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  2. Sounds like a very nice pair of boots. The tricky think with store bought otk boots is getting the fit tight on the calves and leg. If you’ve got that right, that’s brilliant! They would look great with skinny jeans
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  4. If it was somebody who deliberately swapped them over, then I thank them. Both boots fit perfectly. Normally I’d have only one foot that felt good, and would have to put up with the other either being squished in or go up a size and leave the other with too much room. I tried them on with skinny jeans this afternoon and they look great. So good, in fact, I wanted to fling open the front door and take a stroll down the street. But the world’s not ready for that. I’ve clearly got skinnier legs than the ASOS model, so there is a little room inside the boot shaft, but not much. They fitted over the jeans fine. I did have a stroll indoors, and on carpet they were a breeze to walk in. I mentioned before that the heel measures 4 7/8”. They are set back but with a subtle curve, meaning the heel tip falls just inside the back of the boot.
  5. Maybe you’re right. The box also had two sets of spare tips. Although, the double imprint on the sole does seem more of a manufacturing error. At least I didn’t receive two left feet!
  6. Sounds like these might have been returns and got mixed up - or perhaps somebody with different size feet ordered both sizes, cherry picked them and sent the two they didn't want back in one of the boxes. Whatever - if it works for you great! Call it Fate
  7. I collected the ASOS “Kendra” boot this morning. Those that have read the other thread on ASOS will know that I originally bought them in a UK12 but found the left boot a little too tight. Like many, I have one foot larger than the other - in my case a whole size. I had an opportunity to quickly try them on this morning. I tried the left boot first (my larger foot) and although still tricky to get on due to the narrow styling, the fit was okay. Not as much difference as I thought there might be, so I did double check the size on the boot. The box definitely said UK13. On the sole of the boot “13” was imprinted, and also printed on the inside of the boot was size 13. I tried the right boot expecting to have a little bit more room, but was surprised to find a similar fit to last time. Which is not too bad, as this is my smaller foot. I checked the sizing on the boot and found this... In case it isn’t clear, it seems to have both 12 and 13 imprinted on the sole. I checked the inside of the boot... It looks like someone has tried rubbing out the “2”. Very odd. I compared the boots, and although not noticeable, there is a difference when held next to each other. Difficult to show in a photo but here goes... There’s no difference in heel height, thankfully, so I don’t think any one would notice when they’re on. Is this fate? Were these boots meant for me? Did ASOS read my post and decide to send me a larger left boot and smaller right boot?! Part of me feels funny about having boots that aren’t a natural pair. But, they both fit and there’s no visible difference when on.
  8. They were always dear, but their prices have gone up a lot in recent years as they’ve become better known outside Australia. I bought mine about fifteen years ago, maybe more. They were pricey then, but nothing like now. The nice thing about them is that they last so well and you can get them resolved. The company has stories of peoples boots literally lasting decades.
  9. Last week
  10. Those are some very nice boots, but out of my price range, sadly.
  11. Sounsd good! Since it is officially designated a 'men's' boot you should get a good chance to try out heels safely, as it were.
  12. Turns out it’s not so bad. The sale price takes it below the threshold for free delivery. Factor in the lack of discount codes (no longer valid, or at least during the flash sale), and the overall difference in negligible. I have used the sale as an excuse to purchase the ‘men’s heeled chelsea boot’ discussed earlier in the thread. I felt the £20 discount was enough to ignore the centre seam that I wasn’t too keen on. I’m gonna test them out at work, and see what sort of reaction they get - if any.
  13. I see that R.M. Williams - the classic outback Australian outfitter, famed especially for their boots - are now offering two-inch cuban and block heels in their men's selection. THat's new. THey are not by any means cheap, but they are beautiful boots. I have a pair of their dress jodhpur boots in black kangaroo hide (low heels, these are some years old) and they are absolutely lovely. Nice to see they are offering them with higher heels now.
  14. Isn't that just the way?
  15. They seem to have a sale on most of their stock today. The boots I’ve ordered are now cheaper than they were with the discount. Not happy.
