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Found 1 result

  1. An unusual sighting in my hometown which I felt I had to report: 8:30pm thursday, dropping my kids home, I drove past an asian bloke (as in chinese/korean type asian). He was fairly burly, dressed in black t shirt and dark trousers. Definitely a geezer - the muscles & his exaggerated 'elvis' sideburns were a dead give away. The unusual part - he was wearing high heels!!! From the glimse I got, they looked like patterned/flowery, pastel-coloured open toed summer platforms, with 4"+ stiletto heels. The shoes were completely at odds with the rest of his attire and he didn't appear to be completely at ease walking in them but there he was, bold as brass, striding out in broad daylight down the side of a main road & heading (so I would guess) into the town centre. Where exactly he was heading (& where he came from) is a complete mystery. I shall be keeping a look out for him in the future though & will report any further sightings.
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