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  1. FYI there are photo image edit web sights to help you next time.
  2. GF and I were one day having breakfest at a local restaurant one day and I over herd a brief discussion between a little boy and her mother behind us about my boots. Little boy: Why is that man wearing womens shoes? Mother: No honey, that's called fashion. Best one I ever heard.
  3. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! Received them a few days ago and they are really nice. 3.5" heel leather is nice and heavy.
  4. I simply don't tell any one, I just show up wearing them. :cool:
  5. I am waiting on a pair of boots form Shoe Mall.com Paid only fifty bucks for them.
  6. Would you believe it that it's been over seven years that my GF and I have been together? When we meet she had no idea that I wore heels. Until she was at my house just a week after we meet. We needed to look something up on the net so I open Internet Explorer on my computer and oooops my favorite's on the tool bar had hh sights links right in front of her! I tried to delete them real fast but there was so many of them the list, it just kepted scrolling on and on. She is a smart one and picked it up instantly and asked me that do I wear high high heels. Uhm........yeah I do. Turned out she was cool with it and turns out that she have a bit of a shoe fetish her self, I even got her back to wearing heels but not like when she was a banker but hay give and take. Oh yeah her tastes in shoes are not cheap either. :cool:
  7. So I have to post five messages to have my name on the members list huh? Well personally I don't expect a huge amount of activity but hay who knows.
  8. Hello all, just checking out the new format looks good.
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