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  1. The reviews were terrible and I understand it has really tanked at the box office. It had a $60 milllion budget too! How anyone could spend that kind of money producing an essentially documentary movie like that is beyond me. It’s not like it’s a globetrotting visually gobsmacking David Attenborough series. So, no, I won’t be seeing it. Interestingly, though, I did read where a lot of the poor reviews from the audiences were because the guy wore heels - the public didn’t like it.
  2. I used to live in Newtown, ages ago, back in the early 80s, when it was a gritty, grotty student ghetto. Wished I'd had the foresight to have picked up one of those terrace houses that were going for a song back then...
  3. Strolling up Pitt Street were we? :-) I wouldn't think ankle boots and 2.5 inch heels paired with jeans would attract any notice at all.
  4. I think it is perfectly possible to walk gracefully in heels without adopting any overtly feminine gait. In fact I think a man who adopted such a gait would be rather less likely to walk gracefully in heels, since it would be unnatural. The human body male or female was not designed to wear heels. It is purely an acquired skill. We are more accustomed to seeing that skill in women, and thus expressed with a feminine gait, and so we naturally associate that grace with femininity.
  5. I’ve never heard that. I am sceptical of any claim that women can naturally walk in heels - find even one podiatrist or osteopath who says women’s (or anyone’) physiology is suited to heels. Wearing them and walking well in them is an acquired skill. The height of heels and the counter-balance with awoman’s topside may create a more suggestive pose, but it in no way implies a need for a feminine walk to master heels. We make that association ourselves.
  6. Women walk better in heels simply because they have endless opportunities to wear them and acquire the knack. Men are obliged to do do furtively, or occasionally, as opportunity offers. For women it is simply a matter of putting on a pair of shoes, just another day. In such circumstances a heel-loving woman is bound to be very, very much at home in a pair of heels.
  7. There are lots of reasons men might take such a class - performers for one thing. Such classes are given here in England and are well attended by women - women who want to look graceful at a wedding, for example. Because we strongly associate heels with women we assume they have a natural gait for walking in heels. They don’t. Their ability to walk in heels is acquired, same as it is for men.
  8. That would be an interesting experience
  9. Same here. Makes me smile. I have done a lot of cycling - I mean a lot - as well as fencing when I was younger so I have strong and flexible feet and ankles which help a lot. Even when I first tried them on I could walk okay, just not with style. That’s the elusive part
  10. I’d like to walk gracefully in them - not in a feminine way, but with masculine panache. I enjoy wearing them. Want to do it better, be fluent. Ike learning to speak another language, but without an accent. Something you Dutch people excel at!
  11. Thank you. But I have a lot of work to do if I am ever to glide in them like some women high heeled aficionados I know!
  12. Well, I wear them all day, but in my office I don’t walk terribly far, obviously. I eat lunch standing up, and try to get up from my desk every twenty minutes or so, and walk around, so I suppose I do a bit of walking through the day.
  13. Nope, those particular boots are flat. I have brown knee boots with flat (low heel) soles and a pair of brown knee boots with 120mm stilettos. I wear my low heeled brown knee boots everywhere, and over skinny jeans. The boots are lovely. Custom made and fit beautifully. My stiletto knee boots I wear just in my home office.
  14. Thanks! Ive published non fiction books before - travel and “coffee table” books but this is my first attempt at fiction! The brown knee boots referred to there are from France!
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