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  1. To be honest Mr Fred I have two grandkids, a girl of the age 11, and a boy 7 and to be honest I have worn my heels every time I take them to the shops to buy sweets etc, and to be honest they have never noticed or said anything, but saying that granddaughter did say something about 4 years ago, why are you wearing nannys boots, but that was it, nothing since.
  2. dww

    Something special

    I think your above post says it all, read it think about it.
  3. dww

    Something special

    Your having a laugh.
  4. dww

    Close encounters - with Mr Reaper.

    Yes I remember when the M40 finished at High Wycombe, and the M4 finished just passed the Maidenhead turning were you had to continue on the A4 to Reading. Yes I have been very lucky on my travels, I have spoken to many fellows about my age about the good old motorbike days, broken legs, arms blind in one eye, months in hospital etc Me no nothing came of my bike loads of times (Triumph 500 twin T100ss) never not even a scratch bit of gravel rash now and again, and never wore a helmet unless it was raining. You cannot tell me that there are guys out there that did not get upto stupid things that you would be locked up for life if you acted the way we did today, not to mention drink driving laws that did not exist then, boy we got away with murder. Evening wing commander trouble leaving the runway and by the way your pissed it was the done thing, watch the early shows of heartbeat that was so close to way people lived in the sixties, even down the policeman spraying his MG with a vacumn cleaner, yep my mum brought one it was pink and grey a Electrolux and it came with a paint sprayer, hexogon shape glass bottle. Love talking about the good old days, when we changed to 100 pennies to the pound that's when it all changed, I was old enough to buy my own heels.
  5. dww

    Close encounters - with Mr Reaper.

    There were quite a lot of 2 door mk2 Cortina's, but as you say not many GT's I wonder did it have to extra gauges in a hump in the middle of the dash or were they mounted in the dash just under the dash top, a redesign for the American market. Talking about policemans bums I remember one day on the M40 travelling towards London a policeman had stopped a mini on the hard shoulder and he was talking to the driver arms folded on the roof and his bum was just sticking out in the inside lane, could not resist came in really close on the inside lane and just brushed his bum, he sort of span round in mid air, in my mirror I watched him sprint sort of to his car, knowing I was coming of at the next junction about 3rd of a mile I booted it and shot of in the direction of the M25 as it is now, but did not exist then, he never caught me. My mk2 Cortina was bored to 1740cc very wide wheels, standard but cut in two and banded (illegal now) as 7j wheels were not available and it was made look like a 1600e, and fitted with two nikki twin choke carbs. It went very well, it was written of just outside Coventry, hit a phone box at 100mph, policeman told me if had been wearing my seatbelt I would not be here today, what happend the drivers seat was ripped out of the floor and I was thrown backwards onto the rear seat the roof was crushed totally on top of the drivers seat and if I had my seatbelt on I would have been under it, but I just got out via what was left of the rear window. But I still love mk2 cortinas, and wish I still owned one.
  6. dww

    Close encounters - with Mr Reaper.

    I have many bad stories of driving in the late sixties and early seventies, one comes to mind chasing a rover down the outside lane of the M3 flashing it out of the way in my souped up mk11 Cortina, then saw a sign in the rear window Thames valley high speed training car, opps quick change to the inside lane and drive home carefully, but I was flashing it out of the way at over 100mph.
  7. dww

    Heel meets

    I can only say going to a heel meet boosts ones confidance a hell of a lot, and lets you know you are not the only one in the world that likes to wear heels. So far I have been to three first one in Cambridge May 2002, second Miller in London 2007 meet loads of guys from overseas, and was a world heel meet, third was also at the Miller London 2009, and I enjoyed all three, but I have also meet guys locally, you know one to one, with no problems at all.
  8. dww

    Hello from WalkTall

    Maybe a bit of topic but I would like say to Happy new year to all heel wearers, and hope the new year is all good.
  9. dww

    Man In Heels Sighting

    Phil Oakley from human League wore heels on stage all the time back in the eighties and out and about.
  10. dww

    Unusual Sighting

    I admire his guts, good on him.
  11. dww

    New Member Of The 'family' ......

