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  1. recent article

    One would hope that would be no more than a tempest in a teapot, if that. it really is astounding that, for some socially impoverished people, the least breaking of the fashion mound can be a big deal. I’d put it right out of my mind if I were you. If their lives and world are that small, it’s their issue not yours. Move on.
  2. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    The value is in the completeness of the collection. Someone who is bidding on a bottle of '51 Grange Hermitage isn't after a nice red to have with their Christmas dinner - it'll be a collector who wants the whole set. That's the hardest one to get.
  3. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    As for wine - it's good old supply and demand. A rare and costly wine becomes even rarer and more costly as the number of bottles diminish over the years and collectors who wish to have a complete run of a certain label bid up prices. If you bought a bottle of Penfold's Grange - Australia's finest and costliest and most collectible wine - every year since the first (experimental) vintages appeared in 1951 (66 bottles of wine) your collection would be worth well in excess of $150,000. The '51 alone would fetch $50,000.
  4. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Not a good look at all. Again, I am blissfully ignorant of who she, or her father is/was. PVC really shoukdn’t Be considered a license to dress (or act) trashy.
  5. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Actually, if you know what you are doing, rare and fine wine is not a bad investment.
  6. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    I like Arnold Schwarzneggers’s quote about money not buying happiness: I know money does not buy happiness. I am no happier now with $80 million than I was when I had only $40 million... And yes, most of those rare bottles of wine are bought at investment or as collectibles, not to be drunk - any more than you’d buy a rare Silver dollar to spend it.
  7. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Sony make some excellent cameras and frankly have been more innovative than Canon in recent years. If one didn’t have so much money invested in Canon lenses, or rather Zeiss lenses with Canon mounts, some of the Sony cameras would be really tempting. Their sensors are brilliant. Black and white is a lovely medium. I don’t know if you have used this or not, but Silver Efex Pro is a brilliant bit of conversion software. Best I have come across by far. The 50mm lens is very “unglamorous” and unsung lens that ought to be better appreciated. I love it. That or the 35mm would be my standard, go-to lens. You’re quite right - with the high ISO that is available these days, and the advances in noise reduction, the heavy, expensive superfast lenses - the f2-8 and lower - are much less attractive these days. A sharp f4 lenses will do the trick nearly always. My Canon 5D3 will shoot very, very useable images at 3200 (although the camera is capable of much higher speeds) and I really don’t ever find myself needing to go higher.
  8. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Thanks - I saw that firm too, noted the nice prices, but I tend to shy away from grey market electronics which is what that surely must be. Yes, image size. We really are reaching a state of overkill on file/image sizes which are far in excess of what even most pros need, unless they are shooting advertising (billboards) or doing fine art photography and making huge prints. Frankly a 6MP image is more than enough for the vast majority of magazine work, even double page spreads. Canon's top of the range 1DX has 'only' 20.2MP. It is blindingly fast, though, at 14fps - and so best suited for sports and wildlife photographers and I've not heard any of them that I know complain about lack of resolution. The 5DS-R - with 50.6MP - is a fabulous landscape camera (or for studio work or weddings) It is the landscape potential that tempts since I do a lot of that. It would be almost like having digital medium format camera but at a vastly lower cost. On the other hand I also do a lot of work on the street, on the go (without time or opportunity for tripods) and often in low light. The 5D IV has all that versatility covered, especially low light. Both camera bodies have petty much the same ergonomics - and both are nearly identical to the 5D3 which I have been using since it came out five years ago. I'd love to buy both, but that ain't happening!
  9. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Really not a good look....
  10. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    My handicap is cash too! I know what you mean about the pleasure of ownership. Unlike some of my fellow pros, who seem happy to use their camera bodies to pound tent pegs, I take it easy on my gear as far as possible. Rrsearching more this morning - leaning towards the 5D IV now. Seems less of a one-trick pony...
  11. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    I am looking at the Canon 5DS-R myself, which is a bit over £3100 for the body. Not cheap, but then I have a couple of assignments coming up that call for that kind of blow-up-large resolution. Or the 5D IV. The inner debate continues. No need for any lenses, though...
  12. Ebay And Shopping.

    Well that’s always nice news. i must say she looks like she is trying to be cast in a remake of I Dream of Jeannie
  13. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Words fail...
  14. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    It depends so much on the individual. The father in that Sassoon scenario, born into nothing, could just as easily have died as young, or younger, than his daughter eventually did and of the same sad sordid causes. Many impoverished people from rough backgrounds do just that. Only we never hear about them because they remain obscure. That the old man did not, but founded a business and a fortune, speaks well for his character. Likewise there are plenty of people born to money who are decent productive citizens and do much with the head start they have been given. They tend not to be the ones living the celebrity lifestyle though, and so we tend not to hear much about them either. In any event it is down to the individual and the choices they make. As to the other - the lady in leather - I think it can be said of many, if not most people, however glamorous: that they look better dressed.
  15. 'Wet look' or shiny leggings?

    Actually, I think I liked her leather outfit better than these slinky see-throughs. Whatever floats her boat, I guess....