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  1. Puffer

    Jeans And Pumps

    Yes, they are 'Oxfords', i.e. a lace-up shoe (although strictly-speaking they should have a toe-cap). In the UK, we normally reserve the term 'pumps' for light flat or low-heeled dancing shoes or gym shoes, and even then it is more of a regional usage. Plain slip-on women's shoes with a heel are invariably called 'courts' - 'pumps' being the US usage.
  2. Puffer

    Quiet in here isn't it!?

    I for one visit regularly - but unless I have something worthwhile to say, I don't post! I agree about encouraging new members' contributions - and you are doing your bit already, but not alone I hope.
  3. Puffer


    I don't like the Oxford style myself - too many reminders of 'school shoes' or old-fashioned women - but I can see that heeled Oxfords have a unisex appearance and would go well with a suit, as you suggest. A safe bet if you stick with a fairly chunky (Cuban) heel rather than a stiletto.
  4. I'm not sure that 'PU' implies any leather base, as distinct from a wholly-synthetic material. The construction you identify is usually (or should be) described as 'coated leather' or similar. Like you, I prefer real leather for footwear (specifically the uppers) and have misgivings about many 'synthetic' products. Especially the type where a plastic coating is applied to some form of textile base and tends to crack-off quite quickly (e.g. when a boot shaft is folded or creased). Often, synthetics are very obvious from the lingering smell! So many shoes and boots these days (especially women's) have a synthetic upper, regardless of price, and it can be quite hard to find affordable leather. One type that does have merit, however, is 'faux suede', which can look very convincing and, whilst not necessarily hard-wearing, may require less maintenance than true (leather) suede. There appears to be a potential trap when a shoe upper is described as 'patent'. True 'patent leather' is indeed leather, but most 'patent' footwear these days seems to be PU - looks good and is easy to make, but not 'leather'!
  5. Puffer

    Hello from WalkTall

    Welcome, WalkTall! Your views and preferences on male heel-wearing are in tune with many on this board. As to activity here - that is something you can add to, as you suggest!
  6. Puffer

    Something special

    She normally looks attractive, but that outfit makes her look oven-ready! Those shapeless boots are hideous.
  7. I have just returned from a week's holiday in southern Turkey. In the hotel foyer, next to the small souvenir shop, there was the pictured archway with a sign displayed each side. I initially thought that this led to other shops (for tobacco and shoes) but it proved to be the entrance to the men's and women's WCs. As a reformed pipe-smoker who has a modest interest in stiletto heels, I found it difficult to decide which WC I should use! All guests adopted casual dress throughout the day and evening, in the hotel or outside. Shorts and flip-flops (or equivalents) were almost universal everywhere, with just a few low wedges in evidence. I reckon that, if Turkey imposed a 'Tourist Flip-flop Tax' of 10 lira (about £1.20 or $1.60), its economic woes would be solved within a month or two!
  8. Puffer

    Boots from Topshop

    Whilst passing through my local Topshop on Saturday, I noticed these 'March' sock boots on display. They are listed online as available either in black leather or tan suede, 4" heel, price £69.00. However, the sizes only go up to 42 (a generous 8, I believe) - so no good to me! (And in tan, all but 41 and 42 shown as sold-out.) I think these would be good for male street-heeling as, even if on show, they are quite discreetly styled in a 'masculine' way. Topshop has some other boots that may be worth a look - but most of the current shoe offerings are imho rather too quirky for male wear, many having oddly-shaped heels and embellishments. (Perhaps the shoe range is designed by, and intended to co-ordinate with, 'Sir' Philip Green's beautiful and charismatic daughter?)
  9. Puffer

    Hello from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

    Welcome YP! We should be interested to know the styles of footwear that you wear - some pics would be good. What do your wife and daughters say about your liking for women's heels?
  10. Puffer

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Yes, it has remained extremely hot (and increasingly humid) in the south east. I was (supposedly) 'relaxing' on the north Kent coast yesterday and today and the temperatures were certainly in the high 20s. The 'rain' yesterday (only) was literally a few intermittent drops that one hardly noticed - and which was barely even refreshing. Temperatures of 30C are likely midweek and little sign of a change. I am going on a short canal trip in Surrey on Monday (a friend's birthday event) and it seems likely that it will be further shortened by potential water shortages, alas. Not good weather for any sort of activity involving effort, inside or out. Certainly not for the three days I spent doing plumbing at my stepson's house in Suffolk last week - a propane blowtorch is a trifle too warm in close confined spaces even when the ambient temperature is modest. Still, I managed to lose about 6lbs over the period; not unwelcome but all too easily replaced (assuming a Waitrose milkshake or three). Very easy to get dehydrated; drinking lots of water is essential. As to footwear, it is definitely sandal weather for me; the briefer the better. I don't have any with heels that could conceivably be worn outside but I've seen a number of interesting 'barely there' styles on women that I would definitely wear if protocol allowed. And wedges are always attractive if not of the clumpy type. My observations suggest that few women are wearing heeled sandals at present (at least during the day) - plenty of strappy flats including umpteen varieties of flip-flops, a few modest wedges and occasional low block-heeled slingbacks. Stiletto styles, if any, seem mostly confined to dressy evening activity - so I rarely see any as I'm invariably at home after teatime, and in bed knackered by 10.30.
  11. Puffer

