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  1. So let me say welcome to the forum qsdd51. Whilst you cwertainly do not have to reveal anything to identify yourself, you are not doing anything wrong by enjoying to wear high heels - unless you yourself feel it is wrong. It takes time of course to come to accept that this is what you enjoy especially as it flies in the face of society's perception of how we men should be, but there it is. You are not the first and certainly not the last to wear heels, and especially stiletto heels. The key thing about heels is to seperated the wearing from the eroticism. That is really hard to do with stiletto heels. I guess, because you chose the pleaser Milan range, you would not consider wearing a 3" cuban heeled shoe as in my avatar. This says to me that the wearing of heels for you is not a fashion matter. This would then backup you wish to remain as anonymous as possible. Fair enough if that is your thing, but... I believe that this forum is about the fashion side, as opposed to the fetish side, of men wearing heels. So I wear my avatar shoes with evening dress, and other cuban heels of the 3" variety almost all the time. No problem. They are mens shoes - rare to see of course, but nevertheless still mens shoes so why would I be concerned stepping out the door in them. I think what Admin and others are trying to say is that you could tell us lots about your view on heels and styles, how you like to incorporate them in your wardrobe and so on. Now I use my Christian name in my posts. Why not, I am not the only person called Simon in the world, and anyway if you are that worried, use another name. No one is out to discover your wearing of stiletto heels and blab it all over the place, unless you just happen to be an A list celeb, but then an A list celeb wearing heels (any style) often in public would get it acceptable for us regular Joes. So please don't be so shy. Simon.
  2. If I am not mistaken, they are Pleaser Milan 01 in Patent PU. Simon.
  3. DWW, I see your statement and that sums it up for me too. Personally I can't get my head round what I can best describe as obsession with stiletto heels that most seem to have. I get an overwhelming image in my mide that for the majority the wearing of heels is for sexual reasons rather than style reasons. I suppose that is why the stiletto has such a following. Cuban heels, my favorite for guys, just don't have that "sexual" connotation that the stiletto has regardless of their height. I guess that is why I wear cubans without giving it a second thought. Simon.
  4. Shyguy, The problem with going out late at night is the fact that you are almost the only one around. This increases your nervousness especially as you have effectively hobbled yourself by wearing high heels. There is safety in numbers. The more there are around, the safer you are and feel. The safer you feel the more relaxed you become and so the heel wearing become less of an issue in your mind and you can enjoy yourself. As an experiment a couple of years ago I went Christmas shopping in Regents and Oxford Street, London wearing 10cm stiletto shoeboots. With all those people around I was quite at ease all day. Would I repeat the exercise, probably not as carring all the purchases and wearing high heels is not a good combination especially when the heels give no stability, however what it did make clear to me was that more supportive heels such as block and cuban would be better for me, so that is what I wear almost all of the time now. Good to read that you're there already. That you already do the daytime excursions is testament to you being comfortable with block heels. Good job. It also saves you worring about being "outed", because you are already doing it. Sadly stiletto heels will have to remain a private pleasure for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean you can't wear a nice pair of cuban heels, if you can find them that is. Simon
  5. Kev, As stated on the other board, you should have metal tips fitted. Your doing this for charity, so you want the statement sound to announce your presence so you can extract the money from people, and you probably wont want to ruin the shoes either. Good luck in your endeavour. Simon.
  6. If there wefre but more talk/postings cincering this style of high heel, then I may well be able to take them seriously, but the general I went to the ATM at 2am in my 5" stiletto whatevers is just so much rubbish. If you won't wear a shoe at a normal time of day, then you shouldn't be wearing it at all. I'm fed up with all this "gushing" about this and that stiletto heel. Time to get real and say what I feel, both here and in the other place. I'm all for heels for men, but I neither wish to feel nor look ridiculous. I'm going to tread on many toes, but the fetish needs to be seperated from the passion. Hope I don't incur your wrath Simon
  7. Yup, they are the biz all right. The heel shape is perfect for a man, i.e. cuban, just slightly more slender and higher than is usual. Sure this is why both of us wear them without concerns. All this emphasis on stiletto styles and girly looking shoes is too much IMHO. Seems to me so many want to wear heels for the wrong reason. Simon.
  8. Ah the Eddie Bauers. I too had a pair of those. Wore them so much, the leather finally split buy the ball of the right foot. Watch out for that. So comfy those boots and they really look the part too. I would really like to get another pair, but unlike mens styles, they move on far quickly. Oh well, had them and enjoyed wearing them. Simon.
