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  1. Been a while since I have posted. BUt in my travels to find larger sized (13 womens) heels, i have found a few sites that are really pretty good. www.zappos.com www.endless.com www.shoetrader.com www.widewidths.com www.barefoottess.com Just wanted to share. Nemasis
  2. Not quite sure if i like this outfit, so was hoping to get some input here. http://nemasis.gotdns.com/images/red_heel_outfit.jpg thanks for any feed back in advance!
  3. That can't be right, it makes sense!?!?
  4. I was thinking maybe as this site grows we could organize some type of petition/email compaign to the designer shoe manufacturers about our desire for larger shoes and boots. Also not just larger sizes but wider widths as well. Just a thought:)
  5. I was thinking of a "for sale/searching for" forum. SOmething where we can post shoes for sale and help each other out in finding a particular shoe in a particular size etc. nemasis
  6. Hey Gary: I realy like the Delilahs. I wish i could find something like that in my size. (ideally 13xw but, 13w and even a 13m will work). So i guess feel lucky your a 12, cause i wish i was one;-)
  7. we've been together almost 4 years. Like i said, it started with the pair i purchased on ebay. i did not have any heels prior to that. After finding out they were womens, i thought, "why not? There isn't anything or anyone that says i can't." That was about 2 years ago.
  8. My GF and i had a similar conversation and she says most women could really care less, its men who do it to each other. When i wear my heels most women either don't care or give me a friendly smile. but men on the other hand will 1. not notice 2. give me dirty look 3. stare but make it look like they're not. But yea we agreed that there are a lot a stupid gender stereo types. I work construction and was talking to another guy and he got accused of being metrosexual because he dresses nice and grooms himself (ie shaved, hair combed, etc) and he was getting shit from his sister in law. And i said whats wrong with looking good once in while.
  9. Hello, i stumbled on to this site in my search for answers to why men "can't" wear heels. I hope it grows. I am from MN, USA nemasis
  10. I can't strees enough how important that is. It took me a while to get the courage, and i actually tell her on a shoe by shoe basis and she doesn't have a problem with it at all. It started with me buying a pair of ankle boots that had a 2" block heel and a square toe, from eBay, they were listed as a mens shoe, and thats what i thought. i showed them to her and she thought they were cute. when i researched them a little more i found they were womens shoes. I told her that and she said "i don't care if you wear girl shoes" I still have to work up the courage to show her a new pair but i feel comfortable doing it. When i pick out my shoes (mostly boots) i pick ones that i can still be confident as a man. I am not a cross dresser or anthing like that, iam a man that enjoys wearing and likes the look of heels. Cause lets face it, mens shoes are boring:-D
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