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  1. Puffer

    Hi everyone - I´am new here

    Welcome to H4M! We shall be pleased to know more about you and your heel collection. Perhaps you could go out in your heels for a 'walk in the Black Forest'?
  2. Puffer

    Eurovision 2018

    Simply what I grew up with and (mostly) enjoyed! Time was when singers had a song with meaningful lyrics, delivered properly and (if needed) accompanied by professional musicians. Now, so many 'songs' are simply repetitive strings of words with little or no meaning and no discernible musical merit. Matt Monro was widely recognised as having a fine voice. Had he not died so young, he would surely have had a long-lasting international presence - much like SInatra (who was a fan). Now, where did I put my Alma Cogan 78s? Alas, the whole country has gone downhill since Grace Archer died. [Who?]
  3. Puffer

    Eurovision 2018

    Well, it sounds pleasant enough, but it doesn't do anything for me (known what armene?). I can't recall much on ESC that I've liked since the days of Matt Monro and Ronnie Carroll - not to speak of Brian Johnson, and Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson. But then little 'popular music' since c1970 appeals ...
  4. Puffer

    Maternity wear?

    Yes, presumably a joking comment - but could be otherwise for some of our esteemed members - no names!
  5. Puffer

    Maternity wear?

    There has been a lot of comment about the Duchess of Cambridge being smartly dressed on leaving hospital hours after her son was born. One such from a man in today’s Daily Mail (so it must be true ) reads thus: 'Like Kate, when I left hospital after the birth of my son, I wore a smart dress, nylons, high heels and make-up. I was disappointed my wife did not make any effort.' Anyone we know?
  6. Puffer

    Eurovision 2018

    Oh dear - a diary clash! I've kept that evening free to watch some paint dry - so I think I'll keep to that plan.
  7. Puffer

    Something special

    Yes - I recognise the 'Victoria' label now. The shoes she is wearing in the last pic seem to buck the trend for having set-back heels; they look to be set more forward than usual (although that was a style adopted in the earliest (mid-50s) stilettos). Stilettos should be in a mid-position (under the back of the wearer's heel) for both style and comfort!
  8. Puffer

    Something special

    Not sure who she is but she was wearing rather nice shoes on BBC breakfast TV this morning:
  9. Puffer

    Something special

    Emily is a pretty girl, but I do NOT like that asymmetric (yuk!) cutout in her dress. Her sandals are great, but marred by what appears to be a small platform - clumpiness clashing with delicacy.
  10. Puffer

    Something special

    Oh dear! I'm not so impressed with 'her' legs (and heels) now and propose to cross her off my next birthday party invitation list. There are many other candidates waiting. [My carer has just told me that I have been asleep, and dreaming in a disturbed manner. Have I missed anything? ]
  11. Puffer

    Something special

    I suggest that this correspondence should now cease, as: (a) we are unlikely to establish with certainty who/what he/she/it truly is; (b) even if we do, none of us is ever likely to see/meet/shag him/her/it; (c) there are plenty more fish (genetically modified or not) in the sea. Now for a cold shower, whilst counting my blessings (and ribs) ...
  12. Puffer

    Something special

    Are you sure? I'd never heard of HD and, looking at what is online, she doesn't seem to resemble much the pic I posted above - which seems to show a much more attractive and less artificial woman than HD's pics reveal. (And I doubt very much whether HD is '100% woman' - at least 10% of her is silicone!)
  13. Puffer

    Something special

    Did you find 'her' elsewhere? I couldn't.
  14. Puffer

    Something special

    I don't know who this is - and don't really care (unless she happens to live in the next street):
  15. Puffer

    London Shopping.

    Do you mean that the (national) Blue Badge scheme is being revamped, in terms of tighter control of issue/renewal and/or reduction in designated spaces? (My mother-in-law has a Blue Badge and there was no issue at last renewal.) I can understand tighter control (there is undoubtedly abuse) and of course parking of all types becomes more difficult as demand outstrips spaces. There was no direct challenge intended (re WC/SB etc) but a wish to establish your views. Others here might not have the same knowledge of London's geography or understand your departure from how Westfield describes itself. In any event, if you go back to my penultimate post, you will see that I was suggesting that WC would be the better location descriptor - despite the adjoining station being 'SB'. Either will do. Obviously, if approaching Westfield from the north, you do not venture into SB proper beyond 'WC'. If coming from the south (at least), you do first have the pleasure of navigating SB Green etc. And public transport is another matter ...