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A Happy New Year To All

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To active members, inactive members, and lurkers alike. ;):D

Bit of a special one for me in some ways...... 5 years ago, plus 8 hours now, I wore my first heels in public after a respite of close to 20 years. I think my foray into heel wearing was a 'moment of madness' brought on by a drunken (but boring) evening out, that left me looking for excitement and challenge.

(Was waaaay to old -and married- to try hooking up with the most glamorous girl in the place. Mrs Freddy is quite tidy, but we are both too old to be considered glamorous in any circumstance. :D)

So I was there, feeling adventurous, without the restraint of sobriety. I managed to get a pair of Mrs Freddy's 'block' heels on, despite them being a UK6 and me being a small UK8. I then went out for a walk. It didn't go completely smoothly, care of meeting another reveller who couldn't understand my reluctance to indulge in conversation - me standing there in 4 inch heels ..... :P But I went out for a fairly long walk getting home a good hour later, having almost completely sobered up in the cool night air.

I hadn't realised while out, that I'd (had) to lace the boots so tightly to get them on, I'd pressed a tongue from one shoe into my skin. My sock had a large pool of blood dried into it, and I had a hole in my ankle. BUT, I had once again realised the pleasure of wearing a heel. Little did I know what this would lead to. B)

It quite literally changed my life. Both the content, and direction. For 2 years, it became what seems in hindsight, an all consuming hobby/lifestyle interest. It's cost me £thousands, and I've spent many many many hours trawling the internet indulging my interest in footwear, where my time would have been more productively spent elsewhere. :huh:

In hindsight (that wonderful facility) I would have spent less (much less) and also exercised more constraint over my internet browsing activities. But I am true to type, and doubt I could actually change anything. I can watch (am captivated by) almost anything that's half entertaining on a screen. I have compulsive tendencies toward ANY hobby/interest, so I doubt I could have really changed that either. My consolation is that indulgence has kept me sane, and (fairly) evenly balanced in mind. I don't feel at all chewed up, or deprived in any way through suppression of desire.

I have to say I've had a lot of support in this indulgence, and without it I wouldn't be anything like as 'content' with my life as I feel I am. A very big thanks from me has to go out to Mrs Freddy. Me wearing heels would not be her preference, but she has helped wherever it was possible to help and supported me whenever it was possible to support me. Thank you.

In this new year 2013, I hope more of you find yourselves enjoying the same support from your partners. While it might seem I got lucky with mine, my initial venture out 5 years ago came at the back end of a (then) 30 year old friendship, with the latter 10 years of us being married. My interest, and depth of interest in heels was never a secret, and I guess there was always a small expectation it might come to the fore again. (In fact we did buy some his/hers heels, though once bought, they were stored and never worn.) So I'd be happy to agree this 'interest' in my wearing heels had probably past ..... Right up until I actually wore some out again ...... ;)

Good luck, and bless you all. :)


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Happy new year from me to everyone too! B)

This new years eve I wore black winter boots with 2" heel while checking the fireworks outdoors with 2 of our kids, then at home alone, kids already in bed, I changed to ankle boots with 4" spike heel (to spent rest of the year in heels ;) ) and to start new year in heels too, and then next day had ankle boots with 3" block heel when went to pharmacy with one of our kids.

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