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    A truly sexist race then? I vaguely remember this all coming about, the high heel races, walks for charity - in heels, and what could have been more. What I can't quite remember was the name of the "banner" principle that the charity races were done under. I'm thinking "Pink" something, but that doesn't ring true. What I do (vaguely) remember, was the American version of these charitable enterprises, supported (in principle) those with or who had suffered, breast cancer. The same "banner" title in the UK, was and maybe still is, associated with women who had been abused by men. While this is still a very laudable cause, it's not one many people are happy to be aware of. Put another way, it's a bit of a 'hard sell' as charitable causes go (it seems to me). I wouldn't be surprised to find it's the reason why high-heeled races in the UK almost certainly never happened. I know sponsored walks did, but I don't recall (if they were mentioned) the charity/charities involved. But women only high heeled races, for prizes? In another era, that's the sort of thing Paul Raymond or Hugh Hefner would have dreamt up.
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    Not seen one, or heard of one locally (meaning in the UK). I think they might have become less 'popular' generally, (less interesting) when men started to compete, and win. I have here some high-top plimsoll/trainers with a 4" heel. I would take on anyone while wearing those and potentially win because they are like wearing trainers. I don't know whether they would be outlawed in these runs, but wearing them would provide no handicap to my running speed at all. Six inch heels with a 1" or 2" platform, might as well tie my ankles together for all the speed I'd manage. I could barely walk in them, much less run.
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    Not the usual something special, but possibly of some interest. Helicopter pilot in high heels? Lauren Sanchez, (alleged new girlfriend to Jeff Bezos aka Mr Amazon). Full story >> here <<
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    Well, that flurry of interest didn't show a lot of stamina.
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    This woman most certainly likes her high heels!
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    Really? How /why and just about any other likely question around doing that? Is this something people (men) do, and she sends pictures of her wearing them or something?
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    As distinct from 'pumps for his feet' presumably? (Ronnie Barker in 'Four Candles' made the same error!) As to the LAM, I have just perused the website: http://londonalternativemarket.com/general-info/ First Sunday of each month in Leadenhall Street, EC3, which means that free street parking should be reasonably available for anyone wanting to go by car (the City is very quiet at weekends, but keep away from Petticoat Lane area as parking there is still restricted on Sundays). Entry before 2pm is £6, entry after that £7. Whilst there is a claimed wide range of exhibits, allegedly including footwear, I can see little that is specific. My gut feeling is that most of the emphasis is on activities/interests/lifestyles/products that would be of little or no appeal to me and scarcely justify the trouble and expense of attending. I did once (about 20 years ago) attend what may well have been the same event in London; I found little of interest (and a fair number of rather unpalatable 'exhibits') and left after an hour or so.) However, I am happy to be proved wrong and might be willing to attend, especially if some of us were to meet there socially. Certainly, I agree that the LAM could provide a venue for such a get-together, but would there be any privacy for us - I guess not unless we hired a private room or similar? In which case, why not book such a room elsewhere? All in all, something to think about, as you say.
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    She is stunning. The perfect woman, on the face of it. Shame I'm so old, she so young. I'm sure she could make me very happy. Though even in my 20's, I doubt she would have looked at me twice. No matter, I've had my go at wondrous things. Though I'm still amazed at what happens to me some days. I've had and continue to have, a great life. (Long may it continue! )
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    Thank you, and you are welcome. I ought to add that possibly understanding why these meets don't happen makes it no less disappointing about the lack of socialising in what is quite a niche interest, although maybe not a niche as many would think. I have over the years re-sold many pairs of heels I've owned that either didn't fit, or I didn't want to keep. A fair percentage of those sales have been to men. One of the pairs with the highest heels, and possibly the most expensive I've sold, were to a man at a face-to-face meeting. He was no more embarrassed than I was, and the fact I was selling very high heeled boots in a mans size (UK9) made no difference at the exchange. He might have been buying a foot-pump for his car, the transaction was so 'matter-of-fact'. But would he attend a 'men-wearing-heels' meeting? I doubt it since his interest seemed to be of the 'self-gratification' variety. Meaning he was happy to pay for something he might wear for 10 minutes of fun (with him young enough for it to be several times a week) rather than it be a 'lifestyle' interest. While looking into opportunities for meeting venues, I found the London Alternative Market, which might be a regenerated London Fetish Fair. Entry is just £5, so affordable, but the location is deep in the heart of the City of London. Not a great place to get to, without using public transport. Might be something to think about, for the Home Counties based members here. Travelling from elsewhere, might add too much cost to an untried venue. Volunteers?
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    I can only say going to a heel meet boosts ones confidance a hell of a lot, and lets you know you are not the only one in the world that likes to wear heels. So far I have been to three first one in Cambridge May 2002, second Miller in London 2007 meet loads of guys from overseas, and was a world heel meet, third was also at the Miller London 2009, and I enjoyed all three, but I have also meet guys locally, you know one to one, with no problems at all.
