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  2. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    London's West End, Thursday evening .... Traffic getting into London, worse than usual, and significantly worse than most evenings - for some time. Felt like a dam had burst! T-shirt weather though. Shopping areas as busy then as most daytime shopping periods. Not so startlingly warm when back in the suburbs, hours later.
  3. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Apparently yesterday was the hottest April day for over 70 years. March was one of the coldest on record - is the weather playing catch-up now? I was out in my wedge sandals at Brighton Marina yesterday. We had a visitor with us - no comments on my footwear although I know the heels were plainly visible at times.
  4. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    At last ..... Some warm weather has arrived. Driving through a populated area early this evening, had many out enjoying the warmth. Is Winter finally over?
  5. Something special

    At least she is fully clothed. Something of an anomaly judging by the (PR) images I see of her most days. She is gorgeous.
  6. Something special

    Emily is a pretty girl, but I do NOT like that asymmetric (yuk!) cutout in her dress. Her sandals are great, but marred by what appears to be a small platform - clumpiness clashing with delicacy.
  7. Something special

    "Emily Ratajkowski was her usual flawless self at the premiere of her new film I Feel Pretty in Westwood, California on Tuesday. The 26-year-old model, who shot to fame appearing in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video in 2013, wore a black sequined gown with long sleeves, a slit up the leg and a large portion cut out of the midsection, revealing her taut abs. Ratajkowski, who has more than 17.3 million Instagram followers, rounded out her glamorous ensemble with diamond earrings and black high heels, wearing her silky brown tresses down and parted in the middle." This video is NOISY! You might want to turn sound off, if you have it "on" usually. http://video.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2018/04/18/1221069207784501869/640x360_MP4_1221069207784501869.mp4 Included only to show what Emily looks like when she moves.
  8. Something special

    Oh dear! I'm not so impressed with 'her' legs (and heels) now and propose to cross her off my next birthday party invitation list. There are many other candidates waiting. [My carer has just told me that I have been asleep, and dreaming in a disturbed manner. Have I missed anything? ]
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  10. Something special

    I agree, and maybe why that extra coloured block was put on the right of Puffers original. My version, has that removed. Here is a version with the image compressed. Any more compression and the image looked completely unnatural.
  11. Something special

    I'm not sure that's at all correct. Google Image, etc.are obviously quite clever technically, but they can be thrown off track by photo edits, changes to aspect ratio, addition of watermarks, cropping, colour tweaking, and so on. TBO, I think Puffers "original" may have been photoshop-stretched since those lovely long legs do appear to be a bit too long to be "the real McCoy". The original un-tampered photo probably exists all over the internet, however we don't have a copy of that one to use in our search requests.
  12. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Weeeeeeellll.... My spree hasn't taken the shape I thought it would. Reason being, lack of uniformity in firing off the different types of flashes. I cried off buying the four as they were incompatible with others I'd planned to buy. Instead I bought a higher powered pair that use more modern technology. The first (cheapo) one tuned up, and for the £200 I spent (total) on strobes, I had a fairly well configured set of studio lights. Being the 'collector' I seem to be, I bought a second pair, same make/model at the the first pair .... All four use the same firing technology, so No.5 (cheapo one) might now be surplus. To my surprise, these strobes that claim moderate power levels, seem to carry enough 'zap' for pretty much any portrait challenge, so why do I still want more power? A: "'Cos I'm a bloke?" I just don't know if I have quite enough 'power' for a group photo if asked to produce one. Circa £250 could guarantee I had. (Can't take it with you. )
  13. Something special

