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  1. I suppose cycling in heels (as you have described it) is somewhat like walking up stairs in heels - very little 'heel awareness', even if the heels do not project much below the stair tread (If you see what I mean). One's ankles are in a position akin to wearing heels whilst ascending - and without the feeling of ground beneath the heel. Going down stairs (or sloping ground) is quite another matter, however!
  2. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I'm not too surprised about the fit of the OTK boots. If I were buying them, I would have gone for the 13, especially as they are not a wide fit. The sock boots are very nice; I am tempted! But although they are available in a 13, not in the wide fit above a 9 - pity! I would like to wear boots like that in public (e.g. under bootcut jeans) - the (alleged) 4" heel is easy to walk in but I suspect the true height in the largest sizes is nearer 4.5". The heel is rather too slim and shiny to pass as a man's boot, regardless of its height, however.
  3. Puffer


    Been out of touch since Sunday but catching up. The first boots are awful - real Frankenstein clobber! The others are OK but not really worthwhile.
  4. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    Do let us know in your 'review' what size you bought and how well they fit!
  5. Puffer


    No thanks; too fussy and the cleated sole doesn't really suit. Nothing said about heel height or materials. Too risky at £89.99.
  6. Yes, understood. I think the (regrettable) trend for some years towards the rear-placement heels is to give the illusion of a higher heel. Cheating really! What next - thick soles to reduce the effective rise? I hope not!!
  7. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    Well, this is all very interesting - and encouraging! I look forward to your 'test report' when the boots arrive. I wonder however about the leg length - will it be anything much above the knee, regardless of size, on anyone with longish legs? I think you may find the heel is higher than the 4.5" claimed (if that is the true height on a size 6 or 7) as I have certainly seen some ASOS footwear where the heels do increase with size (e.g. 4.5" on size 10 rather than 4" as advertised). I agree about the set-back heel - I do wish this 'fashion' would go away! The large sizes do not (yet) seem to be indexed, so have to be sought on the website. And ASOS has some other interesting footwear at present, inc the 'Penelope' court with a claimed 5" stiletto (somewhat set-back, alas) - but only to UK9 at present. In the men's section, there are some rather nice block heeled boots (no heights stated - look close to 3"), one style being in wide fit and up to UK14! The downside seems to be that some of the recently-seen styles have disapperared (I think) - maybe sold out? (If so, that might be good news, suggesting strong demand.) Finally - this discount code valid until 5 October: Get 15% off everything with code: ASOSNEWSUMMER and there is Quidco of up to 9.24% at present.
  8. Do you mean that the red shoes have a stiletto that is placed towards the back of the shoe, rather than in the more traditional (and more aesthetically appealing) position under the heel of the foot? If so, I can see why you find the former more difficult to walk in.
  9. I bought these elegant Tailingjia sandals on an impulse recently but have decided not to keep them. They are labelled as US14/Eu44/UK11 and fit my UK11 feet but would be a better fit on UK10/USM11 feet. They are black patent with 5.2" stiletto heel and 0.4" platform; the back zip is functional (needed to put them on). The construction is sturdy and they are unmarked - tried on only. I would be happy to sell them for £25.00 (inc UK postage) - extra if to be sent overseas. Link to manufacturer here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32687123992.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.17.369e4d43Yicu6J
  10. Puffer


