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    I have just returned from a week's holiday in southern Turkey. In the hotel foyer, next to the small souvenir shop, there was the pictured archway with a sign displayed each side. I initially thought that this led to other shops (for tobacco and shoes) but it proved to be the entrance to the men's and women's WCs. As a reformed pipe-smoker who has a modest interest in stiletto heels, I found it difficult to decide which WC I should use! All guests adopted casual dress throughout the day and evening, in the hotel or outside. Shorts and flip-flops (or equivalents) were almost universal everywhere, with just a few low wedges in evidence. I reckon that, if Turkey imposed a 'Tourist Flip-flop Tax' of 10 lira (about £1.20 or $1.60), its economic woes would be solved within a month or two!
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    This woman most certainly likes her high heels!
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    better late than never ;-) I agree with both! There should be a heels meet, but like Freddy said, something should be added to the meeting. For instance.... selling heels, a heels show on a catwalk, , a photoshoot with a model in heels,
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    Just have your wife to take som pics of you wearing heels and dont check her facebook albums...! Yesterday I checked my wifes facebook photoalbums...and I found a picture of myself wearing my 5" heeled boots... JIPPI!!!.. I think.. Anyone have a good explanation I can use if anyone ask WHY?
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    Good points! My 5" MJ boots have a longish pointed toe, so even when worn with bootcut jeans (not excessively long) have enough 'projection' to pass muster. Yes, I will be showing perhaps half of the heel when walking normally (much more when crouching or sitting) but an apparent 2.5 - 3" blocky heel on a 'man's' boot does not really scream 'cd' or 'pervert'. Closer examination will certainly suggest I am in 'unusual' footwear, but unless one's appearance, gait or conduct is otherwise attention-getting, unlikely to attract the wrath of the world (and that of his wife, kids and dog too). Stilettos, however, are a rather different matter; any sighting of a thin heel (regardless of height) is likely to be 'provocative', especially when the typical sound effect is present too.
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    I think it more to do with boredom. I was a very active member of another board for several years. Every month, a new member would ask the same questions "is this better or the other one better"? "Should I do this, or do that?" These basic questions literally got asked so frequently, a FAQ section was created that fully explored the 'rights and wrongs' of any point possible in a debate prior to a purchase. Did the FAQ section stop the question being asked? Nope. Did pointing people at the FAQ section stop the same questions being asked, the same points on either side of any given debate being put forward? Nope. Responding, became an act of futility. This site needs at least 3 (to 5) regular respondents. I've been unusually busy these past months and haven't had the time I used to have for contributions. I expect to have more time in the new year, if my work position goes the way I expect it to. I'm happy to make contributions as I know Puffer is, but there needs to be others able and willing to contribute.
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    I had such an opportunity, but the shoes didn't fit very well, sadly. While the flared leg has some potential, the absence of any toe showing is a give-away. In fact to be truly discreet, a high heeled shoe worn by a man must be 2-3 inches longer than usual. I have some very wearable shoes (easy to wear) I could walk around in all day. Slightly flared (bootleg) jeans or trousers, hide whatever needed hiding of the heel, bit no toe showing, draws attention. Less, is not more in this instance. I have some very nice ankle points with pointed toe, that fit very well. They are half-way toward a cowboy boot, but the absence of my foot showing, suggests I am wearing a heel, and draws attention for that reason. The appearance at floor level, is of a girl wearing high heels and just a bit of her toe showing at the bottom of her trousers. Even people not into heels, recognise that look.
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    Looking good. I would almost call those heels oxfords rather than pumps. 'Enjoyably tight' - I like that description/concept.
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    It is quiet. I don't think even the old regulars have visited much recently. Lets hope we new members can breathe some life back in.
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    I'm not sure that 'PU' implies any leather base, as distinct from a wholly-synthetic material. The construction you identify is usually (or should be) described as 'coated leather' or similar. Like you, I prefer real leather for footwear (specifically the uppers) and have misgivings about many 'synthetic' products. Especially the type where a plastic coating is applied to some form of textile base and tends to crack-off quite quickly (e.g. when a boot shaft is folded or creased). Often, synthetics are very obvious from the lingering smell! So many shoes and boots these days (especially women's) have a synthetic upper, regardless of price, and it can be quite hard to find affordable leather. One type that does have merit, however, is 'faux suede', which can look very convincing and, whilst not necessarily hard-wearing, may require less maintenance than true (leather) suede. There appears to be a potential trap when a shoe upper is described as 'patent'. True 'patent leather' is indeed leather, but most 'patent' footwear these days seems to be PU - looks good and is easy to make, but not 'leather'!
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    Outfit suitable for the 90th year of the Oscar Awards?
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    With Office copies of Hot Chick (on left) called Hampton. (Now out of stock.)
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    The sometimes anarchic kid's programme 'Tiswas' (on ITV 1977 - 82) was hosted by one Sally James, who quite often wore OTK boots on it. I believe she (and her boots) gained quite a following, and postbag, from randy adolescents. (No - I wasn't one of them; she is only a year younger than me.) Here she is - and there is at least one video online too at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joWDBSNButM
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    I completely understand. If I owned a pair like these, they'd never be off my feet, unless I was bathing or under the shower. Sadly, no longer available, which is just as well at £1100 a pair.
