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  1. Of course you are joking about your son posting on facebook... I'm thinking your kids are aware you wear heels and are OK with it, they just don't bring it up....
  2. wetboot


    easy to walk in also
  3. wetboot

    Why I wear heels

    Well, I like the way I look in high heel boots and jeans as well, somewhat due to being taller and making my butt look better. But, I have always been interested in, and attracted to boots ever since I was a kid. I think this look can be very powerful on guys who can pull it off.
  4. wetboot


    Hi buddy!
  5. wetboot

    New Dutch guy

    Welcome buddy! I love boots as well. Don
  6. wetboot

    Leaving to go home.jpg

  7. wetboot

    pleaser heat 2010 boots

    yeah buddy, you look so fine those killer boots.
  8. Those boots are beautiful, dream of having a pair just like them. I would have no problem wearing those killer boots just about anywhere.
  9. wetboot


    you are soooo right, dream of boots like that, along with the great legs, looks so fine with the jeans.
  10. Like everyone says, your wife is obviously comfortable with your love of heels, and must think you look good in them, she wants to show you off! I realize she may have overstepped a bit by posting pictures online, but I believe she is just trying to help you "out of your shell" so you will feel more comfortable in heels publicly and with friends/relatives. The wife's intention are good, and I'm hoping her public prodding will have an overall positive result for you. You are actually a lucky guy, wish my better half accepted/liked my love of high heel boots.
  11. Dang, those boots are amazing!
  12. wetboot

    Office Thigh Boots.

    you guys are right, many sellers fail to "market" their boots properly online. Showing boots laying on the ground really misses the mark, nice boots like that should be properly modeled for maximum bidding prices.
  13. Love those leggings, wish I had the bod to look so good in them!