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    A As I am 6' 1" in bare feet (I think I've lost a good 0.5" with age!), I can only say from experience that I think being tall cuts both ways. Yes, a tall man (but not necessarily burly or muscular with it) is likely to be treated by most people with a little more caution if abuse or other aggression is in the air. But it can also make him a target, both in the sense of being more visible and also because he might be seen as a challenge by some cocky bloke who fancies his chances with 'lofty'. On the very few occasions that I have been threatened or mildly assaulted, it has been by a noticeably shorter bloke with 'attitude'. On one occasion, Mr Shorthouse was accompanied by his girlfriend/wife (but no boots or cake involved) - it was just a case of pushing past me in a doorway whilst he was leaving a shop, and not liking the rebuke I dared to utter. He turned round, raised his fists and likened me to something essentially feminine - but seeing my stance (if not size) and that there were several interested witnesses, thought better of it and skulked off. I haven't (yet) experienced any problems whilst wearing heels. Their extra height is not really needed in my case; their potential for limiting swift and nimble movement might be an issue. The nearest I have come to experiencing grief was missing my footing whilst descending three or four wide steps as I entered a pub/restaurant, whilst wearing my 5" MJ boots. My tumble was noticed by three hairy apes sitting just inside the pub, who thought it most amusing, but I don't think my boots were spotted and I merely grinned back and picked myself up before walking (mincing?) in carefully.
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    Those are quite similar to a pair I have, with long pointed toes. To me they look masculine EXCEPT for the very long toe box. My wife is fine with me wearing them when I'm with her, but she's also accepting my other styles, including ones I wore last evening when we both went to a business meeting - 4.5 inch wedges with a fairly thin heel.
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    ynotme9911#200plusshadesofshoefies day 235 Mix No 6 Lofa loafers these are my brown pair just like on day # 32 #100plusShadesOfShoefies #100shadesofshoefies #guysinheels #guyinheels #meninheels #maninheels #myheels #hisheels #heeladdict #theshoemustgoon #TheShoeMustGoOwn #boyinheels #shoestagram and my pals skirt for #911style_challenge and heels for #thisorthatjanuaryremix

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