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  1. These boots are lovely indeed.
  2. I totally deserved that. As mentioned, they were not that comfortable. the second pair though, clearly, if it had not been the 1,300$ car expense I would not have resisted.
  3. Had some wind damage to our fence as well here a few weeks ago. I just secured them for winter and will work on it this spring.
  4. Hey, I'm still here! Not too long ago, after going to the garage for my car, and learning that it would cost me 1,300$ I decided I needed a little pick me up and stopped at a shoe store. It was early in the morning and the mall was quiet, the shoe store was empty. I looked briefly at the shoes and headed for the boots section. There was only one salesgirl and of course offered her assistance. I asked to try the 2 following models. The taller ones are about mid thigh, so quite high. The girl only mentionned that I might not be able to pull them up all the way because of my jeans. But no issues there. They were nice and with a very high heel. I tried the other ones, a bit above the knee with a shorter heel. These were like slippers, very comfortable. The girl commented that these were very nice. Of course, I did not buy them... But it cheered me up, until I thought again about the car expensive bill.
  5. Saw this variant of the "Keep Calm and [whatever]" signs, couldn't resist.
  6. I have to admit that you are right Freddy. For me, this forum is indeed heels related so I tend to share only heel related stuff. I've been involved in many different forums over the years being on the net and I have created friendships with a few people. I'll try to post more, your idea is a good one. As for the boots to drool over, I have to agree, they are gorgeous. I'd love em. I can send you my address, my birthday is coming in a couple of months.
  7. It's been quiet from my side as well but I'm checking in regularly, just got nothing to report.
  8. Lovely boots in that video for sure!
  9. I'm confused too, if that helps...
  10. Thanks for the replies. No need to apologize. A clarification, here a sex shop is a boutique that sell sex toys. My wife appreciate a new vibrator or other once in a while From my point of view, my wife doesn't really mind me wearing what I want. But, as I mentioned she doesn't want to face judgment from others because of my behavior. So since wearing heels in public for a man is not very accepted, she has a problem with it. I can wear her sandals all day in the backyard in the summer, but I get frowned upon if I go put something in the trashcan, on the other side of the fence, and that mean that I visible from the street. She even has trouble understanding how I can face the eyes of the people. This is a big issue for her. I don't believe she felt left out when I passed on her offering, when I went today, she said she preferred to stay home. So I went to the store and came back with these. I figured that for now, as she can get used to see me in heels around the house, she'll get more used to it. With bright shoes, she won't expect me, and rightly so, to go out in public with these boots. Maybe my reasoning is wrong, but they are mine now. I wore them around the house and we both acted normally. Thanks for your input guys. I appreciate it.
  11. A bit of development. I had told my wife that I was going to pay a little visit to the adult store (sex shop). She's always shy to go in these store so I usually go alone. While there, I could not resist and tried these boots on: Pleaser Delight 2063. As this was in the early morning, the store was very quiet. I asked for my size and when she brought them back she asked if I wanted to try them on. She also asked if I was comfortable trying them on in the open space or if I preferred a cabin. I chose the open space. The boots are laced at the back and the cute salesgirl laced one of the boots while still in my feet, she deemed it easier that way. Couldn't object to have a cutie, at my feet, lacing my boots. Anyway, didn't buy them but when I came home, I told my wife that I tried boots at the store. She asked if they were nice looking boots. I showed them on the website and she said that they were pretty high. A day or two later, when having a discussion, she said that she doesn't object to anything I do. I seized the opportunity and Sunday I told her that I wanted to visit a shoe store because they had good prices. When she said she'll come with me, I replied that she doesn't have too because I wanted to look for heels. She said "For me?" to which I replied, that we could look for her too. She came back with "Only for me..." So we both went yesterday to the store in question, when I asked the clerk about these in my size, my wife said to me that she was stepping aside. Well, they didn't have them in my size. We I got to my wife again, she said that she felt stress and didn't or couldn't face the looks of the people around... But she even offered to go to another store while I continued. I politely declined and told her that I would come back another day. I'm planning on going either tomorrow or Thursday. By the way, I'm also looking at these one
  12. Just wanted to share this tidbit. The other, my wife tried on a pair of hers from Aldo, in polyurethane that she complained to me that they were too tight. She offered me to put them on but I declined because visitors were supposed to arrive any time now but I told her that I would wear them, to stretch them, the following week. So the week came and I didn't press the issue in the first few days but one evening, I talked about her tight shoes and me wearing them. She said that because of the material, I wouldn't stretch them. I asked her if it was a refusal or a dare. She replied it was a dare. I felt relieved. So the next, I wore her 3 1/2 inches, burgundy, stilettos for about an hour and a half, while do usual household chores: cleaning up the kitchen, moving from one to the other to put stuff in its place, etc. Now I remind you that I was with my wife all the time. No comments whatsoever on the heels during this time. Now a few later, while snuggling up, she did mention that it wasn't turning her on when I wore heels. But that another topic.
  13. Went back to the store with the firm intention of buying the suede one, as the website shows them on sale at 24.99$ instead of 44.99$. Well lo and behold, the website gives the U.S. prices. which are not in effect in Canada (even though our dollars have been pretty on par for quite a while). In the store they were on at special at 54.99$ you read that right, on sale at 54.99$. Didn't check the regular price and left.
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