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Short Update

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Recently one of my daughters bought some jelly sandals, which reminded me of a heeled pair I had some years ago and made me want some. I kept hinting to mrs Shyguy when wshe was shopping but she wouldn't buy them for me. Recently we went to Primark and I was looking at their offerings and liked a pair of sandals for £2 so I put them in the wifes basket despite protestations from her (although my youngest daughter was all for it). post-46-0-82055300-1408871660_thumb.jpg a bit of fun but not great obviously for £2.


In heel wearing news I recently tested the waters to see if I was still "into" wearing heels, and after an afternoon of trying a few found a renewed interest. Which lead to a dog walk in my Asda hidden heel trainers post-46-0-71780500-1408871773_thumb.pngpost-46-0-15893000-1408871788_thumb.jpg on Saturday morning. A nice comfortable shoe for a walk although my lack of practice meant my calf muscles hurt after a while, felt good though and easy to walk in a relaxed manner despite a fairly thin and higher than I am used to now heel.

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