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  1. Your emails for @aol.com are being rejected. Please update to a non-AOL email ASAP.

  2. Just ordered a pair of stiletto boots through a company called Aliexpress that imports from China. They offered many larger sizes, and the prices are ridiculously low, so I couldn't resist. I've heard the quality is.........fair, so I'm willing to take the chance. Anyone ever done business with this company?
  3. I live alone (and have for quite some time) so "hiding" my heels isn't an issue. ;-)
  4. VERY nice boots. Leather or suede, my problem will most certainly be SIZE. (sigh)
  5. Yes. Hopefully, stiletto boots will be back "in" this winter.
  6. Yes. It's just about THAT time again. (wink)
  7. I find your research on the Pleaser brand interesting. I own many pairs of older Pleaser boots and I'm starting to wonder if the newer ones may be different. May just buy a new pair to find out.
  8. Wow. Amazing that they thought you just "wouldn't notice" the boots. Especially considering they weren't even the same brand OR size.
  9. Hey, folks. More links are welcome. My research doesn't seem to be turning up many results.
  10. Lately, I've been hearing about people ordering heels from China. I've also heard that some of them offer larger sizes. I've been searching for alternatives as far as stiletto boots are concerned and if anybody could provide links or any kind of information it would be appreciated. ;-)
  11. Wearing heels does actually involve a little "work" on the wearer's part. I see your point. (pun intended)
  12. During my travels this holiday season, I couldn't help but notice that most of the stiletto heeled boots I saw were on older women. The younger crowd seems to prefer riding boot-style flat heels. I think it's cool to see older women "carrying the torch" for the cause, if you will. ;-)
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