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  1. Yes, it is! And I agtee with you; it's not 'bad' But concerning the heels, I do prefer high quality leather above all other materials
  2. I agtee with you, concerning Twitter. Instagram (your life in pictures) is a bit of a diffetent thing, if you use it properly (in this case promotion of heels) The group of people that love heels on Instagram is enormous! I'm willing to give it a try.
  3. Well..it's a start, right? Let's see what happens from now on. And ..I take that as a compliment!
  4. Morning! I got the point and I know the difference. Since I buy a specific high quality vintage style they're hard to find in the ebay shops in the usa. Mainly I buy them from people. There's 1 guy running an Ebay shop in France, that has good vintage. I have to look up his name.
  5. Hello Puffer! Yes, I can. Shoe size 40 3 inch is the most 'comfortable' for me (stiletto) but I'm trying 5 inch, which is extremely tough, but the ultimate for me. Have you seen the photo's of my boots? No, I do not wear them outside, in the open. But I do practise quite a lot at quiet places.
  6. Indeed, it's an old post. But I'm reading everything that's been said, to get an idea who is who and what's going on. And it helps, because we're chatting again!
  7. Thank you for your explamation! :-)
  8. Morning gents :-) The question in if social media will help, but I do think so, if you use it properly. At least, by talking about this, there's some movement already :-)
  9. Wearing more heels this year, for sure! And maybe a bit mote sports would do!
  10. I'm not interested; I'm here for the heels. Although ypu could say that my thigh high's are legwear, haha!
  11. Indeed proper heels! 5 inch, I'd say!?
  12. Would be nice if the owners would wake up and join our conversation :-)
  13. I absolutely 'love' them, although I'm not allowed to say so in here, haha!
  14. The Aldo's!! If I ever have a sectetary ;-)
  15. That's an easy one for ne :-) my calf leather thigh high's :-)
  16. I rented a small space in the M3 selfstorage ;-)
  17. Personally.. I'm don't like platform shoes, but this pair is quite nice!
  18. marcelheels


    You found them... but did you buy them? ;-)
  19. marcelheels


    She wears amazing heels! So feminine!
  20. I buy most of my heels on Ebay USA or Ebay Germany. Never had any issues with that, other than the fact that customs take some time.
  21. The classis black patent sandals, first picture on thevright, adorable ones!
  22. Haha! Thank you! :-) I do preger my thigh high's above the clogs, if you don't mind ;-)
  23. I'm ok with that, but I think the proper way should be asking the moderators first, right?
  24. Oh, don' worry. I behave, I'm just b;lond and Dutch. How do I know? ;-)
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