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    Of all the people I could be talking about, you would not be one of them. I'm aware through experience, you would attend a social gathering, (as might "Heels") with we three having met up together, many times in the past. In fact, you were one of the two people that waved me toward the (hidden) entrance door of the Miller pub back in 2008 - if I remember correctly. The 'Meet' in 2008 was really very special because it had an international flavour - including the bar maid it would seem! Here's some background to that time .... Until a few weeks before the big meet (there was a dinner together before that with about 9 attendees) several of us had no knowledge of men wearing heels as a group. Certainly in my case, I was almost overwhelmed to find my interest (straight man, practically non-TV) wasn't alone in the world with regard to my finding pleasure in wearing a heel. Of course I knew other men wore heels, I'd seen them years before, but these were for the most part, TV/TS or drag. Otherwise 'regular' men wearing heels because they could, and liked them, was 'news' to me? There was at least one person (who attended the meal on the 14th), made mention that his interest in wearing heels, and feeling isolated because of it, had produced some strong mental health issues. (Thinking of self-destruction.) His contact with the group, and attendance which allowed regular conversation with other like minded people, enabled him to 'normalise' his interest, rather than let it isolate him. His attendance, quite literally changed his life. To be honest, it also changed mine. I got involved with the group as a whole, and did my bit to help and support others who possibly didn't have my confidence to start with. Once I had spent some time out in the real world in a heel during daylight in a non-fetish situation, and having established my interest wasn't unacceptably unique, I became a great evangeliser for the cause. Not only "talking the talk", but quite literally, "walking the walk" (in heels). Part of my evangelising activity was to encourage social activity via meetings. Several of us met from time to time. Travelling to a central place, typically London, takes time, effort, and there's cost. Add that everyone involved gets older with every day, become less enthusiastic for venturing out breaking normal routines, it's not hard to understand how 5 or more people might struggle to find matching energy levels/time and money for a group meeting. I've mentioned confidence levels, but there is possibly another deeper psychological reason for what appears to be a reluctance to 'share'. Let me propose that many men take their pleasure from a heel, through sexual self-gratification. Many of those 'many' will have solitary experiences, that could never be shared with their partner, assuming their interest in heels doesn't prevent them having a partner to start with.... These men are likely used to keeping their interest in wearing a heel, in 'the closet'. Might be they are members of forums or BB's where they read about and share experiences, but their real world experience of wearing high heels amongst other men, is a big fat zero. How important to the lives of these men who maybe spend 10 minutes a week in heels, would meeting other men who are into wearing wearing heels, likely be? These men might spend 10 minutes every day, maybe 30 minutes, maybe an hour every day, thinking about heels and when they'll get to put a pair on. But it seems to me, their enthusiasm often never leaves the bedroom, much less is taken out to meet people socially. Believe me, I'd be happy to have this all wrong. I wish it were as simple as; "Can we all meet at xxxxxxxx on DD/MM/YYYY? Who is in?" And 20 people put their hand up to join a gathering. Even somewhere as busy as HHp, the offer of a 'meet' (certainly in the UK) might after a week or two of wrangling over dates and locations, produce two interested people, and one of those might be the person trying to organise the meet.
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    The YouTube video is missing, as are the photo's posted. No surprise really, we are talking 11 years ago (less one month).
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    Anyone going to see this movie? it's a true story, based on a bloke who wore high heels. True! https://www.bustle.com/p/welcome-to-marwen-is-a-true-story-that-will-break-your-heart-then-slowly-put-it-back-together-15520577
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    These things cost money. If sellers thought they might benefit from promoting their wares, an appearance might get some stock on show, and to try on. At best 30 people (who am I kidding, 10-15) might attend, which isn't enough potential for a seller. I had previously made tentative enquiries some years ago about getting some 'sale or return' stock sent, but all three of the vendors I had in mind back then, no longer trade. (Direct Chinese imports via Ebay put them all out of business.) A model who specialises in wearing high high heels, would cost circa £200 a visit, even if little more than expenses were paid. A venue would be needed. To have dedicated space, would need a flat payment or a guarantee of sales. ("You can have the back room to yourselves free, as long as we take over £150 in sales.") Or some private space for 3 hours, £100. In my mind, the very minimum budget would be £300, and even that figure might prove to be wildly optimistic. Shared amongst 10-15 people? Never going to happen. Even a secluded space, with heel owners bringing their own shoes to show and be tried (on carpet) might cost £10 per person, and that's without refreshments needed like teas/coffees/other. There's also that most men into wearing heels, don't actually want to socialise together. It's a fact. Look at the historic attempts over at HHp. We've had some 'meets' from here in the past, but there's never been more than 5 of us, if I remember correctly. There are of course 'fetish' meets/fairs (or used to be) in London once a month.... Not sure even they have survived.
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    Outfit suitable for the 90th year of the Oscar Awards?
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    With Office copies of Hot Chick (on left) called Hampton. (Now out of stock.)
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    How about these? Very shiny... I picked them up in a local charity shop.
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    These are my great Cole Haan poppy bit boots Haven't been out with the skinny jeans but nice with boot cut jeans also with just enough showing and not dragging the jeans on the ground .