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  1. I am just into wearing just heels with men’s clothes. That’s why I joined here ( joined the other site as I found that first).
  2. hh4evr1


    Thank you. I didn't used to like slouch boots but saw this pair and quite liked them. I did wait a while before actually buying them.
  3. hh4evr1


    Definitely easy to walk in and not to noticeable for public wearing.
  4. hh4evr1


    Thank you. They have been worn in public under jeans and were comfortable.
  5. It could be in your device/internet settings. I have had similar problems with some websites/forums before.
  6. That was interesting. This could explain why my trainers don't last long. They are too flat.
  7. The first pair are a style I would wear. I have two pairs of boots similar to Uggs. One is normal leg shaft length and the other has a shorter leg shaft. I wear them as slippers in the winter. You can get leather versions of Uggs or other similar styles. You can get protector spray to put on them if you wanted to wear them in bad weather.
  8. I used to think the same about wearing them in public. But reading about others wearing their heeled boots or shoes in public I started to wear mine. i wear thicker heeled boots mainly if in public, but have also worn low stiletto heeled boots. I wear them with jeans and shirt. I used to wear them in my previous office job. But in my new job people don't accept it unfortunately.
  9. The boots are my favourite, but the shoes are ok too. It's good to have different styles in a shoe collection. Do you wear them in public or just at home?
  10. Welcome. Once you have posted a certain number of posts you can set up a gallery to show your collection or you could upload photos to a post.
  11. You can already walk in heels, but you have to be more careful with where you walk or the heel may get stuck in gaps and get damaged. You also have to walk evenly so your foot lands flat (often people walk more on the inside or outside edge of the foot). I'm not sure what height heels you wear, but you will have to practice to get used to walking in a stiletto heel and also to get used to the extra height.
  12. They would be nicer without the platform.
  13. Or show her pairs you would like and see how she reacts.
  14. Why doesn't your wife like the two pairs shown? maybe she could help you find a pair you both like.
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