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  1. bertus

    Why I wear heels

    Hello, Not all shoes I have do have high heels. I like ladies shoes due to the diversity they have. I have shoes from flats like ballerinas, midheel (4 to 6 cm) pumps and boots and some pumps with heels of 10 cm. I have added a gallery with 18 of the 31 shoes and boots I got. Bertus
  2. bertus

    Hello from Amsterdam

    Hello all, @Puffer , the shop where I buy my ladies shoes also has an international webshop: https://www.bigshoes24.com/ You could ask them if the send the shoes abroad. @gjogj , Also welcome to the forum. How long are you using the ladies shoes? Bertus
  3. Hello, I just wear them in home. I do not think it would be wise in amsterdam to go out with them. Bertus
  4. Hello, Here I have some links from my bookmarks folder. A high heels blog, no additions lately, but it has still some interesting reading: http://www.thehighheelstore.com/highheelblog/ The high heel shoe museum: http://www.highheelshoemuseum.com/ Bertus
  5. bertus

    Hello from Amsterdam

    Hello, I do have size UK10/EU44, so I will have to go to special shops, with special prices. Bertus
  6. bertus

    Hello from Amsterdam

    Hello, Did you also see this thread posted by me? Bertus
  7. Hello, In Amsterdam we have a couple of shops that will sell big ladies shoes. The http://www.vanharen.nl/NL/nl/shop/welcome.html ( a http://www.deichmann.com/DE/de/shop/welcome.html shop ) sells some , but the quality is not so good. This is a "regular" shoe store with about 500 models for regular sizes and about 50 models for size 43/44 There is also http://www.stravers-shoes.com/, but again I dislike the quality. This is a speciality shop for small to large sizes. I noticed that also a lot of travesites visit this shop. All my shoes I buy at https://www.bigshoes24.com/. This is a shop for regular to large sizes (ladies sizes upto 46, I have UK10/EU44). My latest buys are the following: https://www.bigshoes24.com/webshop/womens-shoes/knee-boot/product:5240_lilian_lange-laars-blauw.htm https://www.bigshoes24.com/webshop/womens-shoes/pump/product:5605_calandschoe_pump-blauw-zwart.htm This pump I already have for some time and call them my comfort pumps: https://www.bigshoes24.com/webshop/womens-shoes/pump/product:2674_gabor_pump-zwart.htm Bertus
  8. bertus

    Hello from Amsterdam

    Hello, I am the new guy from Amsterdam. I have created a collection of women shoes of 31 pieces. All shoes I have come from www.bigshoes24.com I have all kinds of shoes from ballerinas to pumps with heels upto 10 cm. Bertus