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Is it possible to change my user name here? My wife has found my russ in boots persona online, with several fetish connections, and I had to close a few accounts!. I don't mind her knowing I'm on this site but I would prefer to leave my russ name behind as she would immediately be biased against the site if she saw it.

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FastFreddy2    216
1 hour ago, Russ in boots said:

I haven't. I was just wondering whether someone here knew.  Tech sometimes seems to be very busy.

I doubt anyone here has any experience of that sort of change. Closest anyone has come to that, is Heels, who got himself excommunicated by (I think) changing his email address without changing it here first (or something like it). He effectively re-joined with a similar username. Again, my recollection of this isn't perfect because it was some time ago ..... (And it happened to someone else, not me.)

In another post on another thread, Tech mentions he is the only support for this site, and there is one other Administrator (who may only visit HHp.) He is busy elsewhere, as he owns several special interest BB sites where there is significantly more traffic. He has written that he tries to look over this site about once a week, though obviously, workload might often prevent this.

Probably best, if you make a direct approach. ;)

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Heels    24

It was om HHP that I changed my Email account, not sure why now. It was to do with something else not HHP but by the time I got back onto HHP found I had been blocked.


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