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PVC - Shiny clothing and shoes - big for 2017?

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Being cynical, it might be true to look at any style during the last 5 years or so, and conclude there was/is always some 'retro' vibe being pushed somewhere. Always it seems to me, the 60's retro has an undertone somewhere, be it length, colour, and often a slight nod in style.

It would be true to say I missed most of the 1960's being ever-so-slightly young to realise what ground-breaking changes were happening (I'd nothing to compare it to), so it pretty much passed me by. If ever anyone wanted to point at the greatest time of social mobility, the 1960's would be the era that should be mentioned before any other.

The post-war, post austerity period saw expansion and curiosity not seen since the glory days of Prince Albert in the 19th Century. As the song went in the 60's, "the times they are a changing" and indeed they did.


If a large group of people were collected together, and they could mention one thing that made them think of the 60's, I would expect a great many would suggest PVC clothing. Yes, haircut would be in there, winkle-picker and or Chelsea boots, but many would proffer PVC. This year, 2017 is THE big year/season for PVC. It maybe that Balmain (amongst others) pushed it first, and it may even have been toward the end of last year, but mainstream designers/manufacturers/retailers have produced low cost, wearable PVC-esque clothing and shoes/boots in a very wearable material - this year. It has all the immediate benefits - shiny + vivid hues - which show off shape, but is much thinner than older similarmaterials, and is very very stretchy.  In some ways, it adequately replaces latex, at about a quarter of the cost (or less), with none of the skill needed to produce an outfit, or the level of care needed to look after it long term. While this style of material may not be particularly innovative - (I had womens outfits made for me in it 30 years ago at 'Midnight Lady' - then based in Luton), there are skin tight PVC clothing styles available in just about every high street brand, and certainly every mail order one. I am (pleasantly) surprised at how many stores currently have black shiny/patent/PVC ankle boots in their ranges this season. 

While there is already a  thread regarding shiny (PVC) leggings,  this thread is a 'style' reference to anything PVC/latex/shiny related as a fashion or style statement. I don't want to have a thread in the outfit section and a virtual duplicate in the shoes section. If there is any more 'legging' related pictures to be added, I will likely add them here. Unlike any other time when retro is exploited, this season if feels like PVC/shiny truly is. B) I am trying to buy loads of the stuff. ;) It's hard work when you're on the sort of budget I have (not much) and a body with very slim legs .... But nothing ventured .... 

Pictures and links to start following soon. :)  

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