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    According to the Goldhawk Road Gazette, the police were looking for a man who had been reported as acting furtively in several shoe shops '... whilst brandishing a stiletto...' and walking unsteadily.
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    That's a pretty silly screw up. Business partnerships are always fraught. A good rule of thumb - never go into business with a friend, not if you value the friendship
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    Indeed, a friend of mine who was born and raised in the hot tropics actually does get out the jumpers when the temperature drops to 25C. And I remember once myself after many months in a searingly hot desert (45-52C each day) dreaming of places in the world where the high for the day would be a chilly 25C...
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    The sandals look a little large on her, and combined with that set-back heel, it looks somewhat as if she is about to walk out of them!
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    Demure? She looks about as exclusive as a mailbox
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    I definitely want to get out in my new wedge sandals now it's warmed up. I had a short foray in them last week, driving to pick up a takeaway, but must try them seriously with light trousers before wearing them for the flight next week. While I'm becoming less and less worried about the heels showing, I want to make sure how they will behave so far as the trouser bottoms tucking under my heels goes. Showing off a four inch slim heel is OK in small doses, but I don't want it happening all the time!
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    From Prince Charming to his Cinderella
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    Hail here. Nice otk boot-wearing weather for those of us sitting at desks in chilly rooms! I once had a good friend who played on a prominent women's basketball team - one of the top-rated teams in the US at the time (40 years ago). They were tall. Seriously tall. I remember going out for ice cream once with my friend (she was a striking 6'1" redhead) and some of her team mates (two gorgeous blonds who were both 6'3" and a brunette who was 6'5") I felt a bit like I was a little kid being taken out for ice cream by my big sister and her friends.
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    I'm not altogether fussy whether they are truly 'ladies' - but any female in heels is welcome company, and (being tall), I'm perfectly amenable to my companion being likewise. I did once have a few outings with a very presentable female who was 6'0" in her bare feet and, in modest heels, just about the same height as me; an interesting experience and by no means unpleasant. ('So, you went out with Puffer - how could you stoop so low?') Yes, a stroll along the Prom in Nice was enjoyed during my half-day there, some 10 years ago. Don't be put off cruising by the thought that it is pretentious or unduly luxurious and expensive. It can be (on certain ships and itineraries) but it is perfectly possible to have a week's cruising in warm Med waters, for example, for £500 - all inclusive apart from drinks - and even less if a late booking or other deal comes up, as it often does. (You don't really believe that I 'push the boat out' on my annual holiday, do you?) I do recall an event on board much as Shyheels mentioned; I forget the port in question. The harbour was small and not too easy to enter and the master had not berthed there before, as he admitted when announcing our impending arrival. But he made a perfect entry, controlling the vessel from an auxiliary position on one side, midships, where he could judge everything more easily - and deservedly got a round of applause from those of us watching the exercise. As he left the controls and passed me, I couldn't resist saying (in best Tony Hancock manner): 'Nice parking, squire - you've obviously done this before.' He had the decency to thank me!
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    I was on the bridge of a ship a few years ago, in Helsinki, and watched the captain neatly parallel park his 300-foot vessel along the wharf, tucking it in between two giant Baltic ferries. It was the neatest piece of parking I have ever witnessed.
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    Being tall with some sporadic back pain, I require anyone shorter to wear heels when in my company for the reason you suggest. Yes, forget about parking anywhere in the Green City of Brighton & Hove, especially within tottering distance of the seafront. I've been to Nice and I think parking is indeed easier and cheaper there - certainly, my cruise ship had no mooring problems!
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    I have some otk suede boots with 7cm block heels and they certainly relieve back spasms when I wear them. It's nice.
