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  1. Sorry I didn't realize it was a problem. I was thinking interested folks could look at the shoes there & comment on the styles here, pro or con. I have now listed it in the links section but can't seem to find a way to delete the message here.
  2. Hi, I came across this web site & among the many feminine styles they have a select number of mens shoes with 6" heels. www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever If you look under the "boots" listing in the menu the mens shoes can be found there.
  3. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I love HH & have since I was a kid. I have a number of pairs both in womens styles & mens as well. I found a shop in LA back in the 90's called Mr. Burkes on Hollywood Blvd. It catered to the rock & roll musicians & they stocked mens boots with 3 1/2" - 4" heels. Not strictly cuban heels as they were thinner & much higher. I bought 3 pair of suede boots, in black, gray & brown. I still wear them, they look great with jeans or leather pants. If there are any guys in LA I would love to know if the store is still there. Thanks.
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