    Certainly strange that those shoes (in various colours) go up to 8 and then 11. I would doubt that it is a true UK11, however marked. ASOS lists (or has listed) a number of items up to UK10, some in wide fitting, but they tend to run small. Whether the couple of pairs of boots currently listed by ASOS as 12 and 13 run true to size remains to be seen; I don't like the styles enough to buy them, even just to try out of curiosity.
  11. Apparently, Patrick Macnee [sic] was tone deaf and couldn't hold a note, making his contribution to the recording of 'Kinky Boots' problematic. It is a while since I heard it, but if memory serves he speaks rather than sings his part.
  12. What sort of work do you do, and in what type of venue (e.g. office)? If you have a wife or partner, does she know of your 'interest' and, if so, approve of it or not? I am retired so at home much of the time, but a significant amount of time is spent away on property work for (mostly) family. My wife knows something of my interest (although not its full extent) and totally disapproves (even of my men's cuban heels) - so my heel-wearing heels is mostly confined to discreet occasions when alone at home, although I have ventured outside in my MJ boots and others.
  13. I tend to prefer zips on boots (from ankle high upwards) as they not only make them easier to put on and off but also allow a snugger fit. I'm not a fan of any 'baggy' boots, although I can see the appeal of a slouchy pair in soft suede, but that is a more difficult look for a man to wear. (To me, 'baggy' means simply wide if fairly rigid shafts; 'slouchy' means softer, looser shafts that can wrinkle or fold under their own weight.) My wife has a pair of brown leather knee boots that have fairly narrow shafts and criss-cross lacing up the front, although the lacing is fake and they are zipped at the side. The look is quite appealing - best of both worlds, perhaps? (I suppose some like close-fitting laced boots - especially OTK - for bondage reasons, but that's another story!)
  14. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    Totally agree with both of you - that flared heel would not suit a male wearer (or anyone else with taste!).
  15. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    Those are interesting finds from ASOS! But can we be sure that the 11,12, 13 boots are adult sizes? I assume so, but wonder why they appear at the top of the list. Strangely, neither the wide-fit black ankle boots nor the brown suedette equivalent (standard or wide) is shown in sizes larger than 10. I would have thought that someone with a 'big' foot might well need a wider fitting too. But the supply of some ASOS items does seem to vary, so it is possible that the wide fitting will emerge later. I am certainly tempted by the black ankle boots (I quite like suede!), although I would prefer some taper in the toe. It might be worth asking ASOS if the sizing is correct and whether wide fittings will be introduced. If not, it might be prudent to go for the size 13. That does make sense. The obvious exception imho is with sandals - a very open toe goes well with a (high) stiletto - as do a minimum of thin straps. To my mind, a small peep-toe never looks elegant, especially with a stiletto. Given your earlier comments, I am somewhat surprised that you like Tina's pointed toes, even though they go with the heel! What I do dislike is a very round toe; it never looks elegant on either a man's or a woman's shoe and, as any shoe with a 'high' heel tends to shorten the apparent length of the foot, a modestly tapered and slightly extended toebox compensates for this. I think that my cuban-heeled boots would look quite wrong with a round toe. There is a significant difference between the beetle-crusher and the roach-killer!
  16. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    Interesting - but our tastes clearly differ! It is the pointed toe (and indeed the centre seam) that imho produces the 'sleeker' look. It is easy for a rounded or squarish toe to make a boot borderline clumpy - but I do agree that an almond toe is a good compromise.
  17. One major advantage of 'Covid distancing' is that TV presenters tend now to sit further apart and not hidden behind a desk or table, allowing us to see their footwear. With the female presenter usually on the right, we get a good view. Long may that (but not Covid) continue!
  18. Puffer

    New from ASOS

    I like those; I find the pointed toe and centre seam attractive! But not so keen on the 'flash'. I have two pairs of similar boots from Madcap which I often wear (see below). They have been available up to UK12 (true sizes) but seem now to be in short supply - possibly being discontinued.
  19. I'm 6' 1" and agree that 3 - 4" cuban or block heels are fine for male wear, even at my height. I have several pairs of cuban heels just under 3" and they are eminently wearable in a 'normal' public situation - and are good for relieving backache and similar afflictions! My Miguel Jones ('Cowboy Boots USA') boots are not worn outside too often but are discreet when under bootcut jeans. ASOS does a fair variety of women's boots and other footwear up to size UK10, some in a wide fitting. Alas, they are just too small for me. I can't think of another mainstream outlet in the UK which sells any footwear larger than UK9 that is both stylish and affordable. Evans goes up to UK10 (and used to go to UK11) but almost everything there is flat or frumpy. Although a significant number of Chinese suppliers offer women's shoes of all types in 'plus sizes' (typically up to UK 11 or 12, sometimes 13), inspection of their listings invariable indicates that the shoes are smaller than the claimed sizes, e.g. an 11 (which should be 12" long) is generally stated to be no more than 11.5", and often less than that. I have found very few wearable offerings (such as mid-heeled ankle boots) that would actually be long enough to fit my UK11/12 feet - but I'm happy to be proved wrong! I have a pair of flat sandals which were sold as Eu52 that do fit me well - although an Eu46 should have been ample!
  20. Too true! Louise and Naga often oblige; Dan rarely does!
  21. Too true (and we take the same size, as you know)! Perhaps as you, Oakeetoes and I are all a size 11/12, we could create enough demand for some custom footwear! But I guess price would be a problem! Oakeetoes: are you aware of Miguel Jones in Mexico? I have a pair of boots custom-made by him (5" heel) and they are a good fit at a reasonable price; here is a thumbnail:.
  22. As Freddy and others have remarked, the Lois courts came up about one size too small, making them impossible to wear for some folk. Did your ex-gf find this sizing problem, although clearly she got some pairs that fitted her?
  23. Where did you get these cuban heels, please? What style are they, e.g. plain/pointed/round toe/zipped?
  24. Those boots are not mine (alas!) but a stock photo from the web, just to illustrate the look. Here is another 'nice to have' and less extreme look - YSL 'French 85' men's boots, which I don't think are still made - and I don't have them either! I think you meant to say 'not cheap'!
  25. Nice boots! Where did you get them, and what size please? The heel doesn't look that high - I'm guessing about 3.5", but the pic may be deceptive. Although not exactly discreet, I suggest that this is the look - simple and uncluttered - that we all think should be truly unisex:
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