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  1. The president does not have the authority to fire the Vice President.
  2. Australia most certainly brought in restrictions! Far stricter ones than were ever brought in here. Victoria was living under virtual martial law for six months.
  3. Well, all one has to do is look at the excess deaths figures - deaths, over and above those of a normal year. These are substantial - indeed considerably more than the figures quoted for Covid deaths. There is no question that things are not going well at present. Something is causing all these excess deaths. What do you suppose it might be?
  4. A person dying of cancer can quite readily die of Covid before the cancer claims them. Without knowing specific cases, and seeing a coroners report, and having medial knowledge oneself tio be able to interpret what has been said, it is impossible to speak to spefic cases. True, there may well be people dying with Covid rather than of it who are included in the statistics, but that would be offset by, for example, heart attack victims who are and were utterly Covid free but who died because of overstressed medical facilities. I'm sure there are mkore than a few of those as the excess deaths statistic would imply.
  5. Even if one already is terminally ill, if one dies of Covid, or if covid is a contributing factor, then it would properly be included in the Covid statistics. Same is if you were dying of cancer, with only hours to live, and someone shoots you. It still counts as a homicide and the death is recorded in the crime statistics.
  6. Yes, it is. It had a brief bit of buzz last September but that swiftly died away. A pity. This could be a good forum...
  7. Hard to believe it, but New Years Eve is upon us and 2020 is about to slide into history, gone but hardy forgotten. Here's hoping for a happy and healthy 2021 - may it be much better than this past year! Any grand resolutions?
  8. Very nice boots indeed and, as noted, odd to see them in a UK12. As you say, possibly a production line error.
  9. On the other hand I have some very tough twenty year old Scarpa mountaineering boots in suede that have seen use all over the world. It depends on the suede and whatever protective treatment you give it.
  10. A rather odd sole on those boots. Ive got ankle boots with 3.5” heels and while I am aware of the heel, they also feel rather matter-of-fact to wear. I quite like that though. One can quickly lose any feelings of self consciousness and simply wear high heeled ankle boots as regular footwear - and to me that’s nice
  11. If they’re not ticking the right boxes then I’d send them back - almost is not good enough when you could save the money and spend it on something that is good enough. I do like the sound of the Recite boots - a four inch heel and a round toe is right up my street!
  12. An interesting story about a pair of much loved OTK boots in The Guardian today: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/25/my-sister-and-i-shared-my-grandmothers-beautiful-boots-when-they-were-stolen-we-were-devastated
  13. Ah, yes - well these are from Shoes of Prey, a company now sadly no longer in business. They had quite a novel set up where you could customise your order - toe shape, colour (wide range!), leather or suede, heel shape etc and they had a wide range of styles. They were not cheap, but for what you got and the fact that you could customise your shoes or boots to your taste, it was worth it They had a generous returns policy too. And they ran to large sizes - genuine UK12 in anything they offered. And they were plesant to deal with. They were probably just a bit too generous in everything and commercial realities jumped up and bit them. They are no more. I am very glad to have two pair of their ankle boots.
  14. Sounds like a very nice pair of boots. The tricky think with store bought otk boots is getting the fit tight on the calves and leg. If you’ve got that right, that’s brilliant! They would look great with skinny jeans
  15. Sounds like these might have been returns and got mixed up - or perhaps somebody with different size feet ordered both sizes, cherry picked them and sent the two they didn't want back in one of the boxes. Whatever - if it works for you great! Call it Fate
  16. They were always dear, but their prices have gone up a lot in recent years as they’ve become better known outside Australia. I bought mine about fifteen years ago, maybe more. They were pricey then, but nothing like now. The nice thing about them is that they last so well and you can get them resolved. The company has stories of peoples boots literally lasting decades.
  17. Sounsd good! Since it is officially designated a 'men's' boot you should get a good chance to try out heels safely, as it were.
  18. I see that R.M. Williams - the classic outback Australian outfitter, famed especially for their boots - are now offering two-inch cuban and block heels in their men's selection. THat's new. THey are not by any means cheap, but they are beautiful boots. I have a pair of their dress jodhpur boots in black kangaroo hide (low heels, these are some years old) and they are absolutely lovely. Nice to see they are offering them with higher heels now.
  19. Isn't that just the way?
  20. True - mind you, I am paranoid about wearing my nice suede boots out in anything but perfect weather!
  21. My ankle boots have 3.5” Cuban heels. I didn’t really notice any difference at all. Because the ball of my foot rests flat on the pedals there was no observable difference in angle. Its a good thing I am old school with my bicycles - all flat pedals, no clipless, so I can wear any type of shoe, boot or sandal I please.
  22. I managed to find some of those blogs that discuss cycling in heels. It appears it is much more common on the Continent - quelle surprise! I did go for a spin in my high heeled ankle boots - to be honest, I really didn’t notice any difference. One is on the balls of ones feet anyway when pedalling and so you really don’t notice you’re in heels until you climb off. But if course there is still the sense of daring and elegance.
  23. Sock boots don’t do it for me. I like proper sturdy leather boots. The styling in those is nice though. Im with you in the toe shape - l like rounded/almond toes.
  24. I'm glad you were able to get your discount on the size 13s. Hopefully the fit will be just as good around the ankle and calf. Thiat one of the thigs I like so much about my black suede otk boots - being custom made the fit is absolutely perfect there. Hpoefully you'll get some nice opportunities to wear them. We're coming into autumn...
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