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  1. Not quite the right description
  2. Afraid that's all there was available, one picture.
  3. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-relationships/man-in-heels-experiment?cid=socSL_20150320_42397956&adbid=578737785848225795&adbpl=tw&adbpr=25087685
  4. shyguy

    My Collection

    Like the middle pair, but all three look good.
  5. Recently one of my daughters bought some jelly sandals, which reminded me of a heeled pair I had some years ago and made me want some. I kept hinting to mrs Shyguy when wshe was shopping but she wouldn't buy them for me. Recently we went to Primark and I was looking at their offerings and liked a pair of sandals for £2 so I put them in the wifes basket despite protestations from her (although my youngest daughter was all for it). a bit of fun but not great obviously for £2. In heel wearing news I recently tested the waters to see if I was still "into" wearing heels, and after an afternoon of trying a few found a renewed interest. Which lead to a dog walk in my Asda hidden heel trainers on Saturday morning. A nice comfortable shoe for a walk although my lack of practice meant my calf muscles hurt after a while, felt good though and easy to walk in a relaxed manner despite a fairly thin and higher than I am used to now heel.
  6. I noticed that too, but he is known for wearing heels on stage too. Did look good though.
  7. Nice write up as usual Freddy. We saw the Edge of Tomorrow on a Sun + preview ticket a couple of weeks ago, it is a great film. Shame about the seat kickers though, it is very annoying when that happens, and more so when you had such a nice evening planned. Shoes look incredible too, well done making your way to the cinema in them much Kudos.
  8. We stayed at the city centre, in a hotel in the High Street
  9. The only heel related item was this River Song Display
  10. You don't die seven times every time you get on a motorbike, honest. I've not died at all and I've ridden several times. :-)
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