  9. Good idea V, but the thing that does worry me is that even here, there seems to me to be an over-emphasis on stiletto heels. No matter how one looks at it, there are precious few who look the part in stiletto heels. Doesn't matter how well a man walks in stilettos, in general he really doesn't look right, whereas a good block or (my preference) a cuban heel looks right. The thing is to get the idea of higher heels into peoples minds as looking good, not something to have a good laugh at. There is a fine line between fashion and fetish especially where footwear is concerned, and most of Joe Public will think fetish before fashion for stiletto heels being worn by a man. Your Avatar is just right and is the sort of image that IMHO is right to be presented. I wear the shoes in my avatar with my evening dress for dinner dances and they doesn't raise any comments even though they are 7cm cuban heels. Its because they look right, and they dance well too. Thankfully we have left the skirts and makeup debates on HHP, as IMHO, that is a step too far right now. Society just can't cope with too much change in one go, and those who practice these sorts of radical departures from the norm are heavily reliant on society's conditioning which naturally goes to pot once alcohol or other such stimulants are in the mix. It gets dangerous to be different then. Personally I think we should leave the stilettos at HHP as well and concerntrate on what does look good on a man here at H4M. Simon.
  10. Sounds like the opposition was using the auctioninsights free tool as this places the bid 20 secs form the end. This gives you just enough time to out do the sniper if you are watching. The 20 secs point is key. If they are paying for the sniping service, then you wont stand a chance as that gets submitted only 3 secs from the end. It is a useful tool especially if the auction ends when you would much rather be asleep.
  11. Freddie, I can make it up for you, but then you wouldn't like my answer. If you think it alters your walk too much, then it isn't right for you. You may well be able to wear that height heel in another shoe and have no difficulties in abulation. If this is the case, then you have to say bye bye to this pair. Personally though I even though I do like the shoe, I don't think it is a guy shoe, unless you are a slender framed person. The heel is too thin for the general male build, and especially for normal outfits. IMHO, the minimum heel size should be 1" x 1". The look thus presented is so much better. Thinner heels can work, but these work better in the party/evening/clubbing areas - just like the ladies. The shoes in my avatar (Archie Eyebrows) I wore last weekend with my evening dress to a black tie dinner/dance. My wife in a floor length gown and proper 4" suede leather stiletto shoes that Barratts are selling at a ridiculous
  12. I do agree with you both. MIH's postings were more than a little unbelieveable and were getting more so as time went on. Great fun to read, but completely outside of the scope of H4M. Simon.
  13. Yes we have the little band too, which acually looks good on the jacket lapel of a dark grey suit. I understand your sentiments on womens trousers. I prefer them too, especially when wearing heels. Being designed to wear with heels, they sit better on the shoe. The materials are nicer too, finer/lighter. I don't mind the fact the pockets, if any, are next to useless as I have long ago given up carrying my world in my trousers and a messenger type leather bag goes with me everywhere. I now suffer the same problem as the ladies in that the item I want will always be hiding at the bottom of the bag. I always comment to the ladies at the supermarket checkout how I now understand their issue with bags, and it always raises a smile from them. Best thing is about using a bag is that my cloths are not pulled out of shape and ruined by the weight of all that tat. It really is amazing just how much weight is carried about the person. Small change being the worst culprit. Simon.
  14. Lots of guys could wear pink very well, its just the society thing coming into play yet again. As I am sitting here typing this, I have a really shocking pink tie on to compliment my black shirt which has narrow pink vertical stripes. Its >>Breast Cancer awareness day<< here in the UK today, so my attire is topical. However, I wear pink shirts, often pastel pink, whenever the mood takes me. It is a colour I really enjoy wearing precisely because it sticks the proverbial two fingers up at those stick-in-the-mud types. Simon.
  15. Freddie, Problem with fleabays "sniper" is that you declare your hand far too early, using the suggested tool, you don't actually place that max bid until 10 secs to go and so you are likely to get it much lower than the max price. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose but the auction. Your wife is probably right, but then just refer to her collection. Simon.
  16. Freddy, Why don't you use an auction sniper tool like the one >here<. I use this when bidding as it means I don't have to monitor and I don't exceed the price I am prepared to pay. I often pay far less using this method. All it does is place a bid to your max value about 10 secs before the end. Its free too if you are only using it a max of 3 times per week. Gives you a 97% chance of success. Good Luck. Simon.
  17. JMC, my apologies for not acknowledging the hard work you and the other HHP moderators have put in, in order to change the emphasis of the HHP, turn it back toward the original concept and so on. A serious oversight on my behalf and I hope you will accept my apologies. Simon.
