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  1. I don,t wear heels as much as I use to. I used to come home from work and put a pair on and wear them all evening. These days I start watching TV and fall asleep so I take them off so I don,t ruin my sofa. Most evenings I don,t wear heels at all. Over the last 2 years I must of only bought 3 pairs. One pair was lost in the post and another pair I returned. Problem I have is Ebay has gone down hill over the few years. i Just cant seem to find anything I like in a size uk9. Truth is I,m not sure If I got my settings to tight and Im not seeing some heels. I want to see high heels so I have my settings to see only high heels. I dont want to go through 1,000s of flat shoes. There some new online site such as Wish. I do like some heels for sell on that site so I might risk buying a pair if they are cheep enough. Ive been going through my large collection of high heels. Just to see what I can wear. I got about 4 pairs that I cant wear for long. Should try to sell them.
  2. If the supervisor starts on me for no reason there be trouble. Supermarkets are starting to sort them out with allowing afew in at a time etc. Problem is that everyone else has the same idea about walking the dogs in parks and end up meeting other people. Some of my friends have motorbikes and cant go out on their own.
  3. At the moment I,m still having to go into work. Not sure if that good thing at the moment. Supervisor is being a right jerk at the moment. It the way he speaks to some members of staff at the moment. He,s always been bad for this but he,s worse at the moment. He,s having ago at staff for no reason. Truth is I,m looking into this as this can not go on.
  4. With the forum being almost dead now I,m starting to think that no one is even coming to check for any new threads now. All I ask is you post something on this thread just to see who,s still about. With the world being on lockdown now it makes sense to spend little time on this forum. I have some ideas for couple of new threads but I want to see people post on here.
  5. Im not able to work at home so at the moment life for me carrys on as normal.
  6. It would make sense this time of year to wear knee high boots but men don.t. This year has been bad with the rain every day so far. Like you say being able to keep the bottoms of your jeans dry has got to be a good thing.
  7. Those remind me of a pair of Nine West heels that I own. I say go for it.
  8. Ebay has changed in the last few years. Ive only bought 2 pairs of heels from Ebay over the last 2 years. There seem to alot of overseas sellers now. They also asking alot more for their shoes then sellers based in th UK.
  9. I bought a pair of Only Maker boots on Amazon just before Christmas. I returned them as felt a bit tight on. Very easy to do returns on Amazon.
  10. I not had much to say. I have only bought 3 pairs of high heels in the past 12 months. Posted about 2 of them. It would be nice to see what other members are wearing. I sometimes think I,m talking to myself on here.
  11. Its a catch 22 sort of thing. I stopped posting because no else posted anything
  12. Never found out who signed for it, but I got my money back.
  13. For some reason I suspect my neighbour took the parcel in but I cant prove it and don't seem to be type to steal mail. I never had a card left telling which neighbour took parcel. Good news is seller has opened a case with royal mail.
  14. I phoned Royal mail this morning and told them about the missing parcel. I now have a reference number and Royal mail will investigate this. The tracking does not show which house/flat number signed for the parcel.
  15. The parcel was tracked. Have looked up using the tracking code and it being signed for. I ask my neighbours in my block of flats. I have 3 neighbours in my block of flats and they know nothing of this. Most of the time I get parcels left outside my door. Either signed for or not I don't know. It safe to do this. All I can think of that someone on another street that I dont know has taken my parcel. Not sure someone would want to steel a pair of high heels. I dont expect they be wanting a pair of high heels in a size uk9. I would have to be in to be able talk to the postman and I don't expect him to remember any details. Have looked up on the Royal Mail website on what to do if a parcel goes missing and it seems the sender has to do it.
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