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    Great post! I work from home when I'm not travelling on assignment- I am a writer and photographer and until the pandemic spent a lot of time on the road. For most of my assignments heels simply woudn't be appropriate - jungles, deserts etc - although since I like knee boots, I have qute a collection of low-heeled knee boots that are appropriate for these conditions and wear them. At home though, I can - and do - wear heels.
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    I’ve been visiting this site on and off for a few years, but never participated, so I thought I’d take the plunge and get involved. I’ve had an interest in high heels since a young age. It comes and goes, but when it does, I become obsessed - can barely think about anything else. During my teenage years I would put on heels that belonged to my sisters, or ones that my mum had worn in her younger days and now kept in a dressing up box. But as I grew, my feet would no longer fit. I am now a UK12, sometimes a UK11 at a squeeze. I started buying my own during my twenties. My first proper pair of stiletto courts were bought from a transgender store. I loved being in a 5” heel, but they were a bit ugly - despite being a femme shoe, they were built for a man’s foot! My feet are long but also quite skinny. Over the years I’ve bought over twenty pairs of shoes and boots, but at various stages of my life - new relationships, moving house - I’ve disposed of them for fear of being found out. I’ve never had the courage to tell anyone. I don’t like it being a secret but sometimes wonder if it’s part of the attraction. My preference is for pointed toe stiletto heel courts - a classic look. I currently own one pair of red patent 5” courts, one pair of black leather 5” courts, one pair of black suede 4” courts, one pair of black leather 5” heel OTK boots, and a recently purchased pair of black suede 5” ankle boots.

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