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  1. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I spotted that apparent error too! But there seems to be confusion between two 'Cheryl' products - here is the other one (of knee length): https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-cheryl-high-heeled-quilted-knee-boots-in-black/prd/21051055?colourwayid=60136781&SearchQuery=cheryl Nice stilettos - just the thing to wear in a padded cell!
  2. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    If of interest, ASOS is offering 25 - 30% discounts until 24 Nov on these styles which are available up to UK13: Phoenix courts; Recite ankle boots; Cuba knee boots. And there are regular offers of further over-riding discounts too. Some sizes seem to be selling out however. I was asked by ASOS to give a review of my recently-bought Recite boots (which have had several satisfactory outings). I have yet to do so because I saw that no reviews were currently visible online. I queried this and ASOS says that it is making changes to its review mechanism but it should return shortly. When last seen, it was apparent that the larger-sized footwear has been well-received, with some buyers clearly being male. Encouraging all round!
  3. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    ASOS seems to be offering regular discounts (typically 20% or more) at present, so keep your eyes peeled (and your alarm clock handy) ...
  4. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    An unfortunate stereotype character, but certainly with some truth in it. One of the principal hallmarks of the 1980s Essex Girl (aka 'the 'Basildon Blonde') was an alleged fondness for white stilettos, thus stigmatising them in the minds of many women who would otherwise have liked to wear them, and some men who liked them on their women. Nothing wrong with white stilettos, and they do seem to have made (and still make) something of a comeback - on almost anyone except Essex Girls - and if they are good enough for Alexandra Shulman (former Vogue editor) ...
  5. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    ASOS has another offer until 8am GMT on Monday 2 November: 25% off shoes and accessories using code: ACCESSORIZE Some footwear has already been discounted up to 70%; this is in addition. There may be some exclusions; I haven't checked. The Recite boots (up to UK13) are currently discounted by 30% to £21.00, so presumably can be bought for £15.75! And the Cuba knee boots (also up to 13) are £30.00 (instead of £40.00) so presumably £22.50. Fill yer boots, blokes!
  6. Again, Freddy, I do not disagree with you - nor do I have any interest in championing the Tring business. What you say makes sense from the economic perspective if returns etc are difficult or expensive, if not impossible. However, if you dig a little deeper into the eBay site, you will see that (despite the absence of contact details and a stated returns policy where they should appear) the seller (apparently one 'Paula') does say that 'In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with your heels when you receive them, we promise to refund you if you return them unused, in the original packaging with 30 days of receipt.' That would appear to permit a refund simply because the buyer changes his mind. And there is the usual eBay/PayPal protection too, if needed, if any misdescription or quality issues arise. Paula also says this: 'This eBay store started through my own personal love affair with ultra high heels. With over 20 year's experience in all things stiletto and beyond, I simply adore wearing heels. Over the last few years, I have partnered with a number of fabulous boutique high heel makers, and have hand sourced a growing number of stunning, uniquely styled heels, many of which I also own and enjoy wearing every day.' So, there are no claims other than being a re-seller with established contacts, including those able to custom-make if required. I will leave it to others to consider a purchase, or not. But any feedback from members would be helpful.
  7. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I reported recently in respect of my ASOS 'Recite' boots (size UK13) that: '... I did experience some discomfort in the tips of my big toes - presumably my feet were being pushed forward into the otherwise quite roomy rounded toeboxes - and this lasted for some time after I took them off. Not an uncommon problem; maybe a little padding (e.g. foam) inside the toebox will help. I do think that a more pointed toe would be more comfortable, as well as (to me) better-looking.' There followed some useful discussion regarding wearing 'gel' toe protectors (caps) to alleviate this, but choice and availability posed a minor problem if I wasn't going to waste time or money. I then saw these on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08BXPG2F6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 which looked promising and were very reasonably priced at £1.79 for 5 pairs. As I had another item to obtain, I included these as an 'add-on' and they arrived very quickly. As the reviews suggest, these gel caps are quite large but, although I'm not a giant, they fit my big toes perfectly. I put them on both big toes, with socks over, and they certainly seemed to make the boots comfortable during an indoor trial. This morning, I was able to venture outside thus dressed and I think the problem is solved - a round-trip of about a mile's walk to a shop produced no discomfort and the boots themselves are fine. I wore bootleg jeans which conceal most of the 4" heel but, if walking quickly, climbing stairs or sitting down, then obviously more of the heel will be revealed than I might wish, so some discretion will be needed when I go out again. I say 'when' because I now have few qualms about wearing them in public in 'sensible' situations and locations. In saying that, I fully understand that many other men go public in higher or slimmer heels (and perhaps on more obviously feminine footwear), but, for me, this is a further step in the right direction - literally.
