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  1. Well I almost stop wearing heels and not bought any for some months. Still look on Ebay now and agsin and find nothing to buy. I,ve not got anything to post about.
  2. At the moment there is not always any one in the office. There is a phone on my brother;s work bench so that he can take messages from customers when no one answers the phone in the office. He has been told to answer the phone. The supvisor has two nephews also working in the factory. He does seem to get afew phone calls from family members. Why they cant ring him at breaktime on his own phone I dont know. I pm you the rest
  3. Not sure how to go about.on this forum about whats been going on at work. So give a litte time write thngs down.. There is a them and us at work.. I get to work and stay in the tea room till its time to work, along with my brother and one other. The others goes into the supvisor's office. Two Driver's and 3 factory workers. Them and us. I had a big argument with the Supvisor on Tuesday. .As I mentioned before the supvisor was being a jerk. At the start of lock down brother took a phone call for the supvisor. Well my brother thought it was the supvisor GF. It turned out to be the GF sister. Supvisor had a go at him for that. . It turns out the comany has an issue with how fast my brother works and that when he gets help he slows down even more. He packs items that been worked on and then gets sent back to the customer. He has to check and clean every item before it gets packed. It can be a slow job at times. There more work for one person but not enough work for 2 people full time. He does not stop work all day. The others get to stand about chatting while they doing their job. It the same with me I have to stay with the machine to make sure to keeps working. but I work outside in a shed on my own. I finish what I could do in my shed and went back inside the factory. This was about 45 minutes before time to go home.. I know the supvisor dont like me standing around doing nothing. Which if fair enough so I went to pack some simple item for my brother. My brother was doing some paperwork. One of the drivers had come back early and was also packing. Supvisor came over and stood watching us for a few minutes. He then asked my brother why he was doing paperwork while he to guys packing for. He kept asking the same qustion over and over again did not allow my brother answer. Supvisor walked away, my brother reacted in a bad way. I could tell my brother was upset about this. This was when I walked over had a right go at the supvisor for what just happened. . I can not see what my brother is doing wrong. Will add to post If I think its ok to do so.
  4. . Heels are just under 5.5 inches. Maybe not Little Shoe box but I don,t know any other British shoe manufacturer. All I know is that this pair were made in England.
  5. Just had a another look for the sizing.. There is a very faint sizing on the arch of sole. These shoes are infact a size 11 not a size 10 like the seller said. Tried them on yesterday whist wearing a pair of tights and they fit. A very comfortable pair of heels to wear. What made me buy tthem was that they were real Leather a full 5.5 inches with a metal heel tip and brand new.. Could this pair be from The Little Shoe Shop. There is a faint Made in England on the soles. I think a good buy for once.
  6. Bought this pair. Going have to return if I can . They meant to be a size 10 but there is no size on the shoes. As they dont fit going have to return them.
  7. Nice boots. I didn,t think that New Look went up UK12
  8. Welcome back FF2. World has changed in the last 6 months. I have to wear full PPE at work when im doing certain jobs. I wear a face mask with filters, gloves, apron, hard hat and ear defenders. Work is much better now, then at the start of lockdown. Supervisor is seems much calmer now. He now comes in late and stays late once we all gone home. Sometimes I do forget about trying to keep a safe distance not that its possible with the work we do. Its delivery drivers that is my main issue now. They come right up to you when needing paperwork signed but could be my fault as well.
  9. By using my phone I can see on the screen what Im taking. It still takes times to get a good a photo but the photos are better now then when I used a camera,
  10. Hello and welcome to the site. As for taking photos. I now use a tripod and a clicky thing that allows me to take photos remotely. All I need to do now is set the phone in my tripod and set up my phone to take photo. Stand in position and use the remote to take photos.
  11. Bought 3 pairs from Ebay last week. This is the first pair that came in the post. Going start to use my phone to take photos from now. So this is a test to see how well it works out. I also bought a tripod to mount the phone with a remote so I can take photos of me wearing heels. I should be able to do better photos now
  12. Thanks for showing some of your collection. I have over 80 pairs.
  13. Hello. Please tell us more about your collection.
  14. I bought a pair of high heels from the wish web site a couple of weeks ago. Should of been delivered yesterday but not recieved them and is showing that my heels have been delivered. Well they not been delivered. Just tried to contact support and its all automated, There is no option for me to say I have not recieved my item but the website saying they been delivered. All I,m getting that the item is on its way but it the website is showing my item has been delivered.
  15. I thought I show two of my classic black courtspairs
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