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  1. The Zoccoli wedges are OK, but many or most high wedges have substantial platforms, also, which I don't care for. You may remember the Karo wedges I posted some time ago - here they are again. Nice and high with a small platform - 5.4 in. at the back with a 1 inch platform. They also now have a version with the same heel height but without the platform, also here - 5.4 in. heel, 0.25 in. sole.. I have both, but the ones without the platform are really steep, and I have trouble with them since I sprained my right ankle badly last year. I was grounded from dancing for two months, and the ankle doesn't bend quite as well as it did before.
  2. My wife and I always had cats, but we traveled quite a bit, and the cats tended to get diseased from being outside a lot. When we lost the last one, we decided not to replace it and were just as happy without the aggravation. I am alone now, but I don't miss having a pet. I like cats but am happy to enjoy someone else's.
  3. I see the $99 offer expired Feb. 28th, and I got mine in May, so they really did increase the price. I am still happy with it. Haven't been away from a charger for a long time, so don't know about battery life.
  4. Sounds like the same one. Every provider has a different name for the phones - mine is Verizon. It is 4G. It was $169 US - didn't see any $99 offers here, and I did re-sign for 2 years. No problem, as I have always used Verizon. By the way, it has a 2mp camera in the display for video conferencing - have not tried it. The regular camera seems to be as sharp as my large camera, but of course doesn't have the 15:1 zoom range!
  5. Just got an HTC "Rezound" Android phone, not using the Palm Pre Plus any more. This one has earphones with Beats music, 16GB memory card, fairly expensive compared to some, but less than others. 8mp camera. I've had it for a week and am very happy with it. Very fast, stronger signal than with the Palm, many more apps available. It is big and heavy by comparison, though - 4.3" display.
  6. Well, I went overboard and bought some Sam Edelman wedges, style "Josie." Saw them advertised on line at quite a few stores or sites, but almost all of them showed a top size of 10 USW, pretty typical for nice shoes. But, Nordstrom and Zappos advertised up to size 12. Advertised as 4 3/4 in. heel and a 1 in. platform. I bought them in size 12 for $150. Turns out to be a 1 1/4 in. platform and 6 in. heel in that size. They are delightfully high! A couple of weeks later, Zappos price is down 25%. Rats, but too late. Nordstrom still at full price. Pics follow.
  7. But in the colonies, pants=trousers. Slacks=less formal pants/trousers. Men's underwear=underpants, style could be jockey shorts or briefs or boxers. Skivvies for the old military types. Ladies' underwear=panties - surely you've heard of panty raids in colleges?
  8. Thanks, Freddy. Went to dinner with an old girl friend - trying to talk her into more of a relationship but not very successfully. She works 7 days a week running her own business. Three dancers called tonight to say Happy Birthday, laughing and giggling. I danced with them at a dance "showcase" a few weeks ago. It's cool here and the house is cold (for me), so wearing sheepskin slippers to keep warm.
  9. Its $4.39/US gallon at the local cheap station here for the lowest grade (credit card price).
  10. Nothing to do with membership numbers, but regarding your post about the doctor visit: Not to worry - they have probably seen it all. I speak from experience, having been caught in an emergency medical condition and taken to the hospital and having to undress. No reaction from them except to say not to be concerned.
  11. The other place has all the action, such that it is.
  12. While browsing Endless.com, I ran across Jessica Simpson JS Glendoll heels, listed as size 12 (USW). They were very attractive, and I have never seen her shoes that large before. Size 12 is sort of marginally small for me, but I took a chance and ordered them. AHA! They are labeled 12B/42 on the shoe and the box. I have never believed that 42 was the same as 12 - more like 10.5 or 11, though some are advertised that way. Sure enough, they looked more like those sizes than 12s when placed alongside other shoes. But, I tried them on anyway and amazingly they slipped on rather easily and are quite comfortable, though they wouldn't have fit if they were any smaller. They were described as a 1" platform and 5" heel, which was obviously not right from the picture, having quite a high platform. As it turns out, they are about 1 3/4" platform and 6" heel. I really don't care for high platforms, but they are so attractive and comfortable that I will keep them. And 12 is no longer available. Herewith a picture from the website:
  13. Wow! Long jeans! I don't have any that long, as I hate when they drag on the ground and I step on them. My dance partner sometimes wears long black pants that are on the ground and entirely hide her feet. The problem with my longish jeans is that when going up or down steps, such as in/out of the house, they ride up and get caught between the shoe and heel of the foot in the back when wearing sandals, which is what I wear.
  14. I also posted this on HH Place. I recently took a vacation with a young girl friend (the college student referred to in 2009). During shopping for the trip, she was looking for green nail polish but didn't find the shade she wanted. I was surprised since this girl is sort of a tomboy, dressing usually in jeans and tank tops, and has never used lipstick or nail polish since I have known her. I have traveled with her before. I took my own polish - a fairly dark blue by OPI which I was wearing. I also took a pair of high heel peep toe wedges and my pool sandals which are women's from Payless with a slight wedge (but they are the only ones that stay on). I had decided to expose all this to her, hoping for a favorable reaction, but to do it in any case. I offered her the nail polish and she used it to paint her toes, the first time I have ever seen her do that. The color matched her flip-flops which she wore almost all the time. She did find the shade of green she wanted, but did not use it. She didn't say much about my polish, but was not favorably impressed with the shoes. She made it clear she did not want to be seen with me in my "girly" shoes. Most of my previous girl friends have been very accepting and even encouraging about polish and heels, but not this one. Needless to say, I don't expect to see much of her in the future, as she failed the test. Not that there was any future there anyway, as she is younger than my youngest son, but she is attractive.
  15. I have been envying the stylish high wedges from the fashion makers, but they never seem to exceed size 11 at the largest. I just bought a pair of US size 13 5" wedges from Endless.com. Actually, they are 5 1/4" at the back with a 1 1/4" platform. They aren't the most stylish shoes, obviously, but they come in sizes from 11 to 15! They are very comfortable and very easy to walk in with a wide sole, and they feel nicely high. These are my third pair of high wedges in size 13, and I like them all. The others are also posted here. They are Milan by Barefoot Tess.
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