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  1. I’m a big fan. I’ve got some suede boots from them and the quality of the suede is amazing. Really thick and luxurious. Definitely worth the money.
  2. My boots are from Jean Gaborit - a small French firm that specialises in tall boots (equestrian, field, fashion, vintage, you name it) They are more expensive, to be sure, but the leather and workmanship is top-notch, the fit is superb (they make more than a dozen measurements of your feet, calves and ankles) and everything is hand made at their workshop in France. You can specify the leather, colour, height - right down to the centimetre. I would much rather have a single pair of lovely boots that will last a lifetime and fit perfectly than a dozen indifferent pairs. They are well worth a look.
  3. I’ve a pair of heavy grey suede otk boots with an almond toe and 3” Cuban heels which I like very much, and look nice. They are pull-ons and slouch a little, but that actually works well. Worn outside of dark skinny jeans they work well, especially with a dark jumper and coat. My only concern with them is wearing suede out in bad weather. Heels certainly add an element of interest to a pair of boots, a bit of dash. Given some of the changes on society and fashion that are occurring these days, I can certainly see an opening for tall boots for men. Having adoptee this look I’ve found more advantages that merely style. How nice it is to have warn ankles and calves, and to keep the lower parts of ones trousers clean if mud and slush and rain.
  4. I've always had a fondness for knee and otk boots - with or without heels - but its took me ages before I finally grasped the idea that if I wanted to wear them, I could, regardless of convention. Having made that mental lear - in my fifties! - I've now got several pair of low-heeled riding style boots which I wear a lot during the winter. I wear them over skinny jeans and from all I can see, although guys do not usually wear tall boots, virtually nobody gives it a second thought. In a couple of years of wearing them around everywhere I have only two comments - one from a woman, one from a guy and both were highly complimentary and wanting to know where I got them. Paired with jeans and a jumper or jacket, it is quite a nice, but unexceptional look. It seems to me that knee boots on men is a fashion that really could come back with just a little nudge. Heels might be ambitious, but rekindling the log-lapsed fashion for riding style knee boots for men seems to me to be very attainable. What do you think?
  5. Yes, I like Topshop’s ankle boots but none come in sizes anywhere near large enough for me. No, I don’t care much for the clumpy boots worn by the model. The trousers arrived today and I like them a lot. They pair nicely with loose fitting jumpers and my black Shoes of Prey ankle boots with the 3,5 inch Cuban heels. They are quite simple and elegant - a pity the company went under 18 months ago. I also wear vinyl trousers - I already have a pair of Topshop’s Jamie jeans in black vinyl - with loose hoodies and colourful Converse sneakers. Sort of a boho rock festival look, I suppose, but since I work in my own office I can set the dress code. One thing I do not like is vinyl jeans worn in any sort of fetishy context. Vinyl jeans do not need to look kinky or trashy. Just pair them up with something that tones down the edginess
  6. I've ordered myself a pair of these straight legged vinyl "Editor" jeans from Topshop to pair up with loose fitting jumpers and ankle boots. I've always liked the counterpoint of textures in fashion - in this case the sleekness of the vinyl with softer natural textures of wool. I think it sets up a nice frisson in styles and tones down the edginess of vinyl. https://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/black-vinyl-editor-jeans-9445533
  7. Sounds unpleasant, but there’d be no point in giving up your boots. If the swelling had not abated would you be planning to go barefoot the rest of your life? It might have meant buying new boots, in larger, wider sizes - an expensive hassle - but you’d have had to buy new footwear anyway. Thankfully you appear to have dodge that bullet.
  8. Same here too. I’d be happy to contribute if there was any prospect of anyone responding in the same month that I post... Yes, HHP has its fruitcakes but in the main is a pretty nice forum. Nowhere near as active - not by a million miles - as the cycling forum to which I contribute but lively enough that one gets a sense of community with the small but active groups of regulars. Hopefully we can kickstart something like that here.
  9. Evidently the forum is not going to liven up...
  10. Amazon is good about that. I won’t buy anything electronic from them though as there is such a high rate of fake/pirate/grey market stuff there.
  11. Generally that is the case. It would be nice if this forum could liven up. I typically wear boots - I've never been into shoes of any sort and have pretty much lived in hiking boots ever since university days, many years ago. I always danced knee boots but never dared take the step until a few years ago. I like them both with and without heels, although most of my knee and OTK boots are flat-to-low-heeled. I wear them out and about all winter. Love 'em!
  12. It would be nice if this forum could reactivate. I have made efforts in the past though to resume posting, but got little response. I’m willing to try again if there is any interest by others in doin* the same
  13. I am struggling to see anything positive about this latest rant, chasing off a rare poster for not following Freddie’s arbitrary rules - who the hell made him moderator? - and on a forum that is virtually dead anyway. What does it matter if the guy posted something that Freddie feels is irrelevant or draws attention away from Freddie? His over the top response is just another of many reasons why this forum is dead on its feet, and those that visit don’t stay.
  14. My how time flies. Is it September already?
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