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    I quite like knee and over the knee boots - I’m not fussed about the heels. I have several flat pair of tall boots which I wear all the time during the winter and do not attract the least bit of attention.
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    Well, I truly admire your concern for your grandson's well being and emotional health. This is a tough situation for sure. But, I feel that if your Grandson has a possible interest in heels, he will discover them sooner or later, even without knowing you enjoy wearing them. So, perhaps it is better to talk with him now, kind of "feel him out" on his opinion of you wearing heels. It surely sounds like your Grandson has been raised correctly and would accept your heeling fully, even if he is not interested in wearing them. But, in case he is/might be interested in wearing heels, perhaps you can help him by exposing him to your heels now, so this will help him to feel that it is "OK", and he will be accepted and encouraged by family members. I spent so many years trying to "hide from myself", crippling myself with self hatred, I just hope I meet a young guy someday that I can help avoid wasting so many valuable years. You are not exposing your Grandson to anything "bad", you would not be giving him his first cigarette or beer. I know that you only want the best for him though, and I respect you greatly for that....Don
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    Great job DWW, kids are more durable than we believe. It is best to expose them to your heels when they are very young. Like you say, they will ask a few questions but that is fine. They will grow up knowing that men in heels is perfectly normal, and won't be bothered by any other kid's (or stupid adult) comments..........
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    To be honest Mr Fred I have two grandkids, a girl of the age 11, and a boy 7 and to be honest I have worn my heels every time I take them to the shops to buy sweets etc, and to be honest they have never noticed or said anything, but saying that granddaughter did say something about 4 years ago, why are you wearing nannys boots, but that was it, nothing since.

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