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  1. Looks very nice and very chic.
  2. I loved the 70s because I wore (disco) high heels every day and no one cared...because every other guy was wearing them, too! Maybe reactions to men wearing high heels today will eventually return today as back in the 70s.
  3. As member of High Heel Place, I learned of this website which seems to be a forum specifically for men and their love for high heels. I recognize many familiar names, but for those of you who don't recognize or know of my postings in High Heel Place, I have worn high heels for many, many years. I wear high heels in public every day. I always wear 4" to 6" high heels on a regular basis.I really love wearing high heels and especially in public. I enjoy ALL of the reactions I receive. I hope to post on a regular basis.
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