  8. Do I detect a mild note of disapproval and caution, Freddy? I do not challenge your findings and it does look as though the 'business' is little more than a re-seller. But I suppose that people are happy enough to buy there (at an inflated price) if it minimises or eliminates some shipping/import charges. And, if comprehensive and truthful, the customer feedback is good. One seemingly interesting point (although I have not explored it further in detail) is that what appear to be true UK sizes are quoted, and often include 12, 13, 14. From looking at a number of Chinese suppliers' listings, the claimed size equivalents often appear very dubious - particularly for larger sizes where e.g. a UK11 would normally be 12" yet the Chinese claim that a shoe (say) 0.5" shorter is an 11 - and there is nothing available that is a true 11, regardless of description. Maybe this seller does have some influence with the factories regarding sizing and/or bespoke footwear? As always, caveat emptor.
  9. As is so often the case, I came across this supplier's eBay website by chance: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/highestheels/m.html?item=254367044844&hash=item3b397514ec%3Ag%3AGOoAAOSwdOxdh0zE&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 I know nothing of this 'Highestheels' business (based in Tring) but it does have a wide range of footwear, including some with very high heels (and a refreshing lack of platforms), and many are available in large sizes (above UK10). I'm not likely to be a customer, but does anyone know anything about the quality and service - it does have good feedback?
  10. Women playing football (or somesuch)? Whatever next?
  11. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    There does seem some doubt about the Amazon ones fitting big toes, although at least one user has done so. I will look more widely - and thanks for the offer if I can't locate anything.
  12. Oh my! And there's me thinking (as a reader for many years) that those who take, and write to, the DM are surely some of the most intelligent and fair-minded people in the country! (Leave aside the surprising number of correspondents with overseas addresses whose opinions are invariably useless.) After all, you and I have occasionally put the world to rights there, innit?
  13. I didn't previously know who he is, but his pics (in heels) have been widely shown elsewhere on the web. An interesting find and linked article, although very few of the DM comments seem to be supportive. Whether any of the shoes shown were actually the 5" that he claims to prefer is open to doubt, but his overall look (If one accepts the basic idea of a man in skirts and heels) is well-structured and quite attractive.
  14. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I am, as always, in your debt, Freddy. You are probably right that the synthetic upper is not so yielding but I will persevere. A brief trial with a fabricated bubble-wrap 'toe wrap' seemed encouraging but a ready-made one is obviously better. I know 'Savers' but no branch near me (although I might get my valet to trawl the area). These from Amazon seem effective and are economical: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BHHCK22/?coliid=I17XEK1YEHSXSM&colid=2L1NFKKCQ245H&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it so may well be included in a forthcoming order. Meanwhile, for those tempted, here is an ASOS discount open until 8am on Wednesday: quote BIGVIBE for 20% off everything. (I hope that doesn't mean that a 5" heel is reduced to 4"!)
  15. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I am reminded of a Desperate Dan story in the 'Dandy' from more than 60 years ago where he melted down his toenail clippings to make drill-bits for rock-boring! But what would you expect from a man who shaved with a broken bottle and a blowlamp (ouch!)? But I do not suggest that Freddy (or his toenail) is quite so tough as that! That gel protector looks interesting, if rather pricey for a single item (although I assume it is re-usable?). I see there are similar items elsewhere, e.g. eBay, and I will investigate further. As an experiment, I think a home-made 'sleeve' from foam or bubble wrap is worth trying. It is not easy to ascertain the reason for the toe-impact in the Recite boots. They are not too small in length, but equally not too large, and I think it is a combination of my foot sliding forward (because of the high heel) and meeting the relative hardness of the faux suede upper toebox, which I imagine will give a little with wear. Perhaps the necessary 'give' will be achieved by wearing a toe protector for a while.
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