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  1. to be honest i never practiced much before doing my charity walks. i seem to have a gift of being able to walk in almost anything that i put on my feet. i had to send back the Evans peeptoe boots as they were a little too small for my liking which is a shame as i really liked them. im now a converted heel lover and wear heels in public on a daily basis although i dont wear styles that are too girly or bright coloured and i dont go out of my way to show them off. I just love the feel and challenge of walking in heels. i have 2 more pairs of heels on order. one is a shoe and the other is a pair of boots
  2. to be honest i dont think anyone noticed. i just walked around doing my shopping like anyone else but cannot say that anyone noticed. i have worn them for a second time in public but i decided to go barefooted and again nobody noticed. they seem to be getting more comfortable the more i wear them
  3. i just went heeling to Tesco in my new peeptoe sandal boots and they are wonderful. they might make my feet ache a little after wearing them for long periods though. they are otherwise very easy to walk in and have a wonderful feeling when on my feet
  4. you dont need to wear heels too long to be in pain. here are some pics of my foor after walking 5 miles in a pair of 7 inch courts with a 2 inch platform. the grren shoe is what i was wearing atthe time
  5. FAST FORWARD over 7 years. Hi everybody. thought i would update you all. first of all i succeeded in completing the 5 mile walk in the 7.5 inch platforms. it took me around 3.5 hours. anyway back to the present. since 2009 i have done various high heel charity walks of varying degrees of hardness including a half marathon in a pair of 4 inch mary jane platforms which i had also wore for an entire month for at least 8 hours per day. anyway i now wear heels daily as when i wore heels for a month i found that wearing heels releaved me of pain in my lower spine. my daily wear is normally boots or peeptoe boots with a block heel around 2.75 to 4 inches high although i have just ordered a pair of 4 inch stiletto peeptoe boots. below is a picture of my daily wear heels. PS: If im not wearing heels or my steel toecap work boots i normally wear a pair of very comfortable ugg boots. they are so comfortable you can wear them like slippers with no socks. They might not be the nicest looking thing to put on a foot but you cannot knock the comfort. its just a shame they are not waterproof
  6. i started wearing heels for endurance charity walks. it was during a charity walk which involved me wearing a pair of 4 inch mary jane platforms for 31 days that i realized that they help ease the pain in my lower spine. i then decided to buy a pair of heels as daily wear to easy the pain. i have now decided that i actually love wearing heels on a daily basis and plan to invest in a few more pairs of heels. i particuarly like block heel ankle boots especially peeptoe boots with or without an open back. my ideal heel size for daily wear is between 2.75 inch and 4 inch with no platform. below are my boots and peeptoes as well as a pair of stiletto peeptoes i intend to get next
  7. In November my friend an me are walking around Swansea city centre wearing high heels for children in need. It will be the second time we have done it we done it last year but my friends heels suffered damage. what he has decided is to see if he can get a pair donated for use this year. here are his details # size 8/42 feet # heel needs to be a wedge or chunky heel style # heel needs to be 4 to 6 inches with around 3.5 inch elevation # must have an ankle strap # A Mary Jane or sandal boot would be ideal. # Colour is not important but a brighter colour would be best especially red or white # condition is not important as long as they are not excessivly worn i have posted a picture of use from last year. I am on the left wearing yellow sandals. When the photo was taken my mates shoes had already suffered damage hence the trainers. if anyone can help it will be very much appreciated. my mate is willing to pay postage
  8. get a scooter..or anything with 2 wheels and a engine. nothing like a bit of wind in the face. i'm currently restoring a 1983 Honda C70 Cub. They are fetching really good prices on ebay much like Vespa's and bretta's
  9. Back in August 2010, I completed a 10 mile walk wearing high heels sandals with 6 inch stiletto heels and 2 inch platforms. As you may well guess this could have been rather painful. On the other hand I was fortunate enough to of been given the opportunity to try out and test a new type of insole that has been developed especially for high heel footwear. It was due to using these that I had no adverse problems on the soles of my feet. If anyone is interested in this product they can find out more by viewing the demonstration video at or if you are a Facebook user you can view their profile or add them as a friend. The user name to search for is ‘’Itsoles Itgirls’’ Their website is currently undergoing development but can be found at www.itsoles.com i can honestly say that having the chance to try this new product made my walk a lot easier than expected. they sure helped the soles of my feet. they are a good investment and are a lot better than other products i have tried in the past REMEMBER THE NAME. ITSOLES. HIGH HEELS WERE INVENTED FOR THEM. BUY A PAIR NOW. YOU WONT REGRET IT
  10. well i thought i would add a little extra to let everyone know how well i did on my 10 mile walk. as you may of gathered i completed the 10 mile walk in 6'' heels which took 8 hours including stops. what i did not bargain on was the agony i would be in for the next 2 or 3 weeks. i had blisters so bad i had to walk around wearing flip flops for 2 weeks as my little toes were in agony. it is coming up 3 weeks now and today i pulled off some dead skin from one of my little toes which is still tender and while doing this the toe nail came away as well. that means as well as having some very painful blisters i lost BOTH my toe nails on my little toes. the only good thing is that i never had blisters on the soles of my feet which i put down to the ITSOLES i was testing. at the end of the day i promised my wife that i would complete the 10 miles for cancer research uk and completed it i did. a total of
  11. i know the feeling. i walked for 10 miles in 6'' heels and my toes were creeping forward all the time. it was like trying to squeeze a whale into a sardine tin. 9 days after the walk my toes are still sore due to blisters. OUCH
  12. if you want to see a short video clip of me in my heels i have uploaded it to you tube at
  13. Just a quick update to clarify and make it clear that the ITSOLES i was testing stayed in place and never slipped once. at the end of the walk i noticed that one of the steel heel tips had come lose and could be pulled out with a good tug.
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