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  1. I have quite nice cycling attire. Understated. No logos, no racing styes. Just nicely made jerseys and shorts from a fairly upscale brand. I dress well when I go for my bike rides.
  2. You find those on bicycle bib tights - or at least I had them on my Gore windstopper ones. Not quite sure why you would need them here. They do look shiny. I assume they were not what was on Mrs Freddy's shopping list?
  3. Down here I'm .Sussex I ride on quiet country lanes as a matter of course. Also as a matter of course I seldom ride on bike paths or shared footways - for the most part they are poorly maintained, often strewn with glass, while shared footways have more than their share of dog walkers with those long extendable leashes - accidents just waiting to happen. For years I commuted in a big city and grew accustomed to the risks and need for confidence and assertiveness in traffic, and made sure to observe and learn every day. It doesn't make one proof against accidents, but one does learn all of the obvious dangers and develops a sense of the mood on the traffic around you. Bicycles are not only the cleanest form of transportation, but the most efficient as well. Even in nature there is nothing that can cover ground with the efficiency of a human being in a bicycle. There is quite an interesting book on the subject written by an MIT physicist. Speaking of cycling - I'm out for a ride tomorrow morning.
  4. I have found cycling bib tights - made of Gore windstopper fabric - quite useful in winter. They don't do much for me style wise, but they are good at warmth and breathability!
  5. Not for me, thanks. I've tried the Lycra thing, but much prefer baggy old touring shorts....
  6. Cycling seems a worthy topic - certainly it's an old favourite pastime/activity of mine. As discussed on the PVCs thread (see Outfit critique) revamping the 'engine' on a bicycle is a cheap and healthy alternative to costly upgrades and titanium do-dads. Have been working hard on my engine lately and noticing the results. I have never raced bicycles, nor had the least desire to, but have always looked upon cycling as a pleasurable form of escape - a chance to see the countryside in an unhurried fashion. No cycling clubs for me, just the quiet solitude of a bike ride on a quiet country lane...
  7. Interesting thread this - oscillating back and forth from cycling to PVCs and back again. Maybe there's a connection. Maybe not. At any rate I shall start a cycling thread...
  8. It's generally the engine that could do with improvement on a bicycle, or so I have found
  9. If you really want a 650B bike, save the money you would have spent on the upgrade to your old one and apply it towards the eventual purchase of a purebred 650B.
  10. There was an incident in Antarctica many years ago when a Russian doctor was obliged to operate on himself to remove his appendix.
  11. Where is that playing? :-)
  12. It is hard to deal wth anybody with an ocean in between you, especially Americans. They can pretty much stand on the other side and thumb their noses at you and not just on the matter of goods and services but other legal matters as well - as I have learned.
  13. I missed out on those chocolates in my youth so I guess I didn't contribute. I was eating M&Ms.... Nice to see they had the good taste to include mine in the list. Maybe one day I'll be a celebrity....
  14. Looks like the Yakuza got hold of her and they have weighted her down for a trip to the bottom of the harbour....
  15. Well, I don't know who she is - what else is new? - but she is certainly flying the flag for the style. I think she looks really good in them (as did the breathless reporter on the DM) very comfortable and at ease in the style. I notice she used a soft jumper as a counterpoint to the shiny hardness of the PVC - a good look I followed the where-to-buy link. They are nice PVC jeans but I prefer the Topshop version myself.