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    I do agree that the prominence of the 'legs' item in the DM was ill-judged, given the significance of the occasion. But, in difficult times - Brexit, Westminster - a tongue-in-cheek diversion can help to retain the public's sense of proportion and help us all to 'keep calm and carry on'. TM stands out as much for her height and slightly gawky gait as for her clothing choices. She makes an effort and generally looks smarter than many of her contemporaries.
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    The Daily mail headline was crass because it was crass - because it reduced the lead story of the day to an adolescent guffaw at a silly word play and to the shoes and legs of the women in the photo, not the important constitutional issues which they were discussing. As far as what they were wearing being worthy of comment - sure. An inside column noting their respective styles and body language would have been worthwhile, but that's not the lead story, nor should it be the front page headline, still less expressed in such a sophomoric way. On the side of the Daily Mail, it is worth noting the vast number of column inches the self-righteous writers of Guardian devoted to Theresa May's leather trousers not too many weeks ago, and their disapproving coverage of her recent appearance in American Vogue magazine. I suppose the Guardian writers believe it is all right when they do it because they are, after all, the Guardian and so by definition it would be impossible for them to do anything sexist or non-PC. I would also add that for all the umbrage expressed by certain female columnists and politicians, and the idea that men would never be subjected to that kind of personal scrutiny - men are subjected to it too. There is just much less of a hoo-ha by the 'victims' when it happens. President Obama, for example, was castigated last year for having the temerity to wear a brown suit, instead of black or navy blue. David Cameron's hair, and Boris Johnson's too, regularly receive comment. In terms of worthy commentary, I would say Theresa May is to be commended for her dress sense - she is happy to push the boundaries of what is considered 'susceptible' for women in their 60s by wearing thigh boots and leather trousers as and when she feels like it. And she manages to carry off the look. That speaks of self confidence, strength of character and a willingness not to blindly follow the herd - good attributes in a politician or a person and worthy of comment.
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    Four left feet and four tin ears.
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    To be honest, when I am wearing my dark grey boots and my dark grey jeans one would have to look twice to register that I am wearing boots. They are extremely comfortable and I generally forget I have them on.
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    Pleaser Domina leather (not synthetic!). 5.5 inch heels. My favourite stilettos.
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    Indeed, the definition of OTK is interesting. As Freddie points out, the term 'thigh boot' has definite sexual connotations, to say nothing of the boots themselves and so OTK has been embraced by high street retailers. And why not? They want to shift stock, move boots and over-the-knee is a far more agreeable term in a suburban, high street, non-fetish environment. The movie Pretty Woman is more than 30 years old now yet it still casts a long, long shadow over the sales of over-the-knee and thigh boots. Over-the-knee boots (at whatever height up the thigh) are much in vogue this year, as they were last year as well, and if you read any fashion column or blog about this enduring fashion trend that movie is almost certain to be referenced somewhere in the piece - typically high up and generally in the paragraph where the author reassures her readers that they needn't fear looking like Julia Roberts ("Vivian") in Pretty Woman if they give in and buy themselves a pair of these trendy boots and then giving them advice on how to tone down the sexiness, and what works and doesn't work. Apparently Brokeback Mountain exerted a similar negative impact - for a while anyway - over the sales of cowboy boots. But nothing like the enduring power of Pretty Woman! My own boots come an inch or two over the knee - the classic OTK boot. But being pull-ons they slouch slightly and so they really come to just barely above the top my knee cap. Both pairs are suede - one dark brown, one grey. I was reluctant to get smooth black leather - at first - because I really wanted to steer clear of any suggestion of fetish (I guess I was leery of the Vivian effect too) I am more comfortable with wearing OTK boots now - totally at ease in fact - and so have plans to pick up a pair in black calf. These will be slightly lower still - 52 cm shafts instead of 58 or 60 as my other two are. With ankle zips they shouldn't slouch though. When I wear them I make a point of dressing casually but neatly - jeans and jumper, nice shirt, generally sober colours, nothing flamboyant. A simple masculine look that avoids dandiness as well as androgyny. Thigh boots never really appealed to me, let alone crotch boots. They are far too fetishy for my tastes.
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    Yes, indeed, OTK boots are extremely fashionable right now. I suspect at some level they owe their popularity to the hint of raffishness they offer - a little more daring than ordinary knee boots but without the dreaded Vivian effect of the thigh boot. A naughty-but-nice median, especially when in softer materials like suede and in greys or earth tones. Wearable anywhere. Why any boots have open toes is a mystery to me - and not one I am the least interested in solving. I'd prefer they just vanished from view. No sense and not very appealing - a double whammy. I have a couple of pair of OTK boots - one in dark brown suede, one in dark grey suede, both pull-on styles with flattish heels. I wear them a lot, and not just for their ease in getting them on, although that is a big plus in my book. I have plans to get yet another pair, in soft black calf. Very nice looking and useful boots, these over-the-knee styles..
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    And a new fashion trend is born. Actually, from the style sense, it makes sense. It's probably quite a balanced look.
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    Before I posted I wrote and asked them if they were going to re-stock and they said they were going to, this week. I really like them. They are classic rock-chick jeans only made of (slightly stretchy) PVC instead of denim. Classy. Not cheap, no, but worth it (to me). I wear mine with jumpers and trendy Converse trainers, to dress-down the hard shiny PVC look. Nothing fetishy, more funky bohemian.