  18. Yup, I ride. Currently a BMW K1200LT which is a monster of a bike, but it handles. Had lots of all sorts, but no longer appreciate scrunching myself up on a bum in the air race replica. Taking part in the national road rally www.nationalroadrally.co.uk this weekend. My wife will be riding her own machine. Simon.
  19. Tech, Find a club and join it. They will give you all the advice and support you could ever need and more importantly they will have an experienced tutor who can be with you on a buddy box to help. Start here to find you nearest club. Don't buy until you go this far, expecially as you will need the insurance from the BMFA and that is part of your club membership. http://www.flyingsites.co.uk/clubs/index.htm Simon.
  20. I would like to see more on here. It would be helpful if the "notables" from HHP would post here too, perhaps we should assk them too. Mind you, since HHP cleaned itself up (thankfully), this board may be a duplication to some extent. Perhaps a header devoted to experiences would be good. I can post some of those, but as I don't push the envelope as far as stilettos as a man, and as far as I can judge I don't ever get reactioons from wearing 3"ish cuban or block heels, they seem to be a total non-event to me and probably to everyone else too. After all when you are used to wearing this type of footwear almost daily in normal life, what's to get excited about. I do want to incorporate my avatar shoes into other looks. Originally purchased for my "black tie" outfit as patent goes well with that look, perhaps I may try these with a nice pair of burgundy moleskins and so on. When the weather cools down, I'll do a pic or two and post in the outfit critique for comment. Simon.
  21. FF2, Saw those priceless shoes you highlighted and at the price, I was unable to resist them. As you say - almost disposable. China has a lot to answer for. I had to settle for a size down as they didn't come in 10. Funny how the bigger sizes are now out of stock - I wonder why that could be. Anyway, They are tight as I expected they would be, but they are genuinely 12cm high. They don't slip on easily as the inner sock is like faux suede. However, they are solid enough once on. Really do feel the height with these and is mycomfortable limit on heel height. Just another 0.7mm and I can't cope for long. Shame they were not made the next size up. The bigshoeboutique website links Barratts and Priceless larger offerings together (as they are part of the Stylo group). Always worth checking the site regularly as their stock is constantly changing. I hope the administrators do keep this lot going as it is a wonderful source of shoes that not only fit, but are not the fetish offerings usually served up. Simon.
  22. FF2 - man don't you speak the truth. Higheeluv - Welcome. Hope you enjoy being here. Post more about yourself and what you would like to do if there were not social shackles and so on. Would you like to try and incorporate heels into your normal wardrobe? Cheers, Simon.
  23. Interesting to note that on a recent trawl past the Zappos site, I saw they have started shipping overseas, and the UK is on the list. OK, its $40 for the first item and $20 per item in the shipment, but hey this really is good news. Simon.
  24. Hi Purplespirit, Welcome to Heels4Men. It is a really nice thing to hear that your man has told you. Much better than being kept hidden. Something we here and at HighHeelPlace advocate to all who ask. It is a "big thing" for a man to say this about himself especially as it really goes against all the social programming we are battered with from an early age. However, this is not a new or small phenomenon. It has been going on for years and years and is a tiny part of the mans desire to crossdress as an escape. Research via web as ther is a lot of good articles to be read on the subject. The shoes are just a subset and then (in my case) I desired to incorporate heeled shoes into my daily wardrobe. So the crossdressing thing was left behind. Why do guys like to dabble in the crossdressing thing, well one thing is the nice soft things you gorls get to wear. Try wearing guy stuff for a bit and you will know why. We get Lambswool, you get cashmere. Silk for ties only. Thats only the touchy feely reasons leaving all the psychological stuff out fo the equation - nuf said! There is a definite trend these days to men adopting heels into their daily wear. I've been doing now for nearly 3 years. Anything from flats to 3.5" every day as the mood and style takes me. I steer clear of stiletto heels as I do not feel they suit me and again the heel to me is NOT a sexual thing so the more sensible style, if you can call a high heel in any form sensible, such as cuban is my preferred wear. Has a nice shape and silouhette, can be high as 4" yet still be distictly masculine. You may not find many girls on here as this is the heels for men board, however you may find it beneficial to register and go to the parent board, High Heel Place where you will find a dedicated female only board as well as the general areas to post in. Also there is lots of discussions on incorporating heels into mens fashion - stiletto heels too, so this may give you some real insight to what has been supressed in men for so long. You may even get to like it and then you will make your hubbie's day when you step out tegether. Whatever, we here if you need to rant, rave or just seek and explanation. Simon.
  25. Well good luck to you KK, but you MUST get some practice in first else you will suffer big time. Simon.
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