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  2. just looking back, seems a while since I last uploaded any pics



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  4. For some reason I suspect my neighbour took the parcel in but I cant prove it and don't seem to be type to steal mail. I never had a card left telling which neighbour took parcel. Good news is seller has opened a case with royal mail.
  5. By coincidence, I have this morning taken in a packet from Royal Mail for a near-neighbour, who was out. As I expected, I had to sign for it and my name and house number were recorded on the postman's hand-held device. If the record of your packet delivery is incomplete, I would suggest that this indicates either (a) that someone at or in the immediate vicinity of your flat accepted it and the postman treated it as properly delivered to your address, so no alternative address was entered; or (b) theft in transit (presumably by the delivery postman), which is rather unlikely. In either case, a false name/signature was given to cover this up. I do hope Royal Mail is able to establish the details and you will, at least, be compensated.
  6. I phoned Royal mail this morning and told them about the missing parcel. I now have a reference number and Royal mail will investigate this. The tracking does not show which house/flat number signed for the parcel.
  7. Then ask the seller to investigate with Royal Mail! And notify eBay of the non-receipt, which should in turn also tackle the seller. You should at least get your money back. Someone (possibly the postman) has apparently signed for the shoes - and you should be able to show that it wasn't you. If they were intercepted or stolen, it seems unlikely that whoever has (or had) them knew what the package contained until it was opened, so if useless they might have been dumped.
  8. Hi marcelheels here are two of the most popular shoes but there are many more on the site (around 15 different variants)
  9. The parcel was tracked. Have looked up using the tracking code and it being signed for. I ask my neighbours in my block of flats. I have 3 neighbours in my block of flats and they know nothing of this. Most of the time I get parcels left outside my door. Either signed for or not I don't know. It safe to do this. All I can think of that someone on another street that I dont know has taken my parcel. Not sure someone would want to steel a pair of high heels. I dont expect they be wanting a pair of high heels in a size uk9. I would have to be in to be able talk to the postman and I don't expect him to remember any details. Have looked up on the Royal Mail website on what to do if a parcel goes missing and it seems the sender has to do it.
  10. If this was a tracked postal delivery (letter post or parcel??), you should be able to find the delivery details without delay. If letter post and you have a regular postman, he might be able to remember details if you ask him - but maybe too long ago for easy recall. Good luck.
  11. i will try to find out the address to where the parcel was delivered. I think had to wait 10 days after the expected delivery date. So on Monday night I should able to ring the post office and find out what happened.
  12. Can't you establish with the carrier the address to which the parcel was delivered? Or maybe it was 'diverted' in transit (dishonest delivery man?) and the signature is a fabrication.
  13. Bought this pair from a seller on Ebay It seems this pair has gone missing in the post. I sent a message to the seller and she has responded with the tracking number. I don't recognise the surname or the signature. I have spoken to my neighbours and they don't know about this parcel. I don;t know what to do now
  14. Finally caught up with this movie on my TV box. God, it was dreadful. A CGI crapfest. Toy Story meets Suckerpunch with a shoe fetish subplot. No wonder it tanked at the box office.
  15. Very nice! What size and heel height are they?
  16. Been over a year since I bought a pair of heels. I keep looking on Ebay and other sites but found nothing that i liked until I found this pair
  17. This pic has been on the internet for some time, but is worth another airing. The boots are, I believe, from the erstwhile Omano range and have a heel of around 5.5". In my opinion, the overall look is well-coordinated, relaxed and masculine - although the straw hat might not appeal to all!
  18. As expected, went to the British Museum today, wearing heels of course. Took some pictures and video intending to include them, but not sure I'm going to. Was a great afternoon, with waay too much to see. I would think it might take a good week to just eyeball what is there, much less take in what there is to see. The biggest group of visitors today were Pacific rim, meaning Chinese and Japanese. Some American, some English, some Italian, some Spanish. (British tourist season.) I am too culturally ignorant to know whether this museum is unique in it's content, or whether the content is so unique people from half way around the world would visit the UK to see it. I vaguely remember (I think) reading somewhere, the UK has the largest collection of Egyptian relics outside of Egypt. If that is true, I can understand why people might travel here and take in a visit to the British Museum. Photographs don't really provide an indication of size and scale very well. An example of that, (not Egyptian specific) is the Easter Island statue. There is one, and it's reasonably large, yet smaller than I imagined. Conversely, the detail seen in some of the 3,000 year old Egyptian plates (wall plates used to depict historical events) is just incredible. Three dimensions provide a level of understanding of the skill involved, that I doubt a two dimensional image could ever do. Pictures aren't useless, but it's not hard to understand why seeing the 'real thing' face-to-face is so popular. And no entry fees for the main exhibitions!! I would recommend a visit, if the opportunity presents itself. As luck would have it, I found parking for free fairly straightforward. A short walk, and we arrived at the entrance. A couple there, sitting on a wall noticed my heels, with the woman nearly breaking her neck to stare at them as I walked past and around where she sat. They were not English, and maybe seeing a man in a heel was big news to them? They do a bag search on the way in, and this took no time at all. Once inside, I wanted to see what I think is the new(ish) main hall, that now has a stylish canopy, keeping the refreshment area light and dry. An hour or two of looking at Egyptian and Greek relics, had me quite thirsty, and just a little hungry. The 'cream tea', went for £5-50 a serving, which is a scone the size of half a house brick, jam and cream, together with coffee of tea. A bargain given hot liquid refreshment came in at £3-25. The cream tea was a no-brainer. By the time the huge cake was eaten (it really was too much), it was quite late and we only had time to visit the (closed) third floor restaurant to look down onto the main hall from a 30ft vantage point. It was impossible to ignore the grandeur of the building. (I was so proud, I nearly got a tear in my eye. ) All too soon the visit was over. Epilogue. Almost no-one had spotted my heels, though one or two inside had. No comments, no dramas, no adverse reaction I was aware of. All good. Except .... Un-bel-ievably, that couple we'd seen on the way in, were still sitting on the same wall as we left, more than 3 hours later. Yes, they looked again, and again I wondered how small their world must be, to find my footwear so interesting. I don't mind people noticing. I don't mind people looking, but staring? Just plain rude. Whenever people stare, I'm just a little embarrassed I'm not wearing prettier shoes. Ankle boots with slim heels, or some stiletto courts, rather than the sturdy and very very comfortable ankle boots I practically live in, when I'm out.
  19. Hello, and welcome. Nice boots. I was at the British Museum today ... If you'd have been free??
  20. Everyday pics of heels you're wearing?
  21. Hi. I've just joined. I live in London & love wearing 4 inch block heels. Would love to meet similar wearing guys!
  22. You are being too modest. I'm sure your coat is significantly older and more worn than mine.
  23. I bow to your superior (and possibly intimate) knowledge of such activity!
  24. Isn't that men with long coats looking for similarly dressed men, often if not always, some hours into the night?
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