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  1. ... and which reminds me of a Plod encounter too: Some 35 years ago, I was travelling into deepest Lincolnshire on an unfamiliar road and had just come over the brow of a hill with a long slope down to the junction where I needed to turn right. A police car was parked across the major road at the junction and a copper with his back to me was bending down, speaking to its driver. There was obviously some problem or road closure so I gently coasted down the hill until I almost reached the copper, who only then turned round and walked the few paces to my open driver's window. Despite the fact that there were no signs out, he had not given any prior signal and I had pulled-up quite correctly, he enquired why I had failed to stop earlier 'as directed'. I pointed out to him, politely, that waving his arse in my general direction did not constitute any road traffic instruction known to the Highway Code. After a penetrating stare, he told me that there had been an accident in the major road ahead but I was OK to take the right turn I wanted. I proceeded accordingly and he resumed his arse waving.
  2. There has been at least one charity walk for heel-wearers (which I recall a member here took part in) but I don't remember where or when. As with most charity fundraisers, the physical effort, wasted time and potential for injury and damage would likely outweigh the achievement (If any) and potential for enjoyment. Last time I was asked to sponsor someone (for a half-marathon), I offered to double the money if the would-be participant stayed at home instead and did something useful. (Oh yes, I'm a bundle of fun - especially at Christmas.)
  3. If your 'quiet it isn't' comment relates to the riverside strip, then I agree. Quite a few people will be out for a Sunday stroll/drink/meal etc. Almost provides some camouflage, perhaps? I await with interest your Trip Advisor review of the fair and any other potential venues.
  4. I am familiar with most of the City, having worked there for many years, albeit not much during the last ten. The venue is in a smart business area; There are some (modern/decorative) paved/cobbled areas around that might give problems but most of the City is ordinary flat pavements, well-maintained (or stiletto-wearing secretaries would soon be complaining). In the City, parking on single yellows or in marked (meter) bays is permitted (and free) after 11am Saturday and all-day Sunday. Whilst there has been some reduction in on-street parking and growth in double yellows, it should be possible to find a free parking space on a Sunday morning within reasonable distance of the venue, except near to Petticoat Lane Sunday market. But this is somewhat academic, as I see little point in paying £6+ to enter a fetish fair of marginal interest simply to have a social get-together, especially when the chances of finding a quiet corner for (say) half-a-dozen of us to chat is uncertain. I accept that the venue would be accepting of men in heels, but a quiet corner of a City pub or wine bar (on a Sunday) might be a 'free' alternative. I don't have any specific suggestions at this time, however. The quietness of the City on a Sunday (it is close to deserted in many areas) has much to commend it. Another possibility would be south of the river between London Bridge station and Tower Bridge; there are wide walkways and various bars etc. I suppose that discretion/acceptability is the key issue, not easily addressed.
  5. As distinct from 'pumps for his feet' presumably? (Ronnie Barker in 'Four Candles' made the same error!) As to the LAM, I have just perused the website: http://londonalternativemarket.com/general-info/ First Sunday of each month in Leadenhall Street, EC3, which means that free street parking should be reasonably available for anyone wanting to go by car (the City is very quiet at weekends, but keep away from Petticoat Lane area as parking there is still restricted on Sundays). Entry before 2pm is £6, entry after that £7. Whilst there is a claimed wide range of exhibits, allegedly including footwear, I can see little that is specific. My gut feeling is that most of the emphasis is on activities/interests/lifestyles/products that would be of little or no appeal to me and scarcely justify the trouble and expense of attending. I did once (about 20 years ago) attend what may well have been the same event in London; I found little of interest (and a fair number of rather unpalatable 'exhibits') and left after an hour or so.) However, I am happy to be proved wrong and might be willing to attend, especially if some of us were to meet there socially. Certainly, I agree that the LAM could provide a venue for such a get-together, but would there be any privacy for us - I guess not unless we hired a private room or similar? In which case, why not book such a room elsewhere? All in all, something to think about, as you say.
  6. I suggested that the heels were a little less than 6" because (a) I recall that the maker (Omano, as was) claimed them to be 5.5 - 5.75" (according to size); and (b) they don't look a full inch higher than my rather similar UK11 MJ boots (with true 5" heel). But, whatever, he strides out purposefully and confidently as far as we can see - and his other videos support the idea that he is well-used to heels of more than 5". All in all, he is wearing very masculine boots and wearing them well - one of the best 'adverts' for men in heels I can think of; nothing effeminate there.
  7. I can't add much to this discussion, but do suggest that 'graceful' and competent heel-wearing is not directly linked to gender or build. We have all seen a variety of women (and a few men) whose ability - or lack of it - to walk in public in heels is all-too-evident. This man seems to me to be perfectly competent in his Omano boots (allegedly 6" heels but I think a little less than that). He has other videos of him in similarly high heels and is obviously well-practised, but scarcely unique.
