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    Regardless to how other here feel about it, let me first state how I understand how the CD/TV/TS scene works, speaking as someone who has touched it all... CD.... Cross dresser. Starting somewhere that might be called androgynous, right up to just short of TV. So, a man wearing clothing or any attire designed and made for a woman. A woman wearing clothing or attire designed and made for a man. Probably less ambiguous if written as cross-sex dressing. (Wearing clothing designed and made of the opposite sex.) There is no intent on the part of a male (for example) to pass, or be seen as a female. This would currently be me. T.V.... This is essential someone (almost always male) who dresses and applies other feminine specific attire (make-up/wigs/breast forms) to seem like a woman or to pass as a woman. A cross dresser would never have the need to wear a bra, breast forms, or a silky camisole. These would only be worn as part of the 'to pass' regime, where playing a female was the intent and/or being seen as a female was the intent. I have done this, and Puffer has seen photo's of me 'en femme' indicating I'm not a fantasist when I write this stuff. T.S.... This is where wearing clothing of the opposite sex and looking like someone of the opposite sex isn't enough and BEING someone of the opposite sex is so necessary, that gender re-assignment becomes the single most important goal of the person who needs it. Unlike the previous two groups which seem to contain an unequal quantity of men over women. the TS category seems to be much more equally balanced if not tilted in the other direct. (More women wanting it than men.) So with this in mind .... I would suggest there is a wide range of CD/TV enthusiasts on HHP (and good luck to them) starting with men only wearing a heel right up to men wearing everything to make themselves as feminine as possible. If all this additional activity was stopped, the site would in fact become a Men in Heels II. Would that be a good thing?
  3. Hi all

    As I've made no secret to the fact I got kicked off HHp for upsetting (literally) one or two people. Both Americans. This despite the fact I had quickly become a major contributor, and had many 'likes' despite the short period of membership. I had been approached via PM by one of the active and what seemed like quite progressive female members there. She had shared some intimate details with me, (long email) of a relationship she had with another member, and it rather looked like a Dom and Sub setup to me. Why I had been contacted and slightly involved, was an enigma. In fact so enigmatic, I challenged her to prove she existed, and wasn't a 20 stone (fantasist) lorry driver. Communication was cut short. Her temporary email address evaporated, and I had neither further contact off the site, nor did I attempt any via PM on the site. I fancy, it rather proved my point. I sometimes wonder if she contributed to getting me kicked off, which arrived without warning and without reason. I would agree. And many were critical of the whole men-in-heels gig. Perhaps it's too large a pigeon hole, but fetish/CD/TV is all the same to me, its dress-up and British men like to play dress-up. (It's in the DNA.) In that respect, I don't fully understand why any woman would post on such a site unless they operated 'in the scene' too. Even so, there are better places (other Forums) that might be more suitable anyway. That said, in an arena where there are 100 (often single) men to every woman member, it's not hard to build up a fan base with some teasing of the (often single) men. Were I in every other respect a fairly unattractive person (male or female) I could have quite a good time, amongst a fairly attentive audience, by adopting the persona of a twenty-something into 5 inch heels. How would anyone know the truth? I've stumbled across a number of more suitable places. As time goes on the prospective membership is attracted to a more diverse range of forums where seemingly every niche interest is addressed. HHp isn't a particularly inviting place anyway. There's way too much testosterone allowed by the "in" crowd who get away with bullying some of the new members. I was obviously disappointed that I got banned, but it was probably a blessing in disguise because I was spending too much time contributing. Plus there were people there who believed themselves to be god-like, and I have never got on well with people who consider themselves "superior". Best I stayed away. I never attempted to re-join, nor join with a new handle/user-name. I know how easy it can be done using a proxy IP address so I could have joined as Phil from Philadelphia, or Jean from Jersey. But why bother?
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  5. Hi all