  16. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I do rather agree about the fabric material, although the claimed stretchiness might be helpful. The fabric, plus the shiny heels, does have a somewhat overtly feminine look and might attract more attention than the height of the heel. The pointed toes likewise, although I don't dislike them. Boots I would like to wear, but would be wary of being out in public. '
  17. I suppose cycling in heels (as you have described it) is somewhat like walking up stairs in heels - very little 'heel awareness', even if the heels do not project much below the stair tread (If you see what I mean). One's ankles are in a position akin to wearing heels whilst ascending - and without the feeling of ground beneath the heel. Going down stairs (or sloping ground) is quite another matter, however!
  18. True - mind you, I am paranoid about wearing my nice suede boots out in anything but perfect weather!
  19. My ankle boots have 3.5” Cuban heels. I didn’t really notice any difference at all. Because the ball of my foot rests flat on the pedals there was no observable difference in angle. Its a good thing I am old school with my bicycles - all flat pedals, no clipless, so I can wear any type of shoe, boot or sandal I please.
  20. I’m glad you managed it. Did you not notice any difference in distance from the pedals? I know there’s no difference in terms of placement of foot on the pedal, but I would have thought the angle of your foot may have made a difference. What type of heel do you have on your ankle boots and how high are they?
  21. Sock boots wouldn’t be my first choice. I’m not sure on the practicality of the material - certainly not in wetter weather.
  22. I managed to find some of those blogs that discuss cycling in heels. It appears it is much more common on the Continent - quelle surprise! I did go for a spin in my high heeled ankle boots - to be honest, I really didn’t notice any difference. One is on the balls of ones feet anyway when pedalling and so you really don’t notice you’re in heels until you climb off. But if course there is still the sense of daring and elegance.
  23. Sock boots don’t do it for me. I like proper sturdy leather boots. The styling in those is nice though. Im with you in the toe shape - l like rounded/almond toes.
  24. I came close to buying the sock boot. I think if they had a slightly more rounded toe, it would have been a done deal. Maybe if customer services come back to me with another discount code, I’ll get them. I imagine that the heel would be closer to 4.5” in the larger size. I find a 4.5” stiletto quite easy to walk in, so wouldn't have any trouble in these. They would look great with boot cut jeans. Why not try them? Returns are free, if you really don’t like them.
  25. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I'm not too surprised about the fit of the OTK boots. If I were buying them, I would have gone for the 13, especially as they are not a wide fit. The sock boots are very nice; I am tempted! But although they are available in a 13, not in the wide fit above a 9 - pity! I would like to wear boots like that in public (e.g. under bootcut jeans) - the (alleged) 4" heel is easy to walk in but I suspect the true height in the largest sizes is nearer 4.5". The heel is rather too slim and shiny to pass as a man's boot, regardless of its height, however.
  26. Puffer


    Been out of touch since Sunday but catching up. The first boots are awful - real Frankenstein clobber! The others are OK but not really worthwhile.
  27. I'm glad you were able to get your discount on the size 13s. Hopefully the fit will be just as good around the ankle and calf. Thiat one of the thigs I like so much about my black suede otk boots - being custom made the fit is absolutely perfect there. Hpoefully you'll get some nice opportunities to wear them. We're coming into autumn...
  28. Think I was just clutching at straws. Managed a proper try on this afternoon, and initial thoughts were confirmed. Right foot fitted, but left was just a little too tight. If they were real suede, then I’d chance that they’d stretch. The quality of the material is ok, but I think because of the construction of the toe and back of the heel, there’s not much give. It felt as if I might end up distorting the angle of the heel by forcing my foot in. I couldn’t go far, as I was essentially in a fitting room, but even in a small space they felt comfortable to walk in. I’ve returned the UK12 and have re-ordered a UK13. Hopefully there won’t be too much difference in the width because they really did fit well around my feet and calves; a really snug fit. I did email customer services, as recommended, but still waiting on a reply. It seems a change of email was enough to convince them I was a new customer, despite all other details remaining the same. I should have them by Thursday.
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