    Forgot to mention our cat does have it's funny sides like it can hear a spider walking across the carpet it's on it like a rocket even when it's two rooms away. Also if I am playing some loud music and I mean quite loud bit of Queen or War of the Worlds etc if I open a foil sweet or rattle a bit of kitchen foil it's next to you like a flash and I have to make it into a ball and throw it, it gets it and brings it back like dog. She is also brilliant at catching flies takes a bit of time but always gets them in the end.
  12. dww

    New Member Of The 'family' ......

    We too have a cat a female it is a feral cat it came from a farm in Cornwall, it's now 14 years old. My daughter wanted it so how can I say no. it's like a little tiger no way can you stroke it or pick it up, it will snarl and sink its teeth into the back of your hand at lighting speed evil little sod but we put up with it. Bad side is I am told feral cats live longer than normal cats, I will wait and see on that one. Your story of your cat getting a bird made me laugh a bit, quite some time ago I was round a friends house and his cat had a bird and I said to him you will not get that bird off your cat, want a bet he said with that he picked up the cat and threw it in the fish pond, cat got very wet and the bird flew away easy he said. I was not amused but it did the trick I said you have done that before once or twice he replied.
  13. dww

    Wich me luck

    Very glad you and you teacher worked around the problem, heels driving not a good combination, wear your heels with pride get loads of practice, then give it a go, pass test first, practice a few years and heels will follow later. Sorry but would not wear ballerina flats under any conditions, would be male shoes only.
  14. dww

    Wich me luck

    To be really honest, I don't think high heels should be worn on your first driving lesson, I hope your teacher says a word or two. I have been driving since 1968 and find 3 inch heels about my limit, for safety and being in control, and thats after 40 years of practice. But if you are happy all well and good go for it. I would think twice about being a passenger though.
  15. dww

    Membership numbers?

    Hi, I'am glad I am not the only one with such veiws. All I need is a nice pair of jeans black ankle boots with a heel up to four inches, 2-3 inch is my normal heel height and I am happy. If you had asked me twenty years ago if it was a sexual thing I would have most probs said yes, but not now its just a style of things I like to wear, I'am just a man in heels thats it. There are many styles of shoes etc that I like but would never attempt to wear them, not outside anyway. But at the end of the day (sorry for the pun) good luck to all that do and just go ahead and wear what makes you happy. David.
  16. dww

    Membership numbers?

    In answer to the coment make a few posts and disappear, Yes I do visit the site and have a look around, not very often I will admit. But until I find something I can comment on and add my two pence worth I will carry on looking (sorry guys). As for HH Place it appears to be going in a what dress will I wear with these shoes sort of direction, nail varnish shaving etc is not me. So there you can have my two pennies worth, and yes I am more than happy to meet up with like minded people and have a good time, no problems so far. All the very best David.
  17. dww

    Motorcycles anyone?

    Started with a James 225, bought for
  18. dww

    hello all! from a girl adjusting...

    Good for you both I'am glad you get along with the heels thingy, in my case my girlfriend of 26 years now, wants nothing to do with it, she is aware of that side of my life and I am left to get on with it, which I have done all my life. Must admit she found out the hard way, but thats my fault, but we are still together many years later, and I would not change her for the world. Now my daughter knows so does my mum and my sisters, they don't give a dam live and let live they say, So I will carry on doing my own thing as and when I want, I'am just a guy who likes wearing heels under my jeans (not into anything else girly).
  19. Well tomorrow I am going to Huddersfield, will be there at 9 o'clock quick delivery, rest of the day will be mine, start out at about 4am, most probs a slow drive home.
  20. When I was little we had a match holder hanging on our wall it said, Rolls Royce ideas are no use with a push bike income.
  21. dww

    Heels needed for charity event

    Sorry but I am only a size seven uk, but sounds like a good idea, would not like to do a high jump in those platforms.
  22. dww

    New Guy

    Welcome you are not alone.
  23. dww

    A nervous.. hello!

    I would say the average age on any high heels site is approx forty, there appears to be more guys in 40-60 year bracket than any other, I myself am 57 and have been into girly type shoes since the age of about 4, and I can tell you I have done it all over a period of time (not into anything else girly only heels, but live and let live).
  24. Quick meet ups is a good idea, problem is I don't know where I am going until the day before, could be anywhere in the uk, or Northern Ireland, I have a few peoples phone numbers if I am going that way I normally give them a ring, meet up quick lunch and away, works for me about 50% of the time.
  25. Another one, I'll put this in the microwave on defrost to cool it down.