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  1. Shyheels

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Where I grew up we usually started spring with two to four feet of snow in the ground.
  2. Shyheels

    Hi all

    I can certainly see your point - both as to the extra work it would take to clean up threads that had strayed too far and for too log, and for not wanting the forums to pop up on search results for CD/TV topics. I shall bear that in mind and act accordingly! Better safe than sorry Cheers!
  3. Shyheels

    Any Good New Years Resolutions?

    I included getting to know stilettos in my New Years' resolutions and have done well so far, although I'm a long way from catwalk grace, I daresay. I have two pair and wear them five days week around my office. Becoming quite used to the idea - physically, mentally and emotionally - of wearing stilettos every day, and like it.
  4. Shyheels

    Something special

    I expect she'll be back to her favourite footwear soon..
  5. Shyheels

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    He’s a boor and a narcissist, he’s not a misogynist. He quite fancies women, and thinks they ought to fancy him.
  6. Shyheels

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Misogyny - or misogynist - are much misused words these days. It means a dislike or loathing of women, or someone who dislikes or despises women. Nowadays it has been reduced to a catch-all term to describe anybody who is sexist or chauvinist.
  7. Shyheels

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Maybe it was a pirated bottle of perfume with a misspelled label that should have read Trump.
  8. Shyheels

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    It has edgy undertones, sure, but if you listen to the lyrics in the song she's more 'sporty' and individualistic than sleazy, less inclined to follow the etiquette of high society and so she is regarded (by these stuck-up snobs) as 'a Tramp'. It was originally from a musical in the 1930s, Babes in Arms.
  9. Shyheels

    Creative Photography

    I always much prefer natural light. If you’ve got a reflector you ought to be fine. Won’t be much you can’t do.
  10. Shyheels

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Not anywhere, I shouldn't think. And anyway, The Lady is A Floozy has one too many beats...
  11. Shyheels

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    I suspect the name of the perfume derives in some way from the 1950s jazz number The Lady is A Tramp, as sung by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Shirley Bassey and others. I never heard The Lady is A Bum or The Lady is a A Floozy - I doubt such a title would ever have gained much traction.
  12. Shyheels

    YouTube shocker

    Doing his best Jesus lookalike...
  13. Shyheels

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Perfume that knocks you over isn't terribly good perfume!
  14. Shyheels

    Hi all

    I certainly hope Tech maintains the general ban on CD topics on these forums as they really have no place in what is meant to be a family friendly fashion website, and do not really cover the interests of most of the members anyway
  15. Shyheels

    Hi all

    Your highly prescriptive 'rules' of what constitutes cross-dressing sounds a bit like the minutiae so beloved of Talmudic scholars, who can argue for hours, nay, days, over obscure points of religious law and practice. I picture a grey-bearded someone with a tape measure checking the height of a chap's cowboy boot, finding it to be three-and-three-eighths and a day-long debate erupting beneath the olive tree as to whether the man, who is otherwise wearing wrangler jeans a flannel shirt, a Stetson and a silver rodeo belt buckle, is cross-dressing. And the noisiest of the bearded scholars - the one with the tape measure - jabbing his finger in their air, to inject a note of authority, loudly maintaining than anything above three inches is feminine, declaring that said bull-rider is crossdressing! One just wants to shrug and walk away... I mentioned history because you quoted history as being somehow relevant to women's wearing of neckties. Yet you are certainly alone in seeing them as not specifically masculine. Virtually every time debate is raised in the press about women being required to wear heels in the workplace, the requirement for men to wear neckties is raised and debated as well. With equal vehemence, I might add. Ties and heels are very much seen as 'equals' in this debate, the yin and the yang, as it were, both iconic to their specific sexes. It is this picking and choosing, this inconsistency, with your position that irritates me. Aside from which any argument that relies on sweeping generalisations, no exclusions, and is so easily taken apart - reductio ad absurdum - is never a particularly strong one. But enough. I do not care to persist with this - you're going to believe what you want to believe, and I've no real interest in pursuing it further. I've said my piece. And so I shall leave you sitting in the shade of your olive tree...