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    Them's very slim legs. Obviously owned by a vegan basketball player. Mine, not so much ..... But still 'baggy' around the calves.
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    Over time, I have amassed quite a few negative responses (red arrows)..... Nearly 85,000 in fact. The great bulk of those negative arrows from calling DM responders "knuckle-draggers", or "flat-earthers" when they support the notion cyclist should be seen as legitimate targets for motorists. I suppose 85000 negatives sounds a bit bad? Like I might be some sort of cycling troll? I do have some green ones too. Currently almost 573,000, so not all bad.
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    Not dreaming, but the videos you have been watching of a high heeled walker on a treadmill, were not made at Maison Freddy. Tall people on the treadmill..... I would like to own some of the shoes seen in the original videos however....
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    I agree that the moulded plastic heel tips commonly found on so many (women's) shoes are unduly noisy and don't wear too well. (And I've never found a source of them as replacements either, even by searching trade sources. Too many variations in size and peg-location, perhaps? What do cobblers use as replacements, I wonder? Or are shoes with such worn-out heels usually abandoned?) I'm probably not suggesting anything new to you, but I have found that one straightforward technique for tip replacement on block heels is to fit a piece of softwood into the hollow heel. It can be quite easily shaped to be a rough push fit and flush with the underside and will not usually require any adhesive to secure it. A suitable piece of rubber (possibly salvaged from some otherwise worn-out men's heels, or cut from a sheet of heel material) can then be stuck and/or nailed to the wood and further shaped to the right profile if necessary. Nailing gives extra security, particularly on any heel less than 25mm or so across; brass gimp pins (about 12mm) are ideal as they will wear with the rubber.
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    For what it's worth, I don't think wearing 'suede' or fabric shoes outside is prudent. I know others do, but I don't and it's not like I don't wear high heel out whenever I get the chance. I am always mindful of getting unwanted attention. A high heel worn by a man is risky enough. The sound, and change in gait are 'tells'. Materials, also (potentially) garner unwanted attention. I would recommend sticking to leather or fake/faux leather. I know something of your personal circumstances, and the 4" heels are not worth the trouble they might bring. The Chelsea boots would be acceptable anywhere. However, if you are not comfortable wearing them, they would be a bad purchase. I had a look at the Recite, and while they have a more interesting heel, they appear to be suede or suede. Again, this will tempt attention you probably don't want. Ankle boots are becoming more and more a staple, and if ASOS are getting into larger sizes, it will only be a matter of time until you get a boot you feel comfortable in, with an adequate heel that looks 'manly' enough to escape criticism. No such animal exists for me though. I like to feel like I'm wearing a heel, which means it's going to be too high to be considered masculine. (It's a cross I have to bear. )
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    If they’re not ticking the right boxes then I’d send them back - almost is not good enough when you could save the money and spend it on something that is good enough. I do like the sound of the Recite boots - a four inch heel and a round toe is right up my street!
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    Here are a few pics of ASOS boots - sorry about the poor quality but I have difficulty in taking them. More to follow, I hope.
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    20% discount on ASOS this evening (7 - 9pm) only, if of interest: *Enter code BEQUICK20 at checkout to receive discount. Ends 9pm BST on 24 September 2020. Code can be used multiple times per customer up to a maximum pre-discount spend of £500 per order. Can't be used with other promo codes or on gift vouchers, delivery charges, Premier Delivery or ASOS Marketplace. Only valid on orders delivered to UK and Ireland. Selected marked products excluded from promo.
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    Nice boots! Where did you get them, and what size please? The heel doesn't look that high - I'm guessing about 3.5", but the pic may be deceptive. Although not exactly discreet, I suggest that this is the look - simple and uncluttered - that we all think should be truly unisex:

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