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Yes, the weather has become a tad tiresome and uncomfortable, although a little cooler in many areas south of London. But it was noticeably warmer in deepest Suffolk over the weekend when I visited, albeit with just enough breeze to induce a little comfort. And rain, although very sparse, has appeared on a few occasions with (would you believe) a brief downpour causing localised flooding in West Kent last Thursday (not for the first time). Driving without aircon must be awful; fortunately mine works adequately. One minor bonus of the fine weather is that Wimbledon and other mind-numbingly boring periodic events have not been disrupted, so TV schedules etc have not been as adversely affected as is usual, despite the attempts of the World Cup to dominate our lives. I shall, as always, be glad when the circus is all over. And then it will be winter Olympics or somesuch ...
  12. Puffer

    "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Yes, the temperature (and UV level) is not particularly comfortable. However, I am doing some work on a coastal property where conditions are a little less extreme, making even working on a flat roof bearable yesterday. I just needed a baseball cap to keep the glare down. More of the same today, with slightly lower temperature forecast, but I'll be taking the day off tomorrow and (I hope) enjoying the promised higher temperatures and some shade too. Next week doesn't look so extreme.
  13. Puffer

    Hi everyone - I´am new here

    Welcome to H4M! We shall be pleased to know more about you and your heel collection. Perhaps you could go out in your heels for a 'walk in the Black Forest'?
  14. Puffer

    Eurovision 2018

    Simply what I grew up with and (mostly) enjoyed! Time was when singers had a song with meaningful lyrics, delivered properly and (if needed) accompanied by professional musicians. Now, so many 'songs' are simply repetitive strings of words with little or no meaning and no discernible musical merit. Matt Monro was widely recognised as having a fine voice. Had he not died so young, he would surely have had a long-lasting international presence - much like SInatra (who was a fan). Now, where did I put my Alma Cogan 78s? Alas, the whole country has gone downhill since Grace Archer died. [Who?]
  15. Puffer

    Maternity wear?

    There has been a lot of comment about the Duchess of Cambridge being smartly dressed on leaving hospital hours after her son was born. One such from a man in today’s Daily Mail (so it must be true ) reads thus: 'Like Kate, when I left hospital after the birth of my son, I wore a smart dress, nylons, high heels and make-up. I was disappointed my wife did not make any effort.' Anyone we know?
  16. Puffer

    Eurovision 2018

    Well, it sounds pleasant enough, but it doesn't do anything for me (known what armene?). I can't recall much on ESC that I've liked since the days of Matt Monro and Ronnie Carroll - not to speak of Brian Johnson, and Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson. But then little 'popular music' since c1970 appeals ...
  17. Puffer

    Maternity wear?

    Yes, presumably a joking comment - but could be otherwise for some of our esteemed members - no names!
  18. Puffer

    Eurovision 2018

    Oh dear - a diary clash! I've kept that evening free to watch some paint dry - so I think I'll keep to that plan.
  19. Puffer

    Something special

    Yes - I recognise the 'Victoria' label now. The shoes she is wearing in the last pic seem to buck the trend for having set-back heels; they look to be set more forward than usual (although that was a style adopted in the earliest (mid-50s) stilettos). Stilettos should be in a mid-position (under the back of the wearer's heel) for both style and comfort!
  20. Puffer

    Something special

    Not sure who she is but she was wearing rather nice shoes on BBC breakfast TV this morning:
  21. Puffer

    Something special

    Emily is a pretty girl, but I do NOT like that asymmetric (yuk!) cutout in her dress. Her sandals are great, but marred by what appears to be a small platform - clumpiness clashing with delicacy.
  22. Puffer

    Something special

    Oh dear! I'm not so impressed with 'her' legs (and heels) now and propose to cross her off my next birthday party invitation list. There are many other candidates waiting. [My carer has just told me that I have been asleep, and dreaming in a disturbed manner. Have I missed anything? ]
  23. Puffer

    Something special

    I suggest that this correspondence should now cease, as: (a) we are unlikely to establish with certainty who/what he/she/it truly is; (b) even if we do, none of us is ever likely to see/meet/shag him/her/it; (c) there are plenty more fish (genetically modified or not) in the sea. Now for a cold shower, whilst counting my blessings (and ribs) ...
  24. Puffer

    Something special

    Are you sure? I'd never heard of HD and, looking at what is online, she doesn't seem to resemble much the pic I posted above - which seems to show a much more attractive and less artificial woman than HD's pics reveal. (And I doubt very much whether HD is '100% woman' - at least 10% of her is silicone!)
  25. Puffer

    Something special

    Did you find 'her' elsewhere? I couldn't.