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  1. I was at one point couple of years ago buying Heels from New look online and returning any that didn't fit via my local New Look shop. Well that shop has closed down. I'm not sure about other New Looks shop near me as I haven't checked. Still not bought any heels for some time now but seem to be wearing them more again. So what type of shop has replace New Look, it another clothes shop.
  2. I think these are the last pair I bought. Nine West
  3. Not sure why I stopped wearing heels. I seem to remember I was having a lot of pain in my right foot after only a very short while wearing heels. I might of injured my foot at some point and didnt know about. I didnt have any problems last week whist wearing them so I might be better now.
  4. I think I bought about 4 pairs of heels since I last posted on this thread. I haven,t worn any heels for at least 3 months. I did wear a pair last night and I,m wearing a pair of boots now. I not sure if I will get back into wearing heels again
  5. It was om HHP that I changed my Email account, not sure why now. It was to do with something else not HHP but by the time I got back onto HHP found I had been blocked.
  6. Well that was a nice surprise. Where he might off been having fun, it did look like that he struggled to walk in them and with his legs being bent would show that the heels he were wearing a little to high for him. I don't remember having a issue in walking in heels when I first tried on and walked in a pair of heels.
  7. On the way home from work Friday night, while waiting at the traffic lights. On the pavement were a pair of high heels just laying there. My work mate says something like they being my shoes and I reply saying not my size. Not sure why any one would leave a pair of heels on the pavement like that. From what I could tell from the car both heels were not broken. Had I been on my own and the road not so busy i might of gone and picked them up.
  8. I didnt take that photo, never got around to taking one. I did think at the time when I recieved the shoes they looked on the small size and maybe a us size 9. I couldn.t see a size on the shoes. My only concern is Ebay could start thinking I,m a bad buyer, I seem to be returning more and more shoes these days. I got my return postage refund. I think in this I,m right in doing so but the seller might no think so.
  9. Bought this pair on Ebay a month or so ago. The make is Only Maker. Never bought from this brand before. Had to return to seller, which is a shame as they are well made and did the style. The problem is they are sort of on the small size. I cant even get feet in them. I take a size a 9uk but these must be a size 7. I had a short chat with the seller and she still belives they are a size 9uk and relisted as such when returned back to her.
  10. One of my other interests is music. I like Ska, Raggae and some Punk. Not so keen on Northern Soul. I go to about 3 or 4 scooter rallies each year where they do play Northern soul. Most venues would have the main dance room for the bands to play and there be another room for Northern soul. You can expect the women to be wearing 60's style dresses and men to be wearing a suit. All very smart. I have a couple of friends who are Mods. Just wish I could show you some photos of my very fashionable friends but I,m not going to. Don't see flares being worn. Maybe the odd one or two but that could be just more to do with rockabilly type music. I used to own a scooter but cost to much for to keep on the road for the amount I was using it for.
  11. I keep away from the groups on Facebook about heel wearing. It just to public for me and I don't want any of my friends know I wear heels. It's not that difficult to post photos on here once you found a good photo editing software. Which can be found for free on the internet.
  12. Only a couple of members on here respond. It would be nice to know what shoes other members on here are buying and wearing but they don.t share.
  13. I,ve stopped posting on here as no one responds.
  14. Did find this pair on Ebay. Size 7,5 10us so might be a touch on the small size.
  15. Had some time to kill this afternoon while I waited for my Dad to come out of hospital. Had a little walk round chichester. Same story as always. Nothing in a size 9. Thought I might be able to find something in a size 9 in New look. Nice big shop with two floors and huge selection of high heels but none in a size 9. Had the store had in the heels size order might of found some something in a size 9. I don't think New look stock size 9 in store now.
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