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  1. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Life's a blur with you, then... ;-) Seriously though, why do you need the manual? Is the camera so much different from other SLRs that you need to find out how to use it? I used mainly aperture priority on my SLR - occasionally shutter priority for fast-moving subjects and manual for difficult lighting situations. Mind you, I didn't have a dedicated flash either. I had to work out ISO rating/film speed to get the right aperture...
  2. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    Perhaps when you've sorted that out you could use the same manual to help us program our central heating timeswitch... ;-)
  3. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Yes, when I was a kid I loved snow! It's been just rain here on the south coast although there was some very wet sleet earlier.
  4. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    I have five pairs of those boots - one completely shot but I can't bear to throw them away. I keep them for gardening! The others are in various stages of decay - I think the uppers have got brittle, and the surface (soft plastic) is peeling off, hence the cracks. I have black shoe dye I use on these, as they were originally beige, as per my avatar. So I'll just wear them until they crack up completely, but they aren't ever going to be smart now - sob! They are soooo comfortable. I've just bought these today - H&M, leather upper and inner sole. £10 in a charity shop. They fit beautifully apart from being a bit tight on the top, but as they're leather I'm sure they'll stretch with wearing. They are not too noisy, and the heels are slightly over 4 inches, vertical measurement. The photo shows up every scratch! I'll give them a polish.
  5. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Cross-posted from High Heel Place, so apologies to anyone who's seen my identical post there... Now something really strange... I went to a company conference on Saturday, wearing my usual 4.5 inch wedge boots, as per the photo although those are old ones, the same style, and cracked across the toe, as you can see. No one has ever commented on my heels, and I wear them most days. It was the same on Saturday, and there were over 4000 people there. I know they were noticed by several people, and some know I wear them anyway. The strange bit: I had a bit of glitter applied to my face, as did quite a few people there. It was a bit of fun, and I thought, 'Why not.' I kept it on for the train journey home, and three people - total strangers - remarked on the glitter! WHY???????? I'm positive at least one of those saw my boots.
  6. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    Brent Cross - the only such place where I've worn stilettos. No comments, and no reaction, so far as my unobservant self saw... The same day I also wore them for shopping in Stanmore, on uneven pavements and through stores.
  7. "Last minute" meeting around the UK?

    I'm just trying to imagine you crossing your legs to try to put off the evil hour of going to the toilet. Funnily enough, I'm not even sure my heels have been noticed in the gents, and I often look at other people in the mirror while I'm walking around, washing my hands, etc. I wore boots with 4 inch very narrow heels for shopping locally yesterday. I tried to minimise the noise but you can't always do that. My wife was with me, but she's accompanied me several times while I've been wearing these. I still wonder whether I come across different people from you, Freddy, or else I'm not so observant! You really need to get those psychedelic platform courts, you know, and parade up and down in the gents. That might cause some spillages...
  8. Where's your sense of adventure? Just think of the admiring looks you'd get, and the outfits you could wear them with... ;-)
  9. You mean you didn't check the label when you bought those top beauties?
  10. Strictly - It Takes Two

    Our chance to make heels for men mainstream fashion? Just think how much we'd save in sock washing, too.
  11. Photo's ..... The Big Question.

    I used to have a Nikon FE with various lenses when I took slides, but since going over to digital I've succumbed to convenience and size over absolute quality, so I have had a succession of Olympus bridge cameras. I haven't bought Olympus because I necessarily think they are best, but because they've ticked the relevant boxes at the time of purchase. I refuse to buy a camera without an optical viewfinder of some description, as I hate having to rely on a screen, particularly in bright light and particularly as these days my eyes won't focus at short distances without reading glasses, which I would never have on me at the crucial moment! Having said all that, one of my nephews has a Nikon SLR (don't know which model) with all the trimmings, and I was gratified after a family photoshoot to find my pictures were better in quality than his...
  12. User name

    Further to this, Tech has very kindly changed my name, so all of a sudden Russ in boots has become Tacchi Alti, which is what I have been known as on hhplace for over 15 years. In case anyone's wondering, that's simply Italian for high heels, and is pronounced something like Tacky Elty. Here endeth the lesson to grandmothers who already know how to suck eggs... ;-)
  13. Strictly - It Takes Two

    I can remember steam trains going past the end of our garden - they finished in 1967, I think. I wonder how people alongside the preserved lines (Bluebell Railway etc) like the smoke. Would it make everything dirty? Washing etc. Bombsites? We had one upstairs until a couple of years ago when our son moved out...
  14. Strictly - It Takes Two

    I remember some of it - just - but you have the advantage on me. I don't remember my mother wearing anything other than tights, and certainly not stilettos, although my nan wore a girdle and stockings with real metal clasps on the suspenders. Policemen in helmets, of course, and pre-decimal currency. Then the problem of trying to divide 5 by 12 to try to work out how much you were paying...
  15. Strictly - It Takes Two

    Well... Couldn't resist! ;-)