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  1. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I see that ASOS is doing these two styles of 'slides' in sizes to UK12. I like sandals but they both seem to combine clumpiness with being a tad too femme, so not for me.
  2. If they were men's or unisex-style boots and the heel was only (as stated) a 2" cuban , I would scarcely expect them to attract any special attention or comment. If they were of a more feminine design and/or the heel was significantly higher or thinner, then they would likely make an impression, if noticed at all, but not necessarily lead to comment. I have often worn my men's cuban-heeled boots like these, with a pointed toe and a 2.7" heel. I expect they 'registered' with some passers-by but I've never had any obvious looks or comments - except from my wife, who dislikes them!
  3. Members 1.6k Birth Sex: Male Country: Kent, England Posted just now These leather boots are being advertised on Etsy as '... hand embroidery custom made vintage over knee size men's boots. There is every size available. Boots height is over knee size, 58 cm, 23 inches. Heel height is 5 cm, 2 inches. Style is cowboy style.' The price is $269.00 and sizes up to USM11.5 are available. I'm not a buyer but showed them to my wife with a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that she bought me them for Christmas! Unsurprisingly, she was not amused and could not believe they were being offered as men's boots. I do wonder just how many 'cowboys' (or other men) would wear something like this, other than perhaps for a carnival or Pride parade?
  4. Welcome (or welcome back!), John. Why not let us have some more details of your footwear and outings - pics would be good!
  5. I haven't bought these (nor will I) but there are two new styles from ASOS that might appeal to some, especially as both are available up to size UK12. These leather boots (107933391; £80.00) have a block heel that looks at least 3", but with a rather thick sole and square toe. They do look a tad unbalanced - the whole boot (and wearer) seems to be leaning forward. These are also leather and wide fit (107933390; £70) and the round heel looks close to 4". Again, they have a thickish sole and a very square toe. They are also available up to UK13 in a standard width. If anyone buys either style, a review here would be interesting.
  6. Looks rather like it! Any attempt to get something going appears to fizzle out, although I'm sure the interest is still there - somewhere.
  7. How can anyone find the shoes to be either attractive or comfortable? Yuk!
  8. I agree with your analysis of the collection (and the models) but got totally bored watching more than a few minutes of that 'parade' so didn't spot the 'Crocs'. Where are they in the timeframe, please? I rate these as about the ugliest 'normal' shoes I have seen for a long, long time. But I expect they will appeal to some - am I right?
  9. I think you should be banned forthwith for posting an obscenity.
  10. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    ASOS has recently introduced this leather boot into its men's range, sizes UK5-13 (although 13 currently shown as not available), price £80.00 (although discounts often available). They are certainly not something I would wear - far too chunky - but no doubt will appeal to some male heel-wearers. No details stated for heel or platform height and no reviews yet.
  11. Cult-ish? I detect a spelling error - and no need for 'almost' either!
  12. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    The ASOS Kendra thigh boots https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-kendra-stiletto-thigh-high-boots-in-black/prd/12577026?colourwayid=16519460&SearchQuery=&cid=1931 (4.5 - 4.75" heel) are now on offer in sizes up to UK13 for £27.00. Be aware that most buyers say they run small, which seems to be the case with other ASOS Design footwear in larger sizes. The wide fit equivalent is also discounted to £31.50, but only goes up to UK9. New customers can try code ASOSNEWHERE for a further 15% discount (until 15 March).
  13. Yes, that is very much what I had in mind, along with artist's impressions or retouched 'glamour' photos advertising footwear that promised much more than could be delivered. The 1950s magazine adverts for many shoes and heroines in cinema posters provide good examples.
  14. You may be right about the bottle shape - no accounting for taste! Personally, I think it is tacky and dislike anything that sends up or exaggerates a high-heeled shoe, e.g. the 'artwork' showing an Amazonian woman in impossibly high heels. We spend much of our time desiring and championing high heels - and encouraging women as well as men to wear them - that anything which tends to ridicule or detract from them merely gives ammunition to the increasing number of people who now tend to eschew them. I rather like the image of Louboutin kicking himself - particularly if wearing a pair of his Hot Chicks!
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