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  1. Not seen anything from Kelly for a while but ....
  2. The gig didn't happen, for me at least. The Freddies spent the Christmas period bunged up with the 'cold' and cough doing the rounds. (Well if it's good enough for the Queen .....) Bit of a shame as I'd put no small amount of effort into ensuring I had a choice of two (androgynous) outfits, one of which involved a top bought direct from China that proved to have an ignorable fault... I hadn't decided on footwear, but red patent courts represented 50% of the choices shortlisted. Am about to look around for a Plan B. Not that the impending (Arctic) weather, will lend itself to trotting around in heels, in what looks like quite a skimpy outfit. Was in London's West End yesterday. Really, only wanted to visit Selfridges, but left it a bit late during the sale period. Not much left in my shoe size, but it was the first opportunity with the two of us anything near fit enough to join the rest of the world. Also did House of Fraser, and John Lewis, but no purchases made. I tried on a pair of shoes in John Lewis with no one paying any notice. I also took one of my high heeled boots off in HoF (to adjust my hose socks) which didn't produce any looks I was aware of either. People too busy with their own lives perhaps? There were plenty of people about, with the stores fairly busy. Took me an unusually long time to get parked, with the significant increase in "Residential Parking" around the shopping areas exacerbating the problem. Maybe I need to find some better places South of Oxford Street? Looks like I will be returning sometime soon. I have a second pair of the Tokologo to go back. These are the stylist boots bought at half-price (£40 down from £80) with toe-boxes so hard they are uncomfortable. A bit like wearing steel-toe-capped-safety-shoes. Shame, as they are a lovely shape, and good walking height.
  3. From the album Shopping shoes .....