  8. Thanks! Yes, I saw your photos but wasn't sure of heel height - and in your modest (size 40) size, the height can look greater. I envy anyone who can wear an Eu40 - I am usually Eu45!
  9. Nubuk is not quite the same as suede, although they can look similar (with 'new' suede usually lacking the slight shine of Nubuk and having a slightly rougher finish). According to one source: 'There is not much visible difference between the two. Suede leather has been sanded on the inner layer of the skin, while Nubuck is sanded on the outer or exterior skin of the animal, since the outside layer of a skin is tougher Nubuck tends to be more durable.' I go along with that; suede is certainly more susceptible to scuffing and probably less water-resistant.
  10. Yes, the several contributions from marcelheels and the resumption of interest by Shyheels are (like high heels) a step in the right direction. Let's keep up the pace!
  11. To put things in perspective, can you please tell us: What is your foot size? What is the highest heel you are comfortable in? Do you wear heels outside, in male mode or otherwise?
  12. Yes, you can say that you 'love' them - but not that you are loving them (which implies a transient and possibly fetishistic interest)!
  13. I go along with Freddy's intention to enjoy more 'me time' (including a modest amount of heeling). Although retired from gainful occupation, I have been busier than ever this last year (and before that) working on properties belonging to various members of the extended Puffer clan. And I don't at present see much of a respite ...
  14. My compliments, mijnheer. And mind how you go in those clogs.
  15. Yes, Maxima, along with the Spanish and Danish queens, seems to favour stylish heels. One day, we might find Queen Kate on the throne here in hers. I have no involvement at all with any 'social media' (intrusive and time-wasting) and I doubt use of it will help us that much, but try it if you wish.
  16. As a matter of English grammar, 'I'm loving' connotes a rather different concept to that of 'I love' and your actual activity (however transient) in relation to this footwear worries me somewhat. Please behave with discretion. Nice boots by the way; I admire and like them.
  17. Most of the time, it does seem that we only have about 3 members, 2 of whom are active! As for payment, the board is directly funded by the EU at enormous expense. Whether this will continue after Brexit is a main sticking-point in the current negotiations. Alas, as Mother Theresa has no interest greater than her 2" kitten heels, her support seems unlikely.
  18. The 'standard' fit is also currently available at £30.00, in all sizes (inc half-sizes) up to UK10. Or there are thick socks (2 pairs) ...!
  19. I agree about Sir PG; I try to avoid his empire nowadays. I see today that ASOS has discounted several of its items even further. The Espresso wide-fit boots, for example (in real suede leather and of good quality) are only £15.00! All sizes up to 10UK (Eu 44). Well worth considering!
  20. Good points! My 5" MJ boots have a longish pointed toe, so even when worn with bootcut jeans (not excessively long) have enough 'projection' to pass muster. Yes, I will be showing perhaps half of the heel when walking normally (much more when crouching or sitting) but an apparent 2.5 - 3" blocky heel on a 'man's' boot does not really scream 'cd' or 'pervert'. Closer examination will certainly suggest I am in 'unusual' footwear, but unless one's appearance, gait or conduct is otherwise attention-getting, unlikely to attract the wrath of the world (and that of his wife, kids and dog too). Stilettos, however, are a rather different matter; any sighting of a thin heel (regardless of height) is likely to be 'provocative', especially when the typical sound effect is present too.
  21. It is a worrying thought that sensibly-priced 'real leather' shoes are increasingly hard to find, especially (it seems) for women. I'm not sure why a low-cut court or strappy sandal, which doesn't use a great deal of leather, should be so expensive - but I'm guessing that it is the ease of manufacture in synthetic material, rather than the cost of the upper, that governs the issue. One apparently happy exception I have come across (and I doubt that it is unique) seems to be own-brand footwear from ASOS. Having seen two pairs of India-made women's boots recently - one in genuine suede, the other in genuine leather - I was impressed by the quality and sturdiness of construction as well as by the style and finish. And the full price of both was less than £60 - not trivial but certainly cheaper than many synthetic boots, and others in leather of inferior quality. (Even better that these boots are currently discounted by about 50% - a bargain for any man (or woman) which they fit. Alas, I'm not one!)
  22. If anyone's interested, I see that the Topshop 'March' boots (as above) are now on offer at only £30.00, although larger sizes apparently sold-out online. Some shop branches will still have them though; there is a 'search' facility. The heel on the UK8 is 3.75" Topshop has a number of other boots that would be good for male street-heeling, some of which are also discounted at present. There are some new styles too, notably this 'Howdie' Western boot in black or tan:
  23. It is a little disappointing that, following a minor flurry of newcomers' contributions recently, the board has gone quiet again, particularly as some responses to those contributions really merited further comment, or perhaps just acknowledgement. A Merry Christmas to all my readers - both of them!
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