    Quite apart from the apparent reluctance of the small number of women members on HHP to post much at all these days, the CD element (such as it ever was) has been suppressed to a large extent in the last couple of years - and the board is supposed to eschew overt CD conduct. Although there are a number of men who dress in women's clothes (not just shoes) and wear make-up etc - to varying effect - they do so (allegedly) as 'men in women's clothing' rather than intentional CDs - and largely get away with it. A couple of long-term members have however been reprimanded or kicked-out, or have 'resigned' because they went too far in the CD activity, i.e. wearing a bra and/or breast-forms. I hold no brief for them either way, but HHP is emphatically not a CD site and, whilst they are free to do their own thing, some of the antics and images are decidedly discomforting to many of us, of whatever gender! Indeed, I find their public lifestyle close to fetishism in many respects - yet, if they are being truly honest, they seem to be accepted with reactions ranging from complete indifference through mild curiosity to positive appreciation, e.g. being complimented by men or women and asked about their clothing/shoes.
  6. I see 'things' all the time, women I mean, dressed in such a way that me wearing a heel ought to be completely normal/acceptable/mundane. Very obviously I'm biased .... And it's not like I haven't worn attire that would attract mirth with me labelled as 'fashion victim'... But some of the outfits I see in shopping malls and in media, leads me to believe there are others out there pushing the idea of avant-garde much further than I might care to. Some critics might even describe them as simply bad taste. I couldn't be that unkind, even if I agreed. My wearing heels ought to be considered pedestrian, in comparison.
  7. Hi all

    I think there were problems with some of the guys coming onto the women members. Quite a few women left as a result. There is also the totally different perspective on heels and heel wearing. Where the guys tend to talk about whether or not they dare to wear them in public, it is a total non issue to the women. A bore. There are also a lot of guys on HHP who are clearly fetish oriented and that is going to be off putting to a lot, if not the overwhelming majority, of women who are highly likely to be purely fashion oriented. Then there is a fairly big CD contingent on HHP, and again this is off putting to a lot of women (and me too, for that matter) who would be looking for a pure fashion site to discuss heels and fashion, not guys dressing up in skirts and pantyhose. There would need to be some fundamental changes there for there to be an active female membership
  8. And men in heels are absurd?
  9. "Emperors new clothes"? Taking shabby chic waaay too far. I saw a couple of girls wearing not dissimilar jeans a couple of weeks ago, during a period it was really cold. The clever one was wearing leggings underneath, to keep her legs warm. Made the 'style' statement (old looking jeans) seem a bit ridiculous.
  10. Hi all

    I suppose women aren't exempt from getting older, nor from fashion moving on. 'Back then' in 2008 I suppose Louboutin was in the ascendancy and the fashion 'flutter' was the red soles shoes and how elegant they looked. I have met (but don't know her well) a girl who would back then buy a pair of Loubies every time she went on holiday abroad. She would sometimes wear them down the pub, but most pairs were kept as 'investments'. She seldom wears a heel now. I've said it many many times..... Woman wear a heel because they can. Unlike me they will likely be young enough to have an active social life and plenty of places to wear a heel if they choose to wear one. As women age, their feet get more sensitive, suffer long term damage ... Wearing a heel anywhere outside a bedroom isn't something they will find attractive forever. Fashion is moving a little away from a high elegant heel too. To my astonishment, I've noticed platforms have bounced back a little. Why? Possibly to keep girls/women in a heel? I've no doubt the girls who used to post at HHp in 2008 won't currently be enjoying the heels they used to wear back then. Even if they do still wear high heels, it's likely because there's a professional reason for them to continue, like they own a shoe business. I'm suggesting a woman's interest in high heels is transient. Perhaps 1 in 10,000 isn't, but I'm not going to know her. (Actually, I might know someone, but I've had no contact from her for 7 years.) Mrs Freddy knows someone who must be in her 80's, and is a woman never seen in flat shoes. These people are far from common place, and certainly won't be members of HHp. Like here, without new blood and encouraged new blood, eventually the enthusiasm of the core members will also fail. I'm not sure there's an answer for picking up numbers, or attracting them. PICTURES always help. Links to products .... Anyone using the internet is likely used to visual stimulation.
  11. I don’t get it either. Not only does it look trashy, but I would think it would be irritating to wear as well.
  12. Hi all

    Nobody posts in there at all hardly any more. Maybe once every couple of months at most.
  13. Not shoes ...... But in what world could these ever be considered worth £25? Or these US $38
  14. Hi all

    I haven't been a member there for .... 10 years! Things have changed .... I didn't know. As I remember, the Ladies Only section used to be quite busy with at least 2 commercial members able to provide details on products too. Ho-hum.
  15. Hi all

    There are female members on HHP but very, very few in number and I would not really call them active. The few that participate - only a couple - might post once every couple of months, or make three or four posts in a short span and not post again for years, if at all.
  16. Ebay And Shopping.

