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  1. I have dozens of heels I need to get rid of. Kind of went a little over board through the years. Contact me if interested. Very fair pricing. Mail to US only.
  2. I wear heels like I was born in them. Work, On my motorcycle, walking around town, shopping, going out to dinner with my wife. etc etc.
  3. My next pair of motorcycle riding Boots. Yes pants will be tucked in I think these are soooo cool looking!!! 30eb1894603de6795bdfd1b505fa8b01.webp
  4. I always move over and respect you guys.
  5. Good question. My GF is very supportive and if were up to her, I'd be wearing heels all day everywhere we go. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones. She say's its a real turn on for her when I wear heels and loves shoe shopping with me.
  6. I love the round toe stack heel cut outs. These are my favorite
  7. For those of you that are a little afraid , embarrassed, or just not confident enough to wear heels in public yet, This is what I have discovered through years of experience. #1, When wearing heels in public, just be you. Don't worry about what anyone else say's or thinks. Don't turn around to see if you are being noticed. Walk with 100% self esteem. Most people don't even notice and if you walk with confidence as if its your everyday lifestyle, most people won't even care and the ones that do, have their own low self esteem and issues anyway. #2 Its like everything else that people see for the 1st time WOW!, But the second and 3rd time the WOW goes away and it becomes "NORMAL" when they see it again. #3 Just something to think about. I own my own in house business with a few employees, Sewing and custom embroidery. The 1st thing I do when I hire a new girl is tell her why all the high heel paraphernalia , little posters, pics, shoe ornaments etc. is hanging around the shop. That's starts the discussion. So far I have had 100% good feedback and actually asked , why aren't I wearing my heels today. Customers don't even notice mush and they really don't care after all, That's not what they are here for. They love my work and could care less about what's on my feet. So to sum it all up, Most people do not care if you wear heels or not and the ones that have a problem with it, Remember, its their problem, not yours. Because if you can't be you, than who can you be? Hope this helps a little.
  8. Half mine, half my gf's, They have sense been dusted off lol
  9. I own 2 Harleys, My GF and I ride all over the country. My 2019 ultra has over 40,000 miles on it already and I will say. 90% of those miles were while wearing heels of some sort.
  10. When I am asked, why are you wearing womens shoes?, I always answer , They're not womens shoes, they're mine.
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