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  1. Golly, a UK size 46 would be impressive. Not a fan of square toes either but it is nice to see a new producer
  2. Well these boots certainly look nice! Good luck with them
  3. Yes, those are very nice looking boots. With one exception, I have chunky heels on all of my boots - they are wearable, comfortable and when worn with jeans and a jumper present a solid look that is unexceptional - in the right way - and just blends in. I'm not a fan of anything made in China - for lost of reasons, quality and inconsistency being but two of them.
  4. I guess I meant, why make up a story? Just say they’re for you. It isn’t just a choice of fabricating an excuse to buy a pair of heels, or being remote and secretive. As you say, she gave you a conspiratorial smile. You could have smiled right back and said Yup! Who knows where the conversation would have gone. Maybe nothing more than another smile, but you could have swanned out of the shop , with your parcel tucked under your arm, as though you owned the place.
  5. I keep mine in my wardrobe - I don't have many - half a dozen pairs - but since they are tall boots (and a large size) they take up a fair bit of room!
  6. Why explain? Leave her wondering. You'll never see her again and anyway, it's none of her business.
  7. It certainly had possibilities, that scene. I take an UK11.5 or 12 so that is never going to happen with me. I am fortunate enough to have a couple of pair of very nice understated custom boots which fit wonderfully
  8. That does sound funny - was she not aware that you'd selected a pair of heels? Trying on in store is simply not an option for me - they simply would never have anything big enough.
  9. Hello! Nice to see someone new on the forum!
  10. I do not think there will be any reviving this forum. I’ve tried, but it’s no good. Fruitless. Doesn’t work.
  11. I suspect that if his post didn’t even appear for two months, let alone be responded to, he’s probably gone by now.
  12. We much prefer it. But then we've been doing this for quite some time anyway and have pair for a year's delivery anyway. My wife has an essential job - she sources PPE for various emergency services.
  13. I have my butler go on line and order - or rather he tells the housekeeper who instructs the senior footman and the senior footman instructs the junior footman. Specify no substitutions. It's beluga or its nothing. The groceries are delivered to the gatekeepers house and he informs the chauffeur who comes down to collect it and make the long drive back up to the main house, dropping it off at the servant's entrance, by the rear garden, where the sous chef sees to the storage and putting away. Or so they tell me. I've not enquired further, just so its done...
  14. Why would you not use the delivery services? We use them regularly, and did before the Coronavirus outbreak, and have found them to be a great convenience and, in the lockdown, a great way to avoid mingling. I am quite certain that the only risk I have taken since this began was my trip to Asda. My only other outings, on my bicycle rides, all take place long before dawn on empty country lanes.
  15. My work has dried up big time - no possibility of assignments with international travel locked down. We get our food delivered mostly. I had to go out to our local Asda yesterday and it was a zoo. Nobody paying the least attention to maintaining distance and separation, neither shoppers nor staff. It was like nobody cared or believed any of it. I am luck as far as exercise goes as I can go out in the lanes on my bike - which I do. It is the only outing I make, except for my one shopping trip yesterday. So far staying healthy.
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