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  1. No, I think the first six points covers it pretty well!
  2. I know a woman, a friend of mine, who is very adept in heels and even she hesitates to wear the Hot Chicks - although this may be because she is a perfectionist and anything short of gliding perfectly would be anathema to her.
  3. I am woefully ignorant of celebrities and pop culture... How on earth do these people manage to pop up out of nowhere - often with little or no talent (I am not speaking here about Ms Ors as I've no idea about her taken) - and manage to become celebrity icons with their pictures in magazines and, presumably, healthy bank balances? What am I doing wrong?
  4. Doesn't exactly go for the demure look does she? The Hot Chicks look like they would be a major challenge to walk in well...
  5. As you say...PVC! She seems to like her heels too! But who is she? I have never heard of her. People seem to become famous for being famous...
  6. I wear base layers for cycling in winter - I go out year round when I am not travelling. I am fortunate in having been given several pairs to review over the years so I am well stocked with sheer merino. Never heard of Rita Ora. Clearly she likes her PCV. I tone down the look when I wear mine - long linen shirts or jumpers, canvas trainers, more "boho" than anything else. But the addition of merino base layer underneath would be a very good idea!
  7. Never thought of leggings...Doh! I have some lightweight merino base layers which would do the trick nicely... This Rita certainly knows how to wear PVC...
  8. A lesson learned in the home office this week - wearing PVC jeans when it is chilly is not so much fun!
  9. I take very good care of my boots - all if my things, really. I buy well and make them last. I have a pair if mountaineering boots bought in 1999 and used a lot (although not much in recent years) and they still have loads of wear left in them. I expect that my otk boots will probably see me through the rest of my days. I will add a couple pair over the years I expect, but I would rather have few pairs and wear them regularly / make them mine, personal to me, so to speak
  10. My thinking was to buy only a couple pair, but go really nice. Instead of many pair. Variety is nice, of course - I understand why people buy lots of boots - but there is something quite nice, not to mention comfortable, about custom made. An investment, yes definitely.
  11. The surcharge might seem steep for sizes above 45, but they have to draw the line somewhere and although it isn't mentioned on the site (I just happen to know this) some of the styles are available up to a size 54 and so while the price jump to a 46 might seem steep if that was your size, if you happened to wear a 52 you'd find it a bargain.
  12. Yes there's really no attractive term for imitation or synthetic. And faux - while easier on the ear - is all too obviously a marketing palliative. Probably they should call a spade a spade and simply say PU or PVC and leave it at that. PVC is clearly understood at least, although it has its own stigmas and connotations.
  13. That would not describe the material in PU trousers or boots at all.
  14. Their boots are lovely. And true custom, too. Not cheap, but a bargain in the long run.
  15. Yes I don't understand why people would pay that kind of money when you could have lovely boots made for you that would fit perfectly - especially taller boots where fit around the calves and knees comes into play. I had my boots made by Jean Gaborit, in France.