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  1. Apparently yesterday was the hottest April day for over 70 years. March was one of the coldest on record - is the weather playing catch-up now? I was out in my wedge sandals at Brighton Marina yesterday. We had a visitor with us - no comments on my footwear although I know the heels were plainly visible at times.
  2. Yes. I've noticed that with eBay! Why?? One reason I don't like Amazon is that there are no categories for descriptions, but at least you can select size. Have eBay discontinued sizes for other clothing??
  3. I had a very interesting time on Saturday, out for the day at a business meeting with three ladies. One of them took her car so we converged on her house to get a lift. When I arrived, they said, You're the odd one out - we're all wearing skirts! I said it's a real shame I didn't know the dress code before I arrived! I was wearing my usual 4.5 inch block heels, but no comment was made, although I'm sure they know I wear them. I've known two of them for over three years. Even then, could you really sit next to someone in the back seat of the car for over an hour without that other person seeing what you're wearing? Anyway, the four of us are going to another business training on 14 April and we've decided our clothes will match for colour (blue) and our tops will have pictures of birds on. I'm now just waiting for a few prompts, as we're on a separate FB chat group. I would absolutely love the opportunity to wear something more daring in the way of shoes - some blue stilettos, perhaps? It will be a 'safe' environment - the company's head office - with moral support from three others. However, I don't want to force the issue, obviously. Perhaps I should get my blue heels in anticipation... One of them might even provide a skirt! I shouldn't get my hopes up too far, but it certainly made for a very interesting conversation.
  4. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Combination of time away and lack of opportunity. Great photos here, and I sit looking at them and wishing I could wear those lovely stilettos. Mind you, I did drive in my 5.5 inch stilettos on Friday evening...
  5. I reckon those boots would like quite masculine with long trousers! I bet they cost something though!
  6. We had a slight dusting overnight, and it's due to start again around midday. So far we've got off lightly here on the south coast, but then we rarely get much snow here. Famous last words???
  7. Yes, I'm sure you're right. I don't know if my peripheral vision is getting better, but I'm now more aware of people stealing a glance. Strange, I thought I'd have noticed everything out of sheer paranoia when I first started wearing them. Perhaps it's just that I don't try to hide them like I used to. I was a a business networking meeting this morning. There were a couple of dozen people there, and I'm sure most of them (the women, anyway!) have seen them. A couple of times ago I wore different trousers (straight, not boot cut) and at least once the hem stayed at the top of the heel when I was walking around! It's been snowing here, and I took a picture of some interesting footprints! My wedge boots have a cleated sole (just right this weather!) and a fairly narrow wedge heel, so the footprints are scattered everywhere I've been walking. If I upload a picture it will have to be from my phone as for some reason my phone isn't recognised as a drive on my computer!
  8. I'll be going by car with a couple of other people so wouldn't be able to meet at all. It's Fulham area I'm going to. I know my fellow passengers quite well. I'll just have to wait and see.
  9. I intend wearing them again to a company training in London on Wednesday. There will be fewer people there, and the light levels in the room will be higher, so there will be nowhere to hide them! Last time I went to one of these I wore my block heel Oxfords (the ones you dislike, Freddy!) and no one commented, so why should boots be any different, even if these are slightly higher?
  10. All fine. On our way home. No comments on my boots!
  11. I'm on my way, and wearing my block heel boots. Now for the test! It's below zero here but the roads seem fine.
  12. It's in Coventry, but I don't think there would be room in the car! That said, if you made your own way you'd be very welcome as a guest!
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