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  1. I feel like I should post my whole collection here.. I prefer the girlie styles.
  2. How did you kick that off with her? Also, good for you!
  3. Very nice indeed! (Sorry I've been away, life has been busy the last few weeks) Finally got around to checking Nordstrom and Macy's. Neither seem to carry the right size. However today on lunch I tried nordstrom rack and they had a plethora of larger sizes in the clearance rack. (as far as I got with the time I had) I found some really adorable pumps and wedges. I'm going to need to go back and browse more and try some on.
  4. wow, very awesome! Wish I could do that
  5. I would LOVE those. haha
  6. This is me trying them on. Thank god for zappos wonderful return policy and free shipping
  7. http://m.zappos.com/product/7827126/color/1141 Not sure how well that will work being posted from my mobile. I tried these but the darn things didn't fit right. Snapped a few pics I'll post later. RSVP makes nice shoes and I own several but sizing is inconsistent. Every shoe of theirs fits completely different. For that brand my size is anywhere from 11W - 13(us). :/
  8. Ouch.. Yeah I catch myself sometimes pulling my legs underneath my office chair only to bash my heel into one of the legs. :/ that's my guess about the scrape.
  9. Driving in my red satin 4" stiletto heels. it was a LONG stop light. Didn't give me nearly as much trouble as I thought it would. Though I will need to put a soft cloth in if I'll be doing more diving with (my better) heels. The floor was relatively free of debris so the heels didn't get torn up or scuffed at all.
  10. I've seen that as well and yep, unfortunately comes down to the female drivers. I actually drove the other day in heels and got a few pics I'll try to remember to post tonight. lot of fun and went well. Got a lot of practice with how to place my foot.
  11. Much apppreciated! I've neve seen that look before. Not sure how I feel about it. I suppose if toes were showing they might look a bit odd mushed up against the side of the shoe. Or any part I the foot for that matter.
  12. The more color, sparkles, big bows, the more girly the better for me. I guess if I'm going to get something that looks like a mans shoe, it might as well be a mans shoe. This preference makes it harder for me to go out without drawing more attention... Although thats what I love, heels that draw attention and look great weather it's on me or some fine ladies. Ive come to really appreciate woman that wear bolder, attention drawing, heels. Screams confidence.
  13. Sounds interesting. Would be intrigued if you post a link/ pic.
  14. http://www.heels.com/womens-shoes/love-me-blue-satin.html?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Michael+Antonio+-+Love+Me+-+Blue+Satin&utm_content=2012.07.29+-+Olympic+Sale+Extended&utm_campaign=2012.07.29+-+Olympic+Sale+Extended&_bta_tid=3.OCc.ByzMCg.CqMf.N25-..XPIb.s.O8I.s.ATwg.n.UBWBsw.UBWBsw.2o4vkQ&_bta_c=5akkoskf4il51f7nkcixmsmmfmdrb Just wanted to share these, the shape, heel height, color, it's all put together very nicely.
  15. good for you! cute! I was the same with not liking wedges so much but a friend of mine (she) wears them all the time and i gotta say she's wearing me down. Easier to walk in from what i understand and they feel better, more stable, on.
  16. sounds like i'll have to find an external site. i'd like to be able to dump them if need be. not that a pic of ankle down will do much harm but you never know when i start consolidating with outfits. ;P
  17. that's an awesome shopping story, i'm wanting to go back. trouble is that most places don't carry my larger size.. I checked DSW shoes the other day after work but the largest size they have is 11. plus i have very flat feet so it's crazy for me to find heels that fit. (amazingly the 'rumors' i hear from people that wearing heels will have you develop an arch, seem to be kinda true.)
  18. It seems as tho I can post photos now. Is it best to find my own photo hosting site to use? I've started taking pics of my heels so I'll be ready.
  19. I'd imagine that showing that much toe would make the heels harder to keep on your feet? Easier to walk out of?
  20. I'd agree. I take pretty good care of my legs and feet tho. Don't like to ruin the look by having a hairy nasty man foot in a pretty heel. My last girlfriend would complain that my feet were more girly than hers. It's only cause I took a little time to take care of them. When you're getting dry a little lotion does wonders, she didnt seem to get that. Same here, love the classy silhouette. Yes, nothing wrong with that.
  21. well if that's the case I may have to scout out a nearby strip mall and give that a spin. go shopping for more heels perhaps
  22. In some.. Daintier heels.. You'll find a smaller toe box or that the vamp rides further toward the toes possibly creating toe cleavage. How do you guys feel about that look? Personally I don't care for it. It ruins a very classy look. Thoughts?
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