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  1. Well done FastFreddy. Indeed you live up to you're name
  2. Best wishes to all for 2013. Compelling (if thats the term to use for a good read) story txs for sharing
  3. Sorry to hear that Freddy. Guess on the bright side you have to carry the (heel) torch now
  4. Ik like this boot a lot ok boot Yep like these yep like these also He where did the heel go
  5. My condoleances Freddy. Hate cancer, had it myself and it sucks big time.
  6. Same here Freddy with all mentioned points
  7. Ooh I both like "these" boots! Just ignore the ignoramus she just jealous!!
  8. NIce story FastFreddy2 txs for sharing. Never heard of the band though but thats more due to me not keeping up much with bands.
  9. Had some blood to give for check in hospital. Went on my own in heels haven't done that much yet usually with the mrs. Unevenfull really guss what most funy was a guy passing me by on scooter nearly strained his neck looking at my shoes
  10. Sad to read Ludovic. FastFreddy2 thats a long post but you are right. I had cancer myself 5 years ago and yes it does make ye think about life. It makes you realize even more that we have only 1 change and there is no rerun. We have to do it in this one. So try it , talk about about it with the mrs. And on a sidenote I would love to get inside woman heads to find out why it is such a bad/terrible/scary/horrible thing about man wearing heels. Woman can so much more be themselves with fashion why is that such a problem in society for man?
  11. I just don't think my adventures are worth writing about can.t write that well anyway I wear heels regelarly around town, visiting reletives and with trousers that are slowly showing the heel more as I'm slowly gaining confidence. Not going to work though as I work with neanderthalers.
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