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  1. I ordered these but found out that the size runs one size small. My wife adopted the boots, fitted to her feet perfectly
  2. Good looking boots with nice price, good catch!
  3. Jinx

    Out And About

    Latest addition to my daily wear collection. Once again sneakers from Dinsko, very modest hidden wedge heel, only ~2.5", but still a heel
  4. I was browsing through aliexpress just for fun and run across these boots http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2014-fashion-women-black-wedge-heels-ankle-winter-boots-for-women/1980144379.html The heel caught my eye, quite interesting design. Not my kind of boots, but someone at this site might be interested.
  5. Jinx

    Out And About

    For the first time 20 minutes is understandable, but for day to day use that long lacing time would be just unacceptable for me.
  6. Jinx

    Jeans And Pumps

    So far looking good to me. What kind of shirt/blouse you're planning to wear?
  7. Jinx

    Out And About

    20 minute job? must be tricky to lace, mine takes approx 2 minutes to lace up. But for the heel, mine are also very comfortable, only 3.1" heel but fine for me... I'm more like 3" guy anyway when talking about heels for daily wear.
  8. Jinx

    Out And About

    Hi everyone, long time no see, what's up? I've been running around on many fronts of my life; have had to do quite lots of business travelling and at the same time maintain the normal daily stuff around... I'va managed to hassle around in heels as well, mostly have worn the black wedge sneakers I wrote about earlier. And I recently bought new pair of Adidas Neo wedge sneakers. Hidden heel is 8 cm high, still wery confortable to wear.
  9. Jinx

    Out And About

    Thanks wetboot! I like them as well!
  10. Jinx

    Out And About

    Long time silence again. Had knee injury and had to stop wearing heels for almost one and half months, so there was not much to report. Also other aspects of life, mostly work related, have taken my time in full so there has been very little room for anything lately. But luckily my knee is fine again and happily it cured just for my birthday nice present from Ms. Higher Will and Mr. Karma And I got a present for myself as well, I finally bought the hidden wedge sneakers I've been looking for a long time. Found these from Spirit Store. First tried on size 40 to find out that the model runs bit small. Then asked sales lady for next bigger size which she happily delivered for me from storage area. After trying out the bigger size, she came to ask if that size fits better to which I agreed and headed to pay for the shoes. Great experience trying and buying shoes again, sales lady was very professional and she obviously had zero issues of me buying heels. My wife browsed the shelves as well and I ended up buying her these ankle boots. And what else I could do but wear my new present right away for the night out with my friends! We were celebrating my birthday, me and my wife and two of our friends (the married couple of the summer wedding). First we went to a crowded restaurant to eat some Mexican food and enjoy some drinks, then we moved up to the karaoke bar (what a surprise ) where we sang for couple of hours and had few more drinks, and later on headed to night club where danced till 4 am. My wife ended up wearing her new boots as well for the night out As the heels of my new sneakers are very stealth, there was zero issues during the night, I think nobody even recognized that I was wearing heels. I had also zero issues wearing them the whole night, even danced like 4 hours in a row my feet were still ok and I enjoyed my shoe selection whole night.
  11. Yes, that is what doctor said when he examined my knee, it could be that impact style of sports is just not for me. I still need to wait couple of weeks to try again, if it was just starter pain or something more which involves doctors etc. "the athlete does not see healthy days" I don't know for cross country skiing, it is actually quite safe sports. If you have had for example knee injury, cross country skiing is usually one of the rare sports you can still perform to exercise your knee and leg muscles.
  12. I started running/jogging 5 to 6 weeks ago, did it for 3 weeks and then my right knee started hurt so bad I had to quit. I will try again after knee is OK again, and if it starts to hurt again I will check with my doctor what is the issue. I'm looking for another outdoor activity that could be better for my knees, cross country skiing might be good alternative for the winter time.
  13. Jinx

    Out And About

    Haha and thanks Yesterday I took quick visit to same bar again as last time, we sang few songs with my wife, had couple of friends there too. I wore the low black ankle boots again, no comments from anyone. Good evening out once again
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