  4. From the album Shopping shoes .....

  5. From the album Shopping shoes .....

  6. From the album Shopping shoes .....

  7. From the album Tesco

  8. Well, answers in abundance ..... At the moment, it rather looks like one of the Torture Garden gigs it is. Without a visit to a fetish market or fetish outlet (several in Soho) these things must be too underground. Previously (30 years ago) my mode of dress ensured entry. Am a bit concerned my intended outfit (andro) will be outlandish enough to walk through. The club does say "men in leggings is not suitable attire for entry" or runs something like it. Doubtless I will have to ask prior to spending money on tickets. Mrs Freddy won't be a problem ... Especially with what is becoming her taste for coloured highlights in her hair....
  9. The notion these new Tokologo boots look 'passable' is a fair assumption, but sadly, not borne out by experience. My 'usual' footwear of choice is another ALDO style - as in my avatar. Those are ever-so-slightly higher, and allow almost no foot movement at all. The consequence of wearing the (leather) style is that I look like I'm walking in a high heel and my hips have to rotate when I walk. ('Mincing' if a man, 'wiggling' if a woman.) I get noticed less in the leather shoe? Plastic used on less expensive (womens) shoes has a particular sheen to it, not usually seen on mens shoes. It's a shame I can't embed a video here of me walking in the Tokologo without third party involvement (You Tube) so I could demonstrate. I got quite cavalier by mid-evening, and even thought of giving 'the masses' something to stare at by wearing some tight leather look leggings and stiletto's. Then realised I might be a little too old for such an adventure. If only I were 30 years younger and enjoyed my post-mid-life-crisis confidence.... (Actually, I've yet to have mine. Wonder what the hold-up is?) I would have enjoyed the chance of a meet up at Stratford if one had been in the offing, but I had to invent a way to keep a rear fog light with broken mounting, in the right place to get my car though an MOT today. I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon under the back of my car, working what I would call 'a small miracle'. Took longer than expected, hence my late visit out by way of celebration the lamp was returned to its rightful location. My car got a nice shiny MOT today, so the time was well spent. It's been 4 years since I visited Westfield Stratford, and back during the pre-Olympic visit, I was aghast at how busy the place was. I was also surprised that Primark and John Lewis shared a location. I have doubts they share customers for example... As to shoes, "the world and his wife" have possibly made the same discovery I did not some 8 years ago: Ankle boots work with everything, including every shape of leg (unlike 'tall' or OTK boots). Might be a bit late for a wide range of high heels given we are in the 'Christmas do' weeks, and certainly Office is the shop to visit for those. Zara and ALDO have heels too, but Office offers the highest, and without platforms. Seems you found some entertainment, if not in the volume you anticipated. I hope you enjoyed your day out. No mention of a heel on your own feet, so I expect there was no 'mincing' on your part.
  10. Had planned to go to the West End tonight, but left home late (surprise surprise) so went to Brent Cross instead. Wore my new ALDO ankle boots, which are proving to be the most uncomfortable shoe I own. The heel is not overly high, although high. The fit is good, but they are plastic. There is no give in the toebox, so walking in them produces some rubbing across the tops of both big toes. Full review another time. So, wore the ALDO boots. The toe shape and material marks them out visually, as being a girls shoe despite them mostly being covered by my jeans. I got spotted by a lot of people, especially those sitting. One woman, a non-European, almost broke her neck trying to validate the glimpse she got as I walked past her seated position. She looked a further 3 times, catching me looking at her every time before I decided to put my shoes out of her line of sight. I don't mind 'being spotted', in fact I expect it. But discretion is welcome. Unless you are being paid for it, who enjoys being stared at? (Have a look by all means, it's a story to tell your grandchildren: "I once saw a man in heels". But no need to be rude ...) To my surprise, I found shoes and boots in the sales at Fenwicks. We are now less than 2 weeks from Christmas, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I was. Fenwicks wasn't overly busy, so I tried on some knee boots from Dune while there. Fit was good, with a calf fitting as it should be, but still a little loose around the lower calf and ankle. Actually covered my knee cap. A bit later on while in John Lewis, and after some faffing about (waiting for a girl with size 3 or size 4 feet to finish trying on the same style), I took a size 8/41 of these off to another corner in the shoe section and tried them on. As with the Tommy style above, these fitted my foot, but baggy everywhere else up my leg. Although I wouldn't spend £108 on boots, if they fitted, at least I could 'aspire' to own a pair, but still no success in finding anything to cover my legs.
  11. Another post (following the DIY one) that cuts across at least two other threads. (ALDO retailing and Ebay). These boots are currently included in the ALDO sale range >> ALDO Cornera OTK boots << at £69-98 down from £100. "Sold" a couple of days ago on Ebay, advertised as a "Generous size 9.5 (I'm a 10 and they fit fine)" they made good money: Looks like the seller has my calves .... Note the 'bagging' on the boots that I experienced (upper pictures). You don't often see shoes go for more than the original sticker price, but OTK boots seems to one of them.
  12. This picture cuts across several threads, but this is the one I feel is the more appropriate. Why? (Sorry, no prizes.)
  13. It would seem the Tokologo style from ALDO has been removed from the 'sale' range and is back to full price. I wonder, could I return the ones bought over the weekend claiming: 'lost receipt' and get a credit note for the (current) full price .... doubling my investment? Sadly, not. I've noticed that with some brands, the loss of one or more sizes in a style, coincides with that style slipping into the sale category. At the time the Tokologo had joined the sale section, a UK8 wasn't available online. (Coincidence.) It was also part of a small range that had been discounted during the "Black Friday" week/fortnight. With the size 8 available again, maybe there's no reason for it to be part of the 'sales' line? The B/F promotion has ended too, so it could be that instead? Something slightly more enigmatic is the disappearance of a style called >> Capestick << from the UK ALDO website. This link is to the US ALDO site. A Google search still offers the same address as my bookmark, but it only produces an error page. I saw the shoe in store on Sunday too? I hope the style returns, as the shoe fits like a glove, but at £90 it was too expensive for my budget. I had been optimistic it might appear in a sale over the Cringlemas/New Year period.
  14. Certainly beyond my meagre budget, but not unusual these days. I can't recall the last time I paid the original sticker price for shoes or boots, and I suspect the brands don't expect many to either. When I first started buying high street brands to wear, ankle boots were in the £80 range for leather. Now they are twice that, in 8 years. Shoes sales used to run for 2 months after Cringlemas, now barely a month. Ravel/Faith/Barratts (as was), now all gone as have one or two others. The survivors are maybe keeping profitable by charging a lot of money for products shipped in from very inexpensive suppliers. As an example: I have tried to buy a well made version of the Office 'On to Point' style in red patent. Retailing at £68 usually, and stock nearly gone helped recently by a 20% discount promotion. These synthetic shoes were identified as having been made in Spain. An almost identical shoe made in China, retails at £17 with carriage at £4. No shop front or retail staff to employ, so costs for selling the Chinese version are lower, but the company is making enough money to stay healthy. Their shoes sell in reasonable numbers. (Their service is very good too.) That is a big difference in potential margins. Even better is the Jimmy Choo Anouk the two copies mentioned above are modelled on, which start at £375, and goes upwards if you have a pair made in a different skin or colour not usually available to retailers. The Kurt Geiger version of the Jimmy Choo style court (might have been called Eden) went from £160 to pennies short of £200 in the space of a couple of years. Dune shoes (which I don't much like) are as bad. Plain knee boots: £200 thank you very much. My collection with be worth twice what it cost me a couple of years.
  15. Well ..... Despite my best intentions, this has all gone a bit pear shaped. The shoes were received back this morning. The seller informed me I would get a refund on the 8th (so three days away) and I queried this, especially after being told the seller had until the 13th to refund if they followed Ebay rules. I was told my query was: rude, and aggressive. The seller then asked Ebay to intervene (so no further contact). I was shocked, and a little upset (insulted) given how well I thought I had responded. (Not getting angry/annoyed/abusive when the item I bought was so obviously unfit for sale.) In response, I left the negative feedback that was deserved (that I never intended to leave), and contacted Ebay directly myself. I got the assistant I discussed this situation with, to read through my messages. I was told my messages were not rude nor aggressive. (Why would they be?) Further, I was told if the seller did not repay, Ebay would step in and repay for them anyway. Mrs Freddy has said I must stop buying "used" items from Ebay, too many 'troubled' people there unwilling to understand what 'negotiation' looks like. To be honest, this is only the third time in something like 8 years I've had a poor experience in possibly something like 500 transactions. That's quite a good batting average otherwise.