    Mistaking smaller (-10%) for less, I thought women had fewer (for pregnancy). Oh well. And men often have ribs removed so they can attain a more feminine torso: Rodrigo Alves. Anyway, if that image was anywhere other than hidden in a dark corner somewhere, Google/Bing/Pinterest would know about it. Rather like the images we post here. All available on a search.
  14. Something special

    why were we ever talking about ribs??? men & women both have 12 pairs. The "Eve was made from one of Adam's ribs" biblical fable bears no relation to actual human biology. Freddy presumably attended Sunday School in his formative years. Copy/paste from somewhere online - THIS MYTH ABOUT WOMEN'S RIBS PERSISTS. In an effort to prove the Bible story of Eve as wrought from Adam's rib "true," pastors and Sunday School teachers sometimes pass along a tale that women have more ribs than men. It's not true. Gender plays no part in the number of ribs you have: It's 12 pairs for everyone. However, women's ribs are about 10 percent smaller in volume on average than men's ribs. Oh, and also re. the grey/blue eyes thing: Contact lenses? photoshop? I still reckon Brittany is the match. She has too many photos online to search but i bet that 'street shot' is on her website somewhere.
  15. Something special

    I suggest that this correspondence should now cease, as: (a) we are unlikely to establish with certainty who/what he/she/it truly is; (b) even if we do, none of us is ever likely to see/meet/shag him/her/it; (c) there are plenty more fish (genetically modified or not) in the sea. Now for a cold shower, whilst counting my blessings (and ribs) ...
  16. Something special

    Stumbled across these while searching for a lead on our mystery (wo)man ... Curvy (got waist and bum) Asian lady. That said, her backside could well be enhanced.
  17. Something special

    Closer, but still no prize. Brittany has blue/grey eyes .... I'm not (yet) a member of 'tumblr', but I did try to look at the accounts of a few of those that are, who had "liked" this image. While at least one took me to porn, two others took me to fe(male) images .... I'm even more convinced 'we' are looking at someone with a full-set of ribs.
  18. Something special

    i've changed my mind. she's not Holly Deacon. She's Brittany Hawks https://www.instagram.com/brittany_hawks/?hl=en
  19. Something special

    I have no idea how "I can't imagine a more "perfect" looking set of legs" could be interpreted to mean I don't like them? They are stunning. I wish! Usually you 'nail' these obtuse enigma's but this time I'm not sure. (If anyone else had made the claim I would have given it no credit at all.) Looking back at Puffer's original, I immediately noticed the boyish tummy. It's not big, but it suggests one more rib than woman usually have. The backside is a nice shape, but the bum/hips are slim, not usually seen on a woman, and certainly not on a Western woman unless she's from Poland. The lips on the original are almost full, but not overly so. Those on H.D. are positively pneumatic, and her nose is very long/straight which is doubtless that way due to the plastic in it. Which leads us on to the photo style of DH which appears to be a "tits and arse" show. (And why not?) And of the 4-500 photographs I browsed, none had 'legs' as a point of interest, but plenty were showing T+A which then also suggested a small waist? Something not seen in the first image. If that initial picture is one of DH, I would expect multiple 'hits' from Google, but nothing found? At the moment (Watson), I remain unconvinced.
  20. Something special

    yep. she's a full time model & instagram queen. She has 1001 "looks" so obviously not all photos are going to resemble yours. many of them do though, including the slight 'asian' look that she sometimes has. the look that had Freddy thinking back to his ''holidays' in Bangkok
  21. Something special

    Are you sure? I'd never heard of HD and, looking at what is online, she doesn't seem to resemble much the pic I posted above - which seems to show a much more attractive and less artificial woman than HD's pics reveal. (And I doubt very much whether HD is '100% woman' - at least 10% of her is silicone!)
  22. Something special

    She's Holly Deacon--- https://www.instagram.com/hollydeacon/?hl=en 100% woman, so you can fap away with impunity. Sorry she isn't to your "taste" Freddy
  23. Something special

    Nope .... Just thought I'd mention it ... In case anyone was getting 'carried away' .... I can't imagine a more 'perfect' looking set of legs, standing underneath a slim/trim body. Things that look too good to be true, usually are.
  24. Something special

    Did you find 'her' elsewhere? I couldn't.
  25. Something special

    Stunning, but then many lady-boys are.
  26. Something special

    I don't know who this is - and don't really care (unless she happens to live in the next street):
  27. Something special

    The 45 year old Jennifer Garner ... Looks to be make-up free, but still an attractive "package" (style, shape, looks).
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