    Does seem to be the case.
  17. Hi all

    I think it's about 'critical mass', having enough traffic/posts for people to bother responding. Not that men wearing heels are particularly overt in their views/expression or activity (it seems to me). It's not called "staying in the closet" without good reason. The other aspect is that with possibly a single exception, this place targets men (only) as it's membership base, where HHp has a small but active female membership. It's more of a regular environment than say a 'gentleman's club' like this might be viewed. Also, activity (posts and or pictures) of cross-dressing men is not encouraged here. It still goes on, but it's not discussed or demonstrated here as it is at HHp. I wonder how popular it would remain if all CD activity on HHp was stopped? If it sounds like I might be a bit 'anti' about the cross-dressing, be assured, I am far from that. Farrrrrrrrrrrr from it. But they are some "outfits", even women (who the clothing may have been designed for) couldn't look good wearing them. Examples of clothing that shouldn't (IMO) be worn by anyone: A line skirts, and culottes. If you wanted to make an otherwise slim girl look like she's got disproportionately big hips, have her wear an A line skirt. If you want to make an otherwise long legged girl look like she has short legs, have her wear culottes. I'm old enough to have seen people with (what looked like) mild disabilities having shoes built up so each of their legs appeared and worked as if they were the same length (although they weren't in fact the same length). Platform shoes and boots that don't have a high rise, look like the shoes have been built up to hide/help a mild disability. Foe example: nice legs, shame about the (clumpy) shoes.... And the jacket looks (to be intentionally) a size too small.
  18. Ebay And Shopping.

    No shortage of stupidity in this world - or dishonesty, either. Glad it worked out for you...
  19. Hi all

    Indeed it is, I'm afraid. One tries to generate conversation but there are only a couple of us here who could be said to be active posters. Others come and go at great intervals. It would be great to get this forum up and going. it has a nice premise - guys who like to wear heels, as guys. Please do stay and post!
  20. Hi all

    Thanks @Shyheels and @FastFreddy2. Good to be here. seems this forum is much less active than the other?
  21. Celeb Outfits - Yes Or No?

    Next to the Chinese takeaway Beau Ling...
  22. Ebay And Shopping.

    Over a year later, I've had another problem ... Though someone in South London will have had a nasty surprise when they logged into their Ebay account this morning ...... I've done as suggested, and not bought any used shoes or boots. Sadly, a designer pair I bought at a shockingly cheap price in "new" condition, were delivered in a used condition. I approached the private seller about a return, and explained why. By way of mitigating their unwanted return, I had (generously I thought) offered to pay return carriage. Nope, the seller would not accept a return claiming they were unworn. I even sent a link to an identical pair offered for sale as 'worn twice', that were in better/less worn condition than those sent me as 'new'. Still, the seller would not agree a return!!?? The problem got escalated to Ebay to sort out. My pictures clearly showed the shoes needed work doing (repaired) before they could be used. Consequently Ebay decided in my favour and sent me a pre-paid returns label this morning. Not only will I get a full refund from Ebay, but now the seller will get charged by them for the return carriage costs, and have a strike on their seller record. Where does 'reluctant' turn into 'stubborn', or worse still, 'stupid'?
  23. Yesterday
  24. Celeb Outfits - Yes Or No?

    I left that one out for you to mention - although a rather 'Hackneyed' comment. Beau Thai runs a takeaway, I'm told.
  25. Celeb Outfits - Yes Or No?

    I’ve heard of Beau Bells, lives in the East End, I believe...
  26. Hi all

    Hello and welcome! Any help keeping the place 'lively', always a great addition.
  27. Celeb Outfits - Yes Or No?

    Sadly, me too. I think any government "income" should be means tested ..... It might cut down on the abuse. I don't agree with complete funding of anyone from overseas who claims 'asylum' either. So many times found to be abused, but a bit of a contentious view so I'll not speak of it further. .... Beau legs .... very good!
  28. Celeb Outfits - Yes Or No?

    His modern-day counterpart is 'Beau Nidle'. I've met several who would qualify for that epithet. I do not, but 'Beau Legs' might (alas ) be apt - a slight characteristic of which I only became aware when wearing my highest heels.
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