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    Just got those sandals. REALLY comfortable - I can see myself putting in some miles in them. The heels are narrow but quiet. Just one problem, as with a lot of slingbacks, is that my trouser hems catch under my heel as I walk, so the whole heel of the sandal is exposed! Perhaps I just need to wear shorts and be done... Anyone got a solution apart from attaching elastic to the inside of my trousers and stretching it round the heel? Story? Ah yes: We were going to New York and at Security I was told that women needed to take high heels off but men didn't need to remove their shoes. (That wording.) The lady member of staff told me that I didn't have to take my heels off 'this time'. I'm absolutely sure she hadn't noticed my concealed heels as they were completely covered by my trousers and are the most 'flat'-looking heeled boots I've ever seen. If my wife hadn't been with me I'd have showed her my boots - she was amazingly jovial for one of her kind and I'm sure she'd have enjoyed the joke. Anyway, I thought discretion was best so I took them off and tiptoed through the arch. I was really glad of them in the airport the other end. We were queuing for over an hour to go through their security and my back would have been killing me after just a few minutes of standing around. No one has ever commented on my heels, let alone ask why I wear them, but I have a true reason apart from just loving them: flat shoes make my back really ache if I'm standing or walking around - heels are an instant cure (if I change) and prevention (if I have them on from the start).
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    I don't know about travelling to the US but I fly a lot to other places around the globe and generally it is only those who are wearing boots (of any description) who are required to remove them. In some places, such as Australia, you do not even need to do that. Should you have to remove your sandals, I don't see any problem or need for a spare pair.
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    I shall look forward to your reviews. It is odd, when you think about it, that heels should be the big taboo that they are, especially since they were originally considered masculine.
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    Had a terrific outing yesterday. propping up the bar and rocking out in the crowd at Camden Underworld in 5" stiletto boots. i spent the entire evening at the gig wearing them, changing into them immediately on arrival. i quite amazed myself actually, negotiating the hardwood floors & a flight of steps down to the stage area whilst carrying two full pints!!! In no way would the heels have gone unnoticed but no comments or 'looks' came my way. No pointing or or snickering going on either as far as I could tell, even when standing at the urinals in them, the boots fully exposed at that point due to my jean bottoms getting 'hitched up' on the decorative strap/buckles! in those places, people just really don't care what others are doing. I was more concerned about what my drinking buddy thought about it than what all those strangers were thinking. Of course, my buddy being a decent chap, he had no issues with it whatsoever - and it's not the first time he's seen me 'heeling'. So, to those of you desperate to wear heels in public but still 'hiding away', just get yourself to a rock gig and start living your life!
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    oh, and there's guaranteed to be some gorgeous foreign totty on show, many of them in stilettos
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    On Tuesday, I had to travel to just north of Hastings to pick up some special tiles for a building refurb. I decided to drop into Hastings for a couple of hours afterwards before going on to deliver the tiles etc. I know the town but only go there occasionally; like many seaside towns (notably Margate), it has seen better days and still has its fair share of run-down property and unemployment but there are signs of a renaissance. (Usual disclaimer: other investment opportunities are available.) I parked, as usual, about half a mile north of the town centre where free street parking is available for two hours and walked into the centre. I was wearing my ‘cowboy boots’ (pic below) under ordinary-length straight-leg jeans. They have a 2.75” slim block heel and are both comfortable and discreet, although the fact that I was wearing a ‘high heel’ (by men’s standards) would have been pretty obvious to any onlooker and I expect that I was spotted, although I detected no adverse reaction. An hour or so in the town centre was sufficient; there are only a few shops that are worth a look. New Look had a fair selection of more fashionable styles, including a number of sale bargains with some as cheap as £3 and a sprinkling of larger sizes (up to UK9) and wider fittings. I was about to leave when two men (30s) wandered into the ladies shoe section and started to look round One of them had long hair tied back in a bunch and appeared to be wearing some make-up, although not otherwise of a particularly feminine appearance or camp in manner. Whether he found something nice to wear, I don’t know; there was certainly nothing that would have fitted me. The other shop I visited, Diechmann, has a limited range of women’s shoes up to size Eu44 but, regardless of size, nothing remotely exciting. It was too early for lunch so, after an uneventful stroll back to the car, I drove on towards the north Kent coast, stopping briefly at Morrisons in Canterbury for fuel and a few necessities in the supermarket – notably including the very good value £3 ‘meal deal’: a tasty help-yourself ‘medium’ salad, drink and pastry. With a little planning, it is surprising how much assorted salad can be crammed into the plastic box and I was certainly ready for what was now a late lunch! I was still wearing the boots and again got no reaction. Maybe I was half wanting someone to notice and indicate surprise, curiosity, approval, disgust or whatever …? All in all, a minor and uneventful excursion. Encouraging it its way and perhaps prompting something a little more daring in the future.
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    Well I dont know what to make of these! might go down well in Somerset at the moment!