7. Here in Holland it's not for charity; just for money, haha!
  8. In 2006, The Netherlands, 'we' started with stiletto runs. They were quite popular for a few years. Are they in Great Britain as well?? Has anyone been to one?
  9. I have sent her a pair of heels, around a year ago. Sometimes we e-mail a bit. Unfortunately she went to 'plastic surgery', to 'upgrade' her face a bit, she shouldn't have done that. But still.a 9,3 for her ;-)
  10. Don't you like her (heels)? :-)
  11. Thanks for sharing this, taking the time, and giving us / me such a 'wide' explanation. Since you are here for 'ages', and I'm quite new to this 'group' you'll probably be right and I agree with your way of thinking. :-)
  12. Her boots are amazing! Like mine, haha!
  13. I know her; she's from Poland: Ariadne. She has an amazing webiste. :-)
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