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  1. It's really easy, you don't have to be a computer genius to do it. Just try. BTW. I uploaded my pic, and it wasn't there - it seems that it must be approved of by moderators before it goes public. Am I correct?
  2. No enclosures here, so use either our gallery, or an external server [like Photobucket, Imageshack etc.]. If you want to add a picture to our gallery, choose "High Heels Gallery" on the very top of the page. Then, choose Pictures, go to the Members' Gallery section and click "Submit image to this section" to the right. IMPORTANT: the extension must be in lowercase, else the script won't allow you to upload an image [so you've got to have image.jpg instead of image.JPG, etc.].
  3. Your wife may have become tired wearing heels, or just needs something different, so back off a bit and let her decide. Anyone should wear heels [or anything else, BTW] because they want to do it, not because someone else tells / convinces / presses them to.
  4. Yeah, cutting the talk that way is [probably] the best solution possible. It's all about being confident and not behaving as if you were guilty and trying to explain yourself.
  5. Oh, I didn't know that you have a website. That's nice, although I wouldn't name it "fetish for high heels" unless it were focused on the erotic aspects of heels.
  6. Once, I bought a pair of disco shoes in a thrift store. They were heavy, brown, ugly and I never went out in them, but one thing is important: they were the first heels I've ever had.
  7. Yeah, think about some rock stars or Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's movies [almost all of which I adore] and "Pirates of the Carribean". Of course there will be some time before the make-up for men becomes something common, but it'll eventually do. Wearing earrings / body piercing is mainstream now, although it was quite underground a few years ago...
  8. Right. I used to wear them with leather pants and a dress cotton shirt, leather blazer and coat [when cold]. I'm an androgyne into gothic lifestyle and it's quite an ordinary outfit, in my terms :grin:. To parties, concerts etc. I also apply black nail polish and some make-up [eyeliner, mascara, lipstick].
  9. Yeah. The more of us, the better. I wish Kneehighs came here too...
  10. In first days of May I'll have a photographic course with some fellow goths, and I think I'll also pose as a model. This means that I'll have the opportunity to experiment with make-up and other things [heels, corset etc.]. Hopefully, I'll post some pics.
  11. These were only some photos I found on the net and posted an URL to let you all know what the shoes looked like. I had no digital camera at that time. Too bad I don't remember how the shoes exactly looked like...
  12. From "our" point of view- right, I agree. From society's one- unfortunately, still not. There's a double standard that allows men to wear only certain items and allows only women to wear certain items [note the position of "only"]. A good thing to subvert, and that's what I wrote about. What I'm interested in is not trying to pass as female [many people do, but it's not my thing], but blurring the gender boundaries so much that I could be perceived as male or female with an equal chance. I also object to any gender differences that have nothing to do with actual anatomical/ physiological differences between males and females.
  13. This is my first post since... well, I don't remember. Anyway, it's been so long that it's me who would seem to be dead. Glad to see the forum going.
  14. I won them at online auctions. It's quite hard to get my size, but somebody sells some nice footwear from time to time...
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