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  1. Leather pants/ boots combination. Interesting concept - could be fun getting the length combination right. http://www.leviticusfashions.com/product-page/leather-bootpants
  2. WalkTall

    Jeans And Pumps

    Looking good. I would almost call those heels oxfords rather than pumps. 'Enjoyably tight' - I like that description/concept.
  3. I have some booties which I wear out under boot cut jeans. About a 2 1/2 inch heel. I remember seeing some short videos FastFreddy posted showing his version of stealth mode - stilettos and a quite high heel, under boot cut jeans. But can't seem to find the thread again. I think I like the idea of stealth-ish mode. Potentially you could do heels, ladies jeans, ladies polo or blouse that looks like a shirt. A small statement towards clothing freedom perhaps, but you know for yourself and I like the idea of small steps.
  4. WalkTall

    Quiet in here isn't it!?

    It is quiet. I don't think even the old regulars have visited much recently. Lets hope we new members can breathe some life back in.
  5. WalkTall


    A little long term goal of mine; Pinstripe suit with a semi flared leg teamed up with and covering (ie stealth mode - unless you want to let them show) a pair of heeled Oxfords.
  6. When shopping online, it's sometimes omitted as to what the shoes/boots are made of - that usually means either synthetic or PU. PU meaning (as far as I know) polyurethane coating usually over 'split' leather. Synthetic can mean many things including PU, but usually a plastic of some form. So to get to specifics, what are your (the experts) experiences with PU leather boots and shoes? I prefer 'real leather' but that is not an option for what otherwise seem to be good footwear.
  7. WalkTall

    Hello from WalkTall

    Hi, or G'Day from WalkTall. I'm from Oz, near Sydney. I'm just an older guy who thinks people should be able to wear what they want. Hey, do what you want as long as you don't affect the rights and freedoms of others. Have a couple of pairs of heels for just at home and very occasionally. However, just got myself a pair of ankle booties - Taos Shakas in black soft leather with a 2 1/2 inch heel. I have worn them out a few times now under boot cut jeans (see Fast Freddy - we follow your advice!). I'm looking for a pair of calf/knee high boots with a higher heel (leather, ~4 inch) but not sure about chunky vs stilletto. (I note it took a while to get approved - the forum does seem quiet - perhaps some new members will liven things up a little?).