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    Bought 3 pairs from Ebay last week. This is the first pair that came in the post. Going start to use my phone to take photos from now. So this is a test to see how well it works out. I also bought a tripod to mount the phone with a remote so I can take photos of me wearing heels. I should be able to do better photos now
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    Have a pair of these on the way from AliExpress. It's been kind of hit or miss with AliExpress in the past, but they have a big selection oh high heeled boots in large sizes. Never done the chunky heel thing before, so I thought I would give it a try.
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    I guess I meant, why make up a story? Just say they’re for you. It isn’t just a choice of fabricating an excuse to buy a pair of heels, or being remote and secretive. As you say, she gave you a conspiratorial smile. You could have smiled right back and said Yup! Who knows where the conversation would have gone. Maybe nothing more than another smile, but you could have swanned out of the shop , with your parcel tucked under your arm, as though you owned the place.
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    Why explain? Leave her wondering. You'll never see her again and anyway, it's none of her business.
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    I really like these heels at the moment, but tastes change often
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    You and me both! But court shoes quite similar to those - pointed or almond toe and properly-shaped and positioned stiletto heels of 4" - 4.5" - are still quite frequently seen on TV. Several presenters and newsreaders on British TV wear them, for example. Makes all the virus doom-and-gloom go away briefly when they come on! Here is Louise Minchin on breakfast programme:
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    Not sure why this site and HHPlace are losing steam. I think in part it is due to so many there being lovers of the extreme, though HHPlace still has several guys that wear reasonable heels, But it does make me wonder where all the guys went. I doubt they stopped wearing heels, so why did they quit posting their trials and tribulations. I admit there is not a ton of input that holds my interest anymore, but there is no where else to go to find those with similar interests, so I'm not going anywhere.
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    I have my butler go on line and order - or rather he tells the housekeeper who instructs the senior footman and the senior footman instructs the junior footman. Specify no substitutions. It's beluga or its nothing. The groceries are delivered to the gatekeepers house and he informs the chauffeur who comes down to collect it and make the long drive back up to the main house, dropping it off at the servant's entrance, by the rear garden, where the sous chef sees to the storage and putting away. Or so they tell me. I've not enquired further, just so its done...

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