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  1. I would agree that knee-length boots should be a perfectly acceptable fashion for men, although much will depend on the styling. A plain 'riding boot' with an almost flat heel should cause no adverse reaction (as Shyheels has found out) but is that what we really want? To my mind, the boot should be close fitting and worn over skinny (or at least straight/narrow) jeans/trousers - and with an almond or chisel toe to minimise the 'beetle-crusher' look. A stacked bock or cuban heel (say 2 - 2.5") would look less boring than a minimal flattish heel, but a higher heel could be fine if it wasn't too slim. I'm not sure about straps or decorations - probably a 'step' too far - and in the UK the same goes for cowboy boots unless they are not too fancy, no more than calf high and worn under jeans; this is not the Wild West! Something like these, perhaps?
  2. Not my style, but I can see why you like them and how they might harmonise. I do hope however that you will not be wearing them with the same sort of worker boots as the female model is wearing on the web page; her outfit as a whole rather suggests that she should be out buying fish in a wholesale market- only needing a flat cap! The Topshop website reveals there are some very nice ankle boots with moderate (Cuban) heels on offer at silly prices - but I guess the challenge will be finding any still in stock in the largest sizes. The (allegedly) 'latest' styles with slanting or other oddly-shaped heels are not nearly so wearable - where is fashion going?
  3. That must be worrying - although we don't know your age and general situation. Were you able to wear 'ordinary' (flat/boring) shoes during the period of swelling? Sane - are you sure?? HHP appears to have lost a number of stalwarts who seemingly fell foul of 'management'. But there are also a number of extremists whose activity perhaps puts others off as it is often difficult to identify comfortably with what they say and (allegedly) do.
  4. But surely some members can make a positive contribution rather than just sit back waiting for someone else to do so? I have contributed in the past but the seemingly minimal feedback (good, bad or indifferent) to my latter efforts did not encourage further significant investment of my time. That, however, should not be seen as a valid deterrent to others with a story to tell or an observation or adventure to report ... OVER TO YOU!
  5. Not quite true - and not very helpful either. Why not resume posting and see what happens?
  6. By coincidence, I have this morning taken in a packet from Royal Mail for a near-neighbour, who was out. As I expected, I had to sign for it and my name and house number were recorded on the postman's hand-held device. If the record of your packet delivery is incomplete, I would suggest that this indicates either (a) that someone at or in the immediate vicinity of your flat accepted it and the postman treated it as properly delivered to your address, so no alternative address was entered; or (b) theft in transit (presumably by the delivery postman), which is rather unlikely. In either case, a false name/signature was given to cover this up. I do hope Royal Mail is able to establish the details and you will, at least, be compensated.
  7. Then ask the seller to investigate with Royal Mail! And notify eBay of the non-receipt, which should in turn also tackle the seller. You should at least get your money back. Someone (possibly the postman) has apparently signed for the shoes - and you should be able to show that it wasn't you. If they were intercepted or stolen, it seems unlikely that whoever has (or had) them knew what the package contained until it was opened, so if useless they might have been dumped.
  8. If this was a tracked postal delivery (letter post or parcel??), you should be able to find the delivery details without delay. If letter post and you have a regular postman, he might be able to remember details if you ask him - but maybe too long ago for easy recall. Good luck.
  9. Can't you establish with the carrier the address to which the parcel was delivered? Or maybe it was 'diverted' in transit (dishonest delivery man?) and the signature is a fabrication.
  10. Very nice! What size and heel height are they?
  11. This pic has been on the internet for some time, but is worth another airing. The boots are, I believe, from the erstwhile Omano range and have a heel of around 5.5". In my opinion, the overall look is well-coordinated, relaxed and masculine - although the straw hat might not appeal to all!
  12. I bow to your superior (and possibly intimate) knowledge of such activity!
  13. There's always the Treasures of Tooting Common.
  14. As a matter of interest, what footwear were you wearing, and did your trousers provide cover or not? Having just returned from my own modest European holiday, I'm increasingly sympathetic to your disenchantment with overseas travel. Quite apart from having mediocre weather (mostly better at home last week, I understand), the aggravation and delay endemic in any air travel is no encouragement. I hate getting up at around 3am to go to the airport, endure all manner of inconveniences and then fly back over my own house some four hours later whilst crammed into a too-small seat. Whilst my break (weather aside) was fairly relaxing and enjoyable, I too can think of better ways to deplete my sons' inheritance.
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