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    This picture cuts across several threads, but this is the one I feel is the more appropriate. Why? (Sorry, no prizes.)
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    Haha! So now find me some elegant block heels if you can't come up with wedges! These are the only others I have, but my wife doesn't like these either. The heels are 4 inches, but you can see they're narrower.
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    Similar but not same: Faith Gina courts. These were worn during the evening regularly, some 25 years ago by my current walking companion, when her feet could easily tolerate a high heel. (These days, bunions prevent any slim shoe being worn, and if the bunions didn't prevent them being worn - two duff hips would prevent walking in them anyway.) This pair is still owned by her... There are pictures of these being worn by her, with the model also wearing a very short skirt to further enhance the length of her legs. Even without a heel, I think she was an inch taller than me. That sort of outfit wasn't that unusual back then, but her legs got noticed everywhere we went. I remember people we worked with being shocked at her evening wear. She worked in a finance department, and was better known for her more conservative dress style. Sadly, "prudence" once again compels me to keep the images away from the site, since there are no longer any viewing restrictions. They were great times.
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    I think I have seen this seller on an auction site. At the time, he/she was selling some Loubies with 130mm heels. I might have kept a picture of them, though I can't remember the name of the style. I also remember the price being in the £600 range too. I thought they would never sell, but I think they did, maybe off auction perhaps? I have tried the Pigalle in a 41.5 before the 'designer' brands got their own caves at Selfridges. (I might have mentioned it on HHp). I had watched someone walk along and video the shoes there, and thought, 'no-one cares', so I just walked over and slipped the shoe on. To my surprise, my foot fitted the shoe-ish. When I went to move my foot, the shoe fell off! Not that there was much room in the toe box for toes .... Looking for the image above, I find I was mistaken about the price, it was £800. The style is called Hot Chick. The shoes in the picture are supposed to be an EU40. I would have put them at higher than 130mm, unless this is a stock photo of a smaller size? They look to be almost impossible to walk in, and certainly unlikely of anyone over say ... 28 years, 30 at a push? Past that, you'd have to be a gymnast or ballerina to be supple enough to walk in them. If you like pink .....
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    Looking over the images of your boots, and trying to be as analytical and dispassionate as possible, I honestly can't see why they could be construed as feminine other than via, as I have said before, the blinkered response that tall boots must be feminine - just because. The slender shafts do not strike me as intrinsically feminine, just decently fitting. I believe we noted in another thread that most tall boots (nearly all of which are found on the distaff side of the shop) have rather large calves/shafts. It could therefore be argued that ones with bigger, looser shafts are feminine by virtue of their numerical superiority. The toes are pointy and the foot shape elongated, but there again not intrinsically feminine. As they say about pointy toed (masculine) cowboy boots in Texas: "They're for killing cockroaches in the corners." Nor are the heels too tall for cowboy boots. Worn under jeans there is no way on earth anybody would notice them. Worn over jeans, yes, they'd be noticed but only because hardly any guys wear their boots that way (because hardly any guys dare wear tall boots - however much they may like the idea) I agree with Puffer - that is the only unusual aspect to them: wearing over jeans. But why not? They are nice looking boots. I recall wearing a pair of very tall 16" L.L. Bean duck boots (mentioned in another thread) when I was in Antarctica. Some of the women on the ship marvelled that I did not wear them over my jeans when we made landings, to show them off. In that particular instance it was wisest not to! Zodiac landings in Antarctica can be quite wet and having trousers over your boot tops is a great idea, if you don't want to get water in your boots. They women on board soon joined me in the male style of wearing boots under trousers! Outside of that though - I think tall boots look best over jeans. I am not into leggings myself, other than for cycling, but boots and jeans seen a decent look! I agree too that one regularly sees guys wearing all kinds of (to me) objectionable get-ups - tattoos, piercings, baggy trousers with the crotch down to the knees, ludicrous board shorts, hoodies, and ludicrous hair styles with nobody giving them a second glance. Yet wearing a nice tall pair of boots (regardless of whetheror not they had heels) over jeans would raise eyebrows and call into question your masculinity. What a weird and up-tight world.
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    Well a week ago I sorta came out to an old girlfriend of many years ago. I was sitting on the floor and when I got up he saw the heel and said am I wearing cowboy boots and are they for line dancing? I pulled up my jeans and showed her these oxfords from payless US. She said that I don’t have to roll up my pants warring those. So that night I sent her this in an e mail. Did I freak you out with my Heels? I like them there fun and look good. Why should girls have all the fun? I always liked when you wore them looked fun So I decided a while ago why not so under jeans ok Your weird friend Her response was this They are cool and different. Like you say why not?!?! Oh and don't start wearing them with a dress, kilt, skirt, etc. because then I WILL disown you. My response was Ok no skirts I don’t think this is a problem our friendship is a funny one and different These are the shoes she saw
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    These are my great Cole Haan poppy bit boots Haven't been out with the skinny jeans but nice with boot cut jeans also with just enough showing and not dragging the jeans on the ground .
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    I came across these pics that were posted and it is quite obvious that the gorgeous model is in to her heels as much as we all are
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