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  1. Hello, Not all shoes I have do have high heels. I like ladies shoes due to the diversity they have. I have shoes from flats like ballerinas, midheel (4 to 6 cm) pumps and boots and some pumps with heels of 10 cm. I have added a gallery with 18 of the 31 shoes and boots I got. Bertus
  2. Hello all, @Puffer , the shop where I buy my ladies shoes also has an international webshop: https://www.bigshoes24.com/ You could ask them if the send the shoes abroad. @gjogj , Also welcome to the forum. How long are you using the ladies shoes? Bertus
  3. Hello, I just wear them in home. I do not think it would be wise in amsterdam to go out with them. Bertus
  4. Hello, Here I have some links from my bookmarks folder. A high heels blog, no additions lately, but it has still some interesting reading: http://www.thehighheelstore.com/highheelblog/ The high heel shoe museum: http://www.highheelshoemuseum.com/ Bertus
  5. Hello, I do have size UK10/EU44, so I will have to go to special shops, with special prices. Bertus
  6. Hello, Did you also see this thread posted by me? Bertus
  7. Hello, In Amsterdam we have a couple of shops that will sell big ladies shoes. The http://www.vanharen.nl/NL/nl/shop/welcome.html ( a http://www.deichmann.com/DE/de/shop/welcome.html shop ) sells some , but the quality is not so good. This is a "regular" shoe store with about 500 models for regular sizes and about 50 models for size 43/44 There is also http://www.stravers-shoes.com/, but again I dislike the quality. This is a speciality shop for small to large sizes. I noticed that also a lot of travesites visit this shop. All my shoes I buy at https://www.bigshoes24.com/. This is a shop for regular to large sizes (ladies sizes upto 46, I have UK10/EU44). My latest buys are the following: https://www.bigshoes24.com/webshop/womens-shoes/knee-boot/product:5240_lilian_lange-laars-blauw.htm https://www.bigshoes24.com/webshop/womens-shoes/pump/product:5605_calandschoe_pump-blauw-zwart.htm This pump I already have for some time and call them my comfort pumps: https://www.bigshoes24.com/webshop/womens-shoes/pump/product:2674_gabor_pump-zwart.htm Bertus
  8. Hello, I am the new guy from Amsterdam. I have created a collection of women shoes of 31 pieces. All shoes I have come from www.bigshoes24.com I have all kinds of shoes from ballerinas to pumps with heels upto 10 cm. Bertus
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