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  1. Shiny - PVC - big for AW2017

    Sure, PVC was not the major fashion innovation of the decade - but then one really could not claim that distinction for any one fabric or design. In broader terms PVC was one of several man-made "space age" fabrics that became fashionable in the mid-60s to early 70s, and if you look on the V&A's page on 60s fashions you see it mentioned fairly high up and in association with many leading designers of the day
  2. Shiny - PVC - big for AW2017

    It is quite true. PVC was considered quite an exciting new material at the time. We forget with the passage of time and the roller coaster ride of fashion. But in the mid 60s PVC was very trendy. It came in many colours and there was much less of a fetish connotation - although it was still seen as sexy. Today us has far more fetish connotations and I think that connotations tend to colour the popular recollections of PVC in fashion. The same as thigh boots when they hit the fashion world, circa 1962, were seen as sexy and slightly theatrical - not hooker wear. Not straight away, anyway. It took Pretty Woman to cement that view in the popular imagination.
  3. Shiny - PVC - big for AW2017

    That’s true, avoidance is best. I attended a rather privileged liberal arts university in America in the 1970s where hippie culture was rampant and while there was a lot of pot around the campus, there were also plenty of people, myself included, who had nothing to do with drug culture but were certainly into all the other aspects of hippiedom. My girlfriend at the time was quite into pot culture, but she respected my leanings and never pressured me at all. And of course I respected her lifestyle too. Really nice girl - a very bohemian theatre type. Works in a bank now...
  4. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    The smaller sensor will just give you a longer effective focal length - typically by a factor of 1.4 or thereabouts.
  5. Shiny - PVC - big for AW2017

    Sure, there were drugs around, but it was not obligatory. You didn’t have to get involved with that sort of thing. It was personal choice, then as now. It was an era of rebellion and experimentation and that came in many guises. Drugs received a great deal of attention, because of the illegality and risk aspects, but experimentation with colour, fashion, gender fluidity, alternate lifestyles, music, literature etc were a far bigger and more transformative part of hippie culture.
  6. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Neither of those are going to be bad cameras. In a way you can’t go wrong.
  7. Shiny - PVC - big for AW2017

    Yes, let’s not forget Emma Peel and The Avengers when it came to popularising PVC, along with the aforementioned designers. The 60s were certainly the age when PVC came onto the scene, and did so in a big way. Unlike Puffer I quite liked the flower power/hippie era. Loved it in fact. But of course hippies were not into PVC. Different fashion culture altogether.
  8. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Not at all. I would not consider an £1800 camera body “budget”! I was thinking of the low hundreds.
  9. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    That’s the thing with technology nowadays - you can get a budget DSLR these days with capabilities far beyond what were top of the range pro models only a few years ago, and for the most part the demands of shooting for magazines etc have remained largely the same. We have capabilities far beyond our needs.
  10. Shiny - PVC - big for AW2017

    Good thread! I know the PVC on the Topshop Jamie jeans is certainly very stretchy, but also quite thick and luxurious. It is proper PVC, but much nicer you know what I mean - high quality, not cheap thin tat. PVC certainly does have a 60s vibe - but also a 90s vibe, when it was in vogue then (although that too may have been a fond looking back at the 60s)
  11. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Photography involving timers and remote releases is something I happen to have a great deal of expertise in because of a long running project I have been doing. One series of cameras you might want to look into would be the Canon G-series of compacts. I have a couple of them - the G-11 and the G1X, both bought and used for this particular project of mine. They have (and other in the G-series do do) a customisable self timer that allows you to set the time delay for anywhere from 2 to 30 seconds, and then set the number of frames the camera will automatically shoot from 1 to 10 frames. This makes self timer photography MUCH easier, opens the door to many more possibilities and increases your chances of having a useable image or images. Both cameras - indeed the whole range of G-series cameras - shoot in RAW. The (more expensive) G1X has a larger than normal sensor size, giving it very good low light capabilities for a compact. Both have excellent handling of noise. And both have near DSLR capabilities and image quality - indeed I have used both in professional shoots and images I have shot with them are in some prestigious stock libraries oversea. Worth checking out for self fashion shoots.
  12. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    I was pretty sure you were referring to the mouse....
  13. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Funnily enough the cartoon was itself out of circulation for several on the grounds of its being a racial stereotyping - it was recalled by popular demand by people in Mexico and Central America where it had been extremely popular!
  14. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    For what it is worth, “Speedy” appears to be the little mouse’s first name. He has no other. Hi cousin is named Slowpoke
  15. recent article

    I’d be surprised. Guys wearing heels or nail varnish do not exactly have a strong constituency.