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  1. I had a pair of 6" heels with 2" platform shoes modified a while back to be 7" heels with the same 2" plattform. They fit great but a challenge to walk becouse of the stiletto heel and that my foot slide a little inside becouse of the lack of support since they are sandals. I have tried several times to use different type of inlay soles to make the sandal tighter to my foot for easier to walk, but have not really succeded... until yesterday. I took one of these plasctic/foam plates, 8 mm thick we use for sitting outdoor and cut it to fit the internal of the sandals, as an inlay sole. And this work really fantastic. The foam give a kind of a spring effect and the sandals are like glued to the foot. Now I have no problem to walk with the sandals, feel I can even run... Really a fantastic feeling!
  2. Even thow the heel it self was not any nice, the shape of the foot of the boot was very nice..
  3. Yesterday I made my first fulltime day in 5" block heel boots. I was driving most of the day, but I did go in to a restaurant for dinner on the road and I did grocery shopping.at the destination. In the restaurant there were some truckdrivers, but I could not notice anyone paying any special attention to my footwear. At the grocery store I had to ask one of the female workers where to find my stuff. I learned something thow...when wearing 5" heels and standing up from sitting for a while, find the balance BEFORE start walking! Important!..
  4. In my point of (brainwashed) view, style like this fits well on men..
  5. I kind of have a crush on these boots....
  6. In a way I`m happy my feet is to large for normal size female shoes..if I could buy shoes directly from the stores, I would have hundreds of pairs..
  7. With my GoPro on a teleskopic rod, I tried to capture some clips from ground level to see how does it look like wearing heeled boots. Here are a few print screen from the recording. I will work more on this by adjusting the cam for better pictures...
  8. Yesterday evening my wife and me had an appointment with a gay couple we know. We should meet at a restaurant for dinner. So my wife and me dressed up, she in boots with about 2,5" heels and me wearing my 4" block heels. We walked to the train station and took the train to destination. Very crowded on the train so we had to stand among many others. At the destination we walked through the big railway station and through the city for about 20 min before we reach the restaurant. There we met our friends, had some beers, had a dinner and when done, we said goodbye and took the same route back home. Again...no looks and no comments from anyone. Not even our friends noticed anything...even thow I were 4" taller compare to last time we met. So folks, just put on your heels and go out. Nobody really cares....
  9. And the benefit for wearing 4" on a daily basis, my 5" is also becomming more and more easy to wear..
  10. Had a new business trip out of town yesterday wearing my new boots. At the airport I took of the boots before walking trough the security and left the boot with by jacket in the basket. Someone had taken the boots out of the basket before the x-ray machine so they came seperate from my jacket in the basket. At the destination I was picked up by a female in a car and we drove to plant where we should work. We changed clothes in the same office, by meaning we undressed only jacket and footwear and put on overall and safety shoes. When the work was done, we return to the office, changed clothes, she drove me back to the airport, same procedure through the security and after 45 min waiting, I entered the plane and after a couple of hours I were home again. I could not notice anyone looking, I got no comments...everything worked nice and smooth...
  11. 1. The heel shape really matters. But to avoid getting to much attention, I prefer block heels. Block heels are also a lot easier to wear compare to stilettos. If I were living in a perfect world, I would wear slimmer heels but still not stilettos. 2. I also notice the big different in just a few mm. But the type of footwear and heelshape, also make a big different. So 5" on one pair is sure not the same as 5" on another pair. 3 If I walk out on the street, I prefer less pain, less difficult and therefore 4" heels. But I sure also like the little extra pain and struggle to wear as high heels as possible. So if I wear going to a pub or cinema, I would prefer using my 5" boots.
  12. I also prefer the heels to be more narrow, but these boots were made for everyday use, therefore 1" hidden and solid block heels.. My absolut favorite heel height is 5". That give the foot the perfect shape...but also more pain and more difficult to wear
  13. And so I will do. I have also noticed I like to be the extra 4 inch taller...
  14. I guess you right...they will be considered as high heels But not in a feminine way..
  15. Would you consider them as high heel boots?
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