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  1. Thats great news, and yes, people hardly ever notice, if they are looking at your shoes, the chances are they are interested in shoes anyway.
  2. I suppose so, but it isn't everyday nowadays, see if Kev likes the answer and thinks it wont upset his results. then I will cast my vote.
  3. First of all Kev, thanks for posting your picture here, I suppose once seen walking a mile in them it does not really matter, but thanks. As for the poll here, there isn't really an option for me as I like to wear heels, but not girls heels as such, so you will forgive me for not entering. if there was an option for, I wear heels when I want to, but they are not that shocking and nobody notices, then I would tick that box. I guess I am not that scared. I thank you for what you are doing for charity. Keep up the good work.
  4. I dont think so, the platforms of that time were even more chunky than those shown there like these ones here http://www.youdontsay.org/Shoeboot/Shoes11.jpg
  5. you might want to reassure her that you are not going to take it any further and you just like the heels, she might be wondering if you are going to start wearing womens clothes. we have seen post like this in the past from wives wondering where it is going to stop, in those cases they have been reassured that it needn't go any further. Of course if it is more than that, you need to get that off you chest too. Just read the post earlier, jeez, did that guy really marry his wife because she wore heels? what and idiot.
  6. Just been there, I see you have some real crap posted there by one member, what is that all about? Forums like this will distance themselves from places and posts like that, it does not do the 'heels for men' cause any good whatsoever. clean it up quickly or I will remove your link from here.
  7. I am glad I was not the only guy out in the shops this week. Reading between the lines here guys, it feels like there are lots of great heels out there, but none of them tick all the right boxes for me, even if I wanted to buy something. not much for the Mrs either although she is doing okay for footwear at them moment. I tried a next size 9 on once, thought it was a tight size 9 so didnt buy. I think it is worth while looking around the sales again later in the month, toward the middle of February. I seem to do better then. You reminded me of he time a sales girl was brave enough to ask me about a pair of heels I was buying, she said she would not be able to walk in them and I spent the next couple of minutes trying to convince her to have a proper go as it was easy, just a matter of practice. Once in a while you get a good trip out, but it has not been this week.
  8. Hi all, I have blown my shoe budget for the year already, but that does not stop me looking! Evans in town had some cheap shoes on the sale rack, some half decent looking heels in size 9 for a fiver, oddly enough I could not find a size 10 in the sale, either the girls around my neck of the woods are getting bigger or somebody has found my secret shop! New look whoo hoo! looks like they are going up to a size 9 now, but on closer inspection they turned out to be a size 9 size 42 and that is a small size nine or a big eight in my books. Anyway, loads up for grabs. I could have spent a fortune today on stuff that would not fit. hey ho.
  9. Hi Kev, Well done for organising this event and good luck with it. What sort of umbers are you hoping for? I am guessing you will be letting the press know so that you can attract more people along? Also, do you have a name for the event? if not perhaps the guys here could help you think one up? nigel
  10. Thank you for striking the right note here and understanding that there are those with a fetish and those that are not so confident to go out in the daylight hours. I guess whatever you like doing in the dark, this is the right time of the year with long nights.
  11. I would have to say that I think this is exactly what the H4M forum is all about, guys being guys in heels.
  12. happy shopping, try to get a picture of you running in them as well!
  13. Sorry, count me out. good idea though.
  14. I think it is fair enough to review a shoe or boot without owning a pair albeit not a full review. The issue for me is that Ugg boots are not heels, I guess they dont deserve our attention. Lets keep this site Heels for men please.
  15. Major thumbs down for me I am afraid. They look smelly (if you know what I mean), they dont keep their shape and look very tatty very quickly. On holiday in 30 degrees heat, there was a woman wearing them and a bikini reading a book on a sun lounger, I nudged my wife who could not believe it either. jeeez, some people :-P
  16. Nigel


    That is very small I think, good for shoe shopping though!
  17. Okay, glad I could jog your memory, the plastic/rubber ones wont do at all. I ended up travelling around the Tack shops and equestrian shops in my area to get a better look at the different makes before I made my choice. As with anything on-line, be careful as pictures can be deceiving. Let me know how you get on. Long Tall Sally usually has some flat-ish boots as their clients are usually tall women that dont want to be any taller! they have some, but I dont know if
  18. It wont surprise you to find that one of us has had the same problem, the love of boots, the difficulty in finding something without a heel to wear for work. I have spent ages and a lot of money trying to find something that fitted the bill. Finally I started looking at horse riding boots. After ages of looking, buying and selling I have settled for 2 pairs of 'Hawkins' boots, one tan, one black. these were about
  19. Do you mean a flat boot as opposed to a high heel boot? but knee high?
  20. I am not an expert on web hosting, but it looks like their domain is not up for renewal until March next year (2010 for those of you reading this in the future) so why it is not being used is anybody's guess.
  21. Whatever he did or didn't do in heels or whatever he wore, H4M was not the right forum to discuss it, he was politely requested on several occasions to stay on topic. Even though he posted a lot, I only read the posts to make sure he didn't keep on going on and on about his clothing. I was not really interested in what he was up to. We need to keep this forum on topic. Thanks.
  22. The platform does not look quite right on the first 2 boots, the last one looks right.
  23. welcome along, and dont be, scared that is. You are in the same boat as the rest of us, you once thought you were the only guy, now you know you are not. Can I ask a question though? your wife thinks you look silly in heels, do you think you do? I was just wondering if you were wearing heels for the feel of the lift or wearing them because womens shoes are 'forbidden' and a little bit naughty? or are you wearing fairly masculine heels? perhaps lifty heels for short guys, but you are 6' high without them? For me the feeling of wearing heels is great, I like the feeling of wearing the wrong gender shoes as well, I am now, and it has taken some time to come to terms with my need for heels starting to understand, starting to purge the pile of shoes that were bought on a whim and concentrate on what I really want to wear. This BTW is expensive, but instead of buying 10 pairs of cheap shoes for a tenner each I look for something that does the same but costs 10 